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    Dreams of profit and plunder fill my head as I am about to head out twoards the Vordium Shard!
    I am looking to buy and sell all I can during my excursion and I wanted to get a heads up jump out so that people know what I can offer and what I am looking for.

    So to start, items for sale (All MI and Scrollofferings are "Restricted"):
    • Magic Hat
      • Flaw: Must be worn on head to work.
      • 10/20/2020 C Prison Per Day O
      • 10/20/2020 C Cloak E. Force Per Day OO
      • - C Dodge Ever OO
      • - C Evade Ever OOOO
    • Plant Pin
      • Flaw: Can only cast Lifes under a tree.
      • 5/4/19 E Life Per Day OO
      • - E Dodge Ever OO
      • - E Evade Ever OO
    • Small Jewelry Box:
      • 2/25/21 E Awaken Per Day OO
      • 2/25/21 E Poison Shield Per Day O
    • Square Ear Ring:
      • 7/1/19 E Spell Shield Per Day OO
    • A few other mishmash of trinkets but most are about to expire in a few months time.
    • Ritual Scrolls: Please Note that I do have a desired use for most of these so they will be offered at more "premium" pricing on the chance someone needs something to complete their set for a large item that will be cast during our trip.
      • Monster Slayer ("Mist Touched")
      • Gift of Life (No Catalyst)
      • Item Recall
      • Cosmetic Transformation
      • Ilumining/Darkening
      • Preserve Duration
      • Arcane Armour
    • Pretty much any commodity that a craftsmen could make.
    • I am also a semi-competent Earthen Witch (22-23 Seed Formalist) that can cast for coin or good relations building, whichever is your desire.
    Other than that I am always interested in buying scrolls, components, evocation battle magic scrolls, or other magical oddities.

    I hope to venture forth into this new land with all of you soon, and may we both come out more prosperous for it!
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