Fancy Feathers

So, a friend suggested I share some of the selfies I took of my Most recent Biata costuming. Didn’t know where to go about it, but this seemed like a safe bet! I’d love to see what others do for Biata plumage as well, if folks want to share the love. Without much further ado, meet Petronia: upload_2018-7-22_13-28-35.jpegupload_2018-7-22_13-30-24.jpegupload_2018-7-22_13-31-7.jpeg


Nice! The head crest is absolutely fantastic.

I tend to only do eyebrows as my bald head needs good sun coverage, but I've been contemplating doing some sort of combat-stable crest or head feathers prosthetic to put on top of my coverage.
Hm. I've also been a fan of having sort of an explosion of extra feathers coming out from under head coverings or poking out of the edges. Maybe longer flexible feathers could be a nice option for you too?