Favorite editorial cartoons: September 2010


Fearless Leader said:
Robb Graves said:
how is it emotional? it's plain cold fact. the specific two cartoons i posted, are flat out lying. I even posted the video to show you that a hard core lib agrees that they are a lie. if mike wants to perpetuate the lie and pretend it's all good fun and we're all having a good laugh at the lie, that's his choice. I call them as I see them. I'd never apologize for that. It's sad that you would want that from someone.
Forget the cartoons, Robb, your quote was this:

hey look, not all libs feel the need to lie about how the world works 24/7

How in the world can that be read other than "liberals lie all the time"?
I still say that if he had made a cartoon of an elderly couple watching Chris Matthews on tv saying something akin to what was in that video and put what he said as a caption it wouldn't be much different from a political cartoon. I don't feel it fair to differentiate given the context of this thread. Keep in mind I'm a liberal too so I don't agree with Robb's opinion and am no means playing sides here. Granted it would have been nice if he had at least made it funny to take the edge off, but not all political cartoons are that funny either. Let's just cool our heels and keep in mind that this sort of subject matter is bound to get people riled up sometimes.

If you guys insist on arguing publicly, as opposed to debating the issue civily, I'll just throw up my hands and forget about it and let the thread devolve, but I hope that doesn't happen. Debate is fun! Arguing is not. You guys like fun, don't you?