Favorite moments 9/15/17


Seeing as it hasn't been started yet, I'll give it a go.

-Believe it or not, I thuroughly enjoyed being picked up twice at 50+ seconds into my blledout count. I should really get some armor seeing as I'm a smith...

-Just a general shoutout to the mayor. I'm digging it.

-Those kobalds on Saturday were something to be feared. Cass saved all our skins!

-A general shoutout to everyone I had awesome role play with. Wall, Veric, Gertie and Cass in particular.

-Nicholas Syvertsen

Jesse Grabowski

Where to begin?

Spider run

Treasure. Argue. Treasure. Argue. I curse you with silence. (Silent anger) dagger attack. “Blown call” with eldritch force i build a circle of power. Can we all just calm down please? Me: can i just get my box back? Lol thx for the intense pvp but bigger thx for checking in oog afyerwards w each other! Kudos to the community!

Orc necro in a circle rp

Everyone’s faces when they see that we have actual cabins in trees.

Chopping your leg off to escape a pin.

Burning down the healers guild


Eating ears, face, spleen and running out of innards before pcs saved nick s from my twisted ghoul.
My favorite moment besides people being concerned with the size of my axes, is arguing with the orc caster about trading friends.


Chicago Staff
Very late to the party, but here they are:

- Being the only one not waylayed by Kobolds and everyone unanimously deciding I keep the MI found. How they got everyone was beyond me.
- Spider chase
- Gerty and Lia in the Tavern, and how close things got to a brawl.
- Sandro pelting a running NPC from 10yards away with a Sleep Gas.
- The Pirate encounter was pretty fun. "Hey Sandro, what happened to the girl we rescued?" Sandro: "Oh right!" and runs off to find her.
- The Goblin Mayor. I couldn't form an opinion of him. He simply felt right in place.
- Sandro, Zakar, Verec, Kipp, Gambit, Renin(The Wall), Lia. All solid RPers and was a blast to see how into it everyone was for a chapters 2nd game.