Favorite Moments - October 2021


Here it is - The thread for the favorite moments from the event! Take your time, call people out and let them know what you LOVED about the event.

Try and remember the small things: Someone to gave you the 5 points of healing or tossed some candy at you when you were feeling down.
Someone who smiled at you when a good joke was made, Small or Large, these moments add up!
I enjoyed the moment saturday night where everyone realized "we're all f-kd" and just piles of bodies....after the fact of course...it was freaking terrifying in the moment. I loved being able to help out and pick a lock for someone and being able to check for a trap.
I finally got a free moment to post! This last game was so interesting for me in particular. The first thing was the fact that Irisa and I found the devourers we just looked at each other and went NOPE. We were then able to warn people in town what we had seen though it felt like it really didn't help much. Next I remember fighting the "shades" as I was calling them and going down a lot.

Next Irisa and I found ourselves in the library doing some RP and Wendy pops her head in and was like who is in here? We responded and were like that was weird... Next I think it was Josh... (it was super dark so I couldn't see really well) walked in and was like who are you all? Irisa responded and I got that tingle of danger and thus drew my sword. He immediately pegged me with a Sleep gas poison. I don't remember what happened after that thanks to amnesia but I bet the role playing was super intense and was super cool to witness. (Also Wendy those rules for Interrogation sound so cool!)

The interesting parts started the following morning.

Silv (Sorry I don't know how to spell your name) found me and introduced me to the Stone Elf woman of "The children of Lothar" ( I think that is how you spell it) and she gave us the quest to get the reagents to stop the devourers. Suzanne was super sketchy and I loved how creeped out I was by a fetch quest! I talked with Bluwolf and he was like yeah that's super sketch we aren't gonna do that.

I loved the small town fight with all the squids and crabs coming back! I finally found my friend who was NPCing (thank you Katie!!!) and got to uphold my promise to killing blow her!

After that I was approached by another "Child of Lothar" and he gave me the ability to collect all the resources to complete the ritual which at this point, no one wanted to do. Cory then said "Its just your family" and thus started my rein as the shiftiest person in town! I talked with Leevy and he was like yeah this is really bad magic lets not do this... and I was like I'm gonna do it anyway!

I really felt like a main character for the weekend as I found myself working on my own agenda and ended up "stealing" the essence of the falling star to complete the ritual. I used the devourer attack on the tavern to slip out unnoticed and hid in the shadows looking for the "child of lothar" to complete the ritual. Watching Suzanne's confusion as I demanded the release of my family was amazing.

Overall thank you for an amazing game and I am so excited for this weekend!!! Thank you Plot for all your hard work!