Fallen but never Forgotten


Citizens of Barron,

It is with a heavy heart that I, Jadden Barran'i, send this message to you all. A member of House Tranquility has fallen. Trel Jarina, A member of the apothecary guild and family member to the house was lost late on the eve of death this past gather.

The adventuring populace sought out to correct the flow of time via a grand formal ritual. During this ritual a large unknown nightmare emerged from the portal, however, due to it's innate ability no adventurer was able to harm it, except for Trel. While the majority of the group was focused on the ritual or protecting the individuals casting it, Trel by himself stood against this mighty foe. Wielding his two blades he used all his might and will to attempt to slay the beast. Alas, he was slain and fell to the ground.

As the nightmare towered over his body we all stood and watched with our own emotions. Some with fear, some of angry and others of sadness for there was nothing we could do. Just as the beast plunged his blade into our dear Trel's chest the power of several thousand suns burst free from Trel's body. From the sheer force of the light within in him the nightmare was Vanquished and Trel himself was perminatly slain.

The ritual was successfully finished and the time frame of Barran was restored. Without Trel's sacrifice you might not be receiving this message. Trel Jarina was a member of my house, a skilled fighting companion, a master alchemist, but most importantly.... he was my friend.

So, please when you take up your sword, cast your spell or brew your alchemy and potions, remember Trel and remember what we are fighting for. We as adventurers have a responsibility to protect the citizens of what ever land we are on. He was a brave man for doing what he did and I will not allow his death to go in vain nor should you.

House Tranquility is looking for a farewell set for him. I would very much like everyone who was close to him or at least stood by him in battle to come to the ritual when it takes place. Please contact me is you are willing to assist in the matter.


-Jadden Barran'i
House Tranquility
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*Raises a glass of ale* HAIL TO THE GLORIOUS DEAD!

I offer my assistance in this as the head of Merriment Guild and as his friend. Please contact me with more details and what is needed. I stood beside Trel in his last battle and I am very saddened by his loss. He was never able to name the new drink that I created for him from the bartender's choice. I shall name it after him to honor and never forget him. Everyone will know his name!

~Taryn nic Fallon


Alliance Logistics
Jadden all of the members of the Black Forest will offer their formal magic ranks to help cast the spirit farewell to make Trels time in the circle last longer. Let me know when the scroll is obtained and what reagents are needed. We considered Trel a good friend and will mourn this great loss.


I will contact you both privately shortly. Thank you. I will be returning to our House in Giesban to begin preparations.


Lanna Rose

Public Relations Committee
Once we know know many casters will be present I will create and lend out ocular gems for all so that each canbhave an extra formal rank.

It will help it last a little longer.

Sapharia Barran'i


Gettysburg Staff
Mairead will offer her ritual casting services for Trel's Spirit Farewell.

However, it will be several moons until we are in the company of the adventuring populace.

Additionally, we have the scroll required. It will require one each of feyander, nightshade and cariosus.



Gettysburg Staff

Trel was a dear friend of mine. For his loss I offer my most sincere condolences. He was a generous man, unafraid to give of himself to protect those in need. His passing saddens me, and leaves the light of our land a little less bright this day.
I believe I possess a Spirit Farewell scroll. If you do not already have one, provide me with your mailing address and I will send it to you within the week.
Clan Vidua mourns with you, and we bow our heads in honor of this man's memory.

In service,
Vaer'lux of Lordaq
Matriarch of Clan Vidua

Lanna Rose

Public Relations Committee
Trel was familia to me. If you need help with anything please reach out to me.

Though him and I had our differences I still mourn his loss.

Please make the dateof the spirit farewell public so that if I am able I can make it.

Lanna Rose
Rakt Aur Sammaan

Hiwa Chulainn Steelclaw


Zehnyu's voice sings softly from a distant place.

Well General Taylor gained the day.
Walk him along, John, Carry him along.
Well General Taylor he gained the day,
Carry him to his bury'n ground.

Tell me where you're stormy?
Walk him along, John, carry him along.
Tell me where you're stormy?
Carry him to his bury'n ground.

We'll dig his grave with a silver spade
Walk him along, John, Carry him along
His shroud of the finest silk will be made
Carry him to his bury'n ground.

May Trel find rest among his people in the spirit world beyond Fortannis. He's earned his rest.