Favorite Moments Thread Season 2 game 1 March 30th


This is where you post your favorite moments from the game!!!

I'll start! From Saoirse:
OOG (Out of Game) my favorite moments were when Parker became a rules marshall for the day (super proud mom here) and when my daughter could use her healing potions (Yay Sheep!) and when Bryan as Lout kept nailing Tom with his rolling pin from about 20 feet away!...and seeing the look on Paul's face when his big bad evil guy got taken out in the final battle because he couldn't reflect!

IG (In game) my favorite moments were trying to assess what was going on with the Letters Prophet and open up the courier routes, trying to save the town of Applegate, trying to mediate tensions between Corso and the Bleeding Eye, then drunkenly trying to explain her diplomacy to Electi. Saoirse deciding the Vex Mortis was not for her early in the morning, all the tavern interactions! (Sausage "playing" cards with only the jokers!), becoming battle buddies with Keirvoss, training with Spectre, fighting against and alongside Castle, when Corso asked if the Litimore soldiers had ever heard of him (hoping he was mentioned in the Herod play), everything Petra did, seeing Kai start to understand Corso, and getting to experience first hand a bunch of battle effects like sleep poison, nausea, weakness etc.

Great game everyone! Thank you NPCs, Thank you Plot, Thank you Paul!!!

See you all in April :)
OH BOY was this an intense game for me.
  • Spontaneous dancing to the bard's music while waiting to go on a mission.
  • The revnant fight was a great way to start the day off. It was intense and challenging but still a lot of fun.
  • Seeing Erathalyn! I was sad I didn't go on the mod to help her retrieve the letters but it was so much fun to see her again.
  • Castle being SUPER RACIST toward me and watching his adorable ignorance. "Well can't all Selunari all see the future?" "THAT'S NOT HOW THAT WORKS!"
  • Jacob Jacobsen giving us his last bit of silver and someone (I won't say who) and I each slyly giving him a gold as we walked away.
  • Faux being... Well, Faux.
  • The Vex Mortis refugee mod was... A lot but I think its something that Karenza really needed. She grew up a lot in that one moment and I cried a lot. Every time I see Selunari it really stirs up something in me and seeing a caravan as refugees showed Karenza the exact weight of our current political situation. Having a polite conversation with one of her brothers and in all of two minutes seeing them be corrupted broke my heart. Then the very end where there was only one woman left and sitting there, Hildr and I, trying our hardest to console her and provide her some sense of hope as I sat there feeling all the dread in her heart until we realized the best mercy we could give her was killing her. Looking Hildr in the eyes, her saying "I can do it for you" and without a second thought replying "no, it has to be by my hand." cradling Bri in my arms and trying my hardest not to sob through saying "killing blow 1... Killing blow 2..." That is without a doubt the most intense roleplay I've ever had but I'm grateful for it.
  • The conversation Electi and I had just before heading back to the fort.
  • Going and getting drunk with the Bleeding Eye after that mod.
  • Keirvoss "singing" me a ballad and Axel actually singing one (btw he has a BEAUTIFUL voice if you didn't know)
  • The final battle was SO GOOD
  • RP in the car with Graven on the way to tavern night and trying my hardest to cheer him up
  • In that same vein, I loved trying to find out who had intoxicates and when I finally got Fredrick to give me some, watching poor drunk sausage stumble around the party while I played babysitter.
  • Talking with Gwen and Duvak was so awesome. Duvak is such a complex character and every interaction I've had with him has been amazing.
  • Becca has adorable animals. 'Nuff said. (Thank you for providing your home to us for the night btw)
For this only being a day game I definitely felt like I got a full weekend's worth of content out of it. Thank you to all the lovely people who make this game happen for us! <3

