Fantastic Beasts and How to Kill Them

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    ** OOG This will hopefully be a continuation of another thread about the discussion of the many beasts of Fortannis and how to kill them, feel free to post any knowledge you have about creatures and their strengths and weaknesses that you are willing to share**

    (You see an amphitheater with a black feathered hawk-kin at the bottom scratching shapes in the dirt. One drawing has a swirling vortex and lines representing wind and lightning coming from it. Underneath that he's made rough drawings of what looks to be humanoid shapes made of stone. He scratches out a lightning bolt next to it striking the stone humanoids and draws a large X for each eye and a tongue sticking out for good measure. He looks up and notices you)

    "OH! Hello friend. I didn't see you there. I can't exactly read or write yet, but I've made these pictures for stuff that I know monsters hate. Want to help me make more?"


    Stone Elemental
    • Weakness: Lightning
    • Strengths: Can't be Charmed
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    A butterfly floats into the amphitheater and perches on a bench, watching. Though the butterfly obviously cannot speak, you hear Plue's voice, both clearly originating from the creature, and simultaneously apparently coming from inside your own mind.

    "Hello again, Stevaan. Kjeld wished to keep this information out of this section of dream, as some of our own are in the hands of the enemy and may still be dreaming here. The Clerks, however, have set up a section of the dream which is not known to the captured."

    "If you would like to attend Kjeld's school with me, I would greatly appreciate your help in transcribing his lessons for those who cannot read and write. Your pictures are quite lovely."

    "I will tell you when we awaken, how to access that dream."

    (OOG: Do we want to actually take this off the forum, or just handwave that this is now a conversation taking place in the real world rather than the dreamscape? Either way, I'll put the link to the Google Doc that represents the Clerks' dream here -- unless your character is actively incredibly sketchy, or else captured by the Outsiders, you can assume that Plue would direct you to it.)
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    (OOG I'm fine having a discussion here and calling it real world. I have tomorrow off and will be writing something comprehensive up then.)

    What creatures are you most interested in hunting? I can start with those and move forward from there.
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    (OOG: Yeah let's just handwave that it's in the real world. )
    Stevaan eyes the butterfly. His eyes are narrowed with a look not quite bordering on suspicion. He moistens he beak as he considers munching it. Drawing is mentally taxing after all.
    His beak snaps shut as he hears a friendly voice and recognition and a brief look of guilt washes across his face, much like a puppy being caught mid-chew on a pair of loafers.

    "Oh Lady Plue, the Butterfly Shaman. I almost didn't recognize you"

    He coughs a bit behind his hand and tries to wipe the small amount of drool from his beak in the same motion.

    "I'm fine with any way the knowledge gets stored. Most will be up here" He states, pointing to his temple. "But I'm a visual learner"

    He procures a piece of paper he took from his friend Desky's desk and a quill and busies himself with with it. He makes a more refined sketch as the dirt drawing he made below and presents it to the butterfly proudly.

    (OOG: Drawing attached and yes that's really what it looks like with Stevaan's drawing ability :D)

    "I know these creatures don't like lightning"

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    *Desky takes a seat next to his friend. Taking a moment to soak in the meaning behind the dirt drawing*

    Wow, that's really good. I think I have a bit to add in terms of strength.

    *He takes a stick and begins drawing nearby*

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    "Oh Kjeld! I was hoping you'd meet up with us. Those tentacle beasts seem pretty nasty so any knowledge you have on how to kill them, but I know that there are things out there such as undead, goblins, and griffins that I'd like to know how to beat."
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    "Oh? You're right, those constructs couldn't be charmed!"
    Stevaan busies himself adding to his drawing with the new information.
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    The butterfly flutters in response to Stevaan's recognition. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to surprise you. This dream form is new to me as well. And please, just call me Plue. I am not a Lady."

    She looks appreciatively at the proferred sketch, then settles on a perch to watch as the two men draw. Soon, though, a sensation of a yawn enters their minds. "It's time to awaken, it seems. I'll look forward to seeing you at the lecture, tomorrow. Goodbye!" The butterfly fades into nothingness.
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    (The heavy wooden sign that's hung above the large building says "Skyn fram Vættfang" in large letters with the runes of Kjeld's people underneath, supposedly spelling the same. The double doors to the grounds are thick and heavy and are more appropriate for a stronghold than a school. The entrance leads to an open area with hard sand under foot and racks of weapons, armor, training dummies, and other tools of battle lining the back wall. To the left are a handful of rooms, separate from the main training area. There are a few locals of varying ages training with a young man that's giving instructions that sound very familiar. Kjeld's words in another's voice. After seeing you he pauses the practice and jogs over. "You lot must be 'ere for Kjeld. He's over in the study area." He points to one of the rooms with an open door. "If you'd wipe yer feet before goin' inside. I don't want ta be sendin' in one a the others ta sweep later 'cus of ill manners." He gives a playful smirk and a wink before walking back to the other students. "Alright ya pups, start at the beginning!"
    When you come into the room you see rows of long desks with a handful of simple stools behind each. Kjeld is standing behind a table at the front of the room, armed and armored as usual. He's shuffling around papers of different sizes, colors, and states of decay. On the table are a handful of weapons that are made of various materials. He looks up from his notes and motions for you to take a seat.)

