Fashionable and Warm Accessories for Sale


Dear Gentles,

As the weather chills and the nip of winter welcomes us to another troubled land, I would like to offer furred accessories to keep you warm. In addition to being sensible in keeping your necks and hands warm, you can also be fashionable. I am offering fur collars, fur muffs (hand warmers), and fur head warmers.

I have made my living as a hunter and fur trader for some time and now am employing my skill with fur to a more relaxed pursuit. If anyone should be interested in purchasing one or more items, please send me a dream message or missive in Ikar, a town in the Overlands of Barran, to discuss the order and pricing. I am trying to collect orders prior to the coming gather so I might have each item finished in time.

I look forward to future communications.

Aishling Fir Darrig
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I was actually wondering what the weather would be like there when I answer the call, along with my friend. I was hoping it would be warmer then in my lands, but alas, it seems that is not to be.....I need to befriend a fire elemental.