    "I'm glad you all came. I've been living the life of a hunter since I was a child and the most important thing a hunter can do is learn and understand their hunt. This helps a hunter find their hunt, kill their hunt, and, most importantly, stay alive while on their hunt. If you want to learn how to track down your prey, we can have classes on that another time. For now I'll be sharing what I have learned while hunting the different beasts and enemies through Fortanis. I'll keep my talks on the foes we encounter in the Maelstrom and Enerret and if you're interested in enemies of different lands I'll do my best to answer any questions afterwards. Let us start with an enemy that we see in every land. The walking dead. Feel free to take notes."
    Kjeld turns around to a board on the wall behind him and picks up a piece of chalk. He writes "undead" at the top and underlines it.
    "There are many varieties of undead, but a lot of them share the same weaknesses and strengths. The greatest weakness they have are the magics of the Fold. Healing magics. Whether it's a spell that could heal an ally or a blade sheathed in an Earth Aura, the undead are generally weak against these attacks. One of the largest benefits of striking out with a weapon with the properties of Earth is that you can not harm your allies or yourself with such strikes. Only the undead are harmed by it. So if an undead of exceptional martial abilities turns your blade back upon you the worst it will do is waste your magic armor. So first weapon against the undead are magics of Earth."
    Kjeld makes a dash on the board and jots down a short note.
    "Some undead, such as many vampires, are only hurt by silvered weapons. It's always good to have a silver weapon at hand in case you run into these foes."
    Kjeld picks up a silvered longsword from the table to show as reference, setting it back down after everyone has had a good look.
    "I've encountered undead in every land I've been to. Some are just wandering through the lands, others are minions of a greater threat. Some of the lowliest undead can be very dangerous because their claws and weapons are charged with necromantic energies. Some of their strikes will leave you feeling weak or slow, while others will pass right through your armor or even leave you unable to move or defend yourself. Any protections from necromancy will aid you greatly in your fights against them."
    He writes "undead" at the top of the board and draws two lines going down to the words "Lich" and "Vampire".
    "The most notable types of undead I've run into other than the standard skeleton or zombie are vampires and liches. Liches are powerful necromancers that have turned to undeath in their search for power and immortality. I've noted these undead as having powerful spellcasting abilities that are bolstered by their undead forms. They are typically more resistant to physical damage than normal mages and often wield powerful chaos magics to harm us and heal themselves and their undead minions. They will often turn fallen allies into undead minions to combat you. Don't let your friends stay in this state for long, otherwise there will be no saving them from the circle."
    Kjeld pauses to let those words sink in before he moves forward.
    "Vampires are a more difficult hunt, from my experience. There are two kinds of vampires that I've encountered. Your standard vampire and a vampire matriarch. The standard vampires are powerful undead that can charm you just by meeting your gaze. They're, as far as I've seen, physically powerful and very intelligent and can turn into a mist or fog. They usually can't be killed by conventional means. A well timed Ritual of WOE is the best way to kill a vampire. The ritual will make you immune to many effects that a vampire could throw at you, the immunities are dependent on the power level the ritual is cast. The ritual will also produce a steak of WOE (Weapon Of Eradication) that can be used to deal the killing blow to the vampire. Many times it's a wooden stake, but it can take other forms and some more powerful vampires need multiple stakes to the heart. A vampire matriarch is much more powerful and usually much older. From what I have heard of others, they are each and everyone unique in many of their abilities. The most notable is that a stake of WOE will not kill them. Each vampire matriarch requires a very specific way to kill them that is usually tied with the life they had before they turned into a vampire or has something to do with how they turned into a vampire. It is difficult information to obtain and rituals, like a Vision, will help guide you to the answer. True empowering these rituals have yielded better results."
    He puts down the chalk and lets those who are taking notes catch up.
    "Those are the basics for fighting undead. If you have any questions about them, please write them down and ask me at the end of the lecture."
    Kjeld wipes the board clean and then writes "elementals" at the top.
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    Stevaan raises his hand.
    "I've heard rumors that vampires can drain your life-force in some way. Perhaps even by drinking the blood of their foes. Is that true? I've also heard that a bite from a vampire has the possibility of turning you into one. Are those just rumors?"

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