Bri Bedore

Working a weekend's amount of story seeding, modules, and roleplay into an organic game day was... a task for the staff. But, man, it was all such a blast. Thank you everyone who made this event happen--NPC, PC, and Staff alike. Here are a few of my favorite moments:
  • The Lizardmen cult of Mail-worshipers was such a shiny moment for me. The NPC's absolutely knocked it out of the park--I will never forget watching a bunch of people in Lizard masks screaming "SINCERELY YOURS" with soul-soaring abandon as they bowed before someone with a satchel of mail. Rapturous.
  • All of the mini-interactions between missions, both IG with players and OOG with the NPC's in monster camp. I laughed and smiled all day.
  • Spectre rolling in to kill some dire wolves, drunk as can be, and Brooks as Farmer Fred asks, "Is he okay?" and I say, "Oh yeah, drunk Orc, just point him in the right direction and he'll take care of things." So Brooks grabs Spectre and says "Hey, that wolf over there called you UGLY!" And Spectre, like a champ, goes roaring in to defend his honor. Brooks and I, unarmed, proceeded to literally hide behind Parker for the entire fight (he protected us dutifully and undaunted).
  • The Vex Mortis Refugee mission reminded me why Larping can be as satisfying as any theatrical production. Thank you for your vulnerability and courage, everyone.
  • Getting the final battle ready--painting bloody smudges on bandit faces while also dressing Jamie of The Imposing Physique in whatever knightly things we could find AND prepping the Emporer, staking out a spot for the combat away from dog-walkers, RUNNING back to the tavern to tell Paul where we were, then driving back to the battle ground snickering the whole way. You guys. The 'backstage' of Larp is so, so fun.
  • In the bandit enclosure, Dane and I caught Electi and Faux trying to sneak in through a small tunnel in the trees... Fighting them in that environment and then establishing myself as the 'slave-guard' bandit so Electi could get a sick stealth kill and save the slaves was AWESOME.
  • Chasing down PC's trying to back up in battles will always be a favorite pastime of mine. You might have better stats, but I have three pops and nothing to loose!!!
  • Running around the tavern night as Gwen was so much fun--I love experiencing relationships with the player characters as they develop over time, and different aspects of her personality as they shift and grow. I can't wait to see how the story carries all of us.
You are all so wonderful. I'm sore and delighted. Thank you for playing this marvelous game with me!
I have learned much fighting along side my new brothers and sisters. It is a strange land with many races and opinions. I will continue to learn all I can, and bring back the name of KEIRVOSS to the world with honor.
PS: If anyone needs anyone dead, my rates are reasonable.
I have learned so much from all of you. The bleeding eye has taught me about killing, about honor in death. Corso has taught me about foresight and honor in mercy. The new emperor has taught me about humility and true leadership. My battle buddy has taught me that it is ok to rely on others and that she will always have my back. The lady noble who is teaching me of politics and how to build a city. To our bard, thank you for your gift of music. And many others. My journey has just begun, but it will be legendary!!! I hope to change your lives as much as you have changed mine.
Ps: Again. If someone needs killing I am available.
I must also thank our fallen enemies for giving me my first challenge and my first taste of blood. (Y'all NPC's are the freaking best!!!!)
(Also. Favorite moment was when the big baddie in the last fight case a spell of silence on me....)
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Aden Corso

I had an excellent, exhausting time this event. A full weekend in a day! Even though I only went on the one quest, there was a TON of RP to be had (and no small amount of loot as well).

Favourite moments:
  • Buzzing around to each of the guilds, looking for a fit for Aden, which, shockingly enough, isn’t so simple as asking ‘Which one will earn me the most money?’
  • Having a great conversation full of insinuation and innuendo with Saul the Merchant.
  • Meeting so many new players! I’m so excited to get to know them better over the rest of the year. Keep playing!!!
  • Using alchemy again. Oh boy. It has been so long. It is so expensive, but so effective in the right situations.
  • Hating goblins. Hating them. Some wounds will never heal for Aden in that regard. They are his biggest blind spot.
  • Sneaking up on the Commerce Guild representatives, saying ‘Hello there!’ and gassing them, Josh using Dodge to avoid the first globe, then beaning him with a long shot and putting him to sleep. Proceeding to put the puzzle pieces together as to why Applegate was in the situation it found itself as also delightful.
  • The conversation with Hildr and Thane. Then another private conversation with Thane, and a horrible realization, which resulted in Aden running off alone in the face of dire peril. Again.
  • Finally meeting the emperor. So much time spent getting to that moment, folks. So. Much. Time. Reuniting him with his mother… I’m so glad I got to be there for that.
  • Getting to be an NPC and gassing my friends was too much fun. Who would have guessed that being an NPC was so cool!! I’m seriously considering dedicating an hour or two each game to it from now on.
  • Anything, anything, with Saoirse and Electi. Best pals right there.
  • Having a conversation with Ky about duty and responsibility, and why Aden is always such a busybody.
There was a not-so-cool moment where I sucked as a player and assumed I knew what was going on when I really didn’t, which led to Corso making an *** of himself, but what else is new. To the Bleeding Eye I say this: my bad. I hope the ritual components go some way in making reparations.

In all, I’m loving how these plot things are falling into place. I feel lucky to have been in the thick of them over the last few months, and to see them starting to bear more fruit.


There was a lot of favorite moments for me. Some of them that stick out were:

-Watching the NPCs run around like worker bees. Seriously, your NPC crew is becoming a well oiled machine! It is crazy to see the buzz behind the scenes.
-Seeing so many faces! We had 67 people attend a GAME DAY! That is huge!
-Logistics was seamless. They executed their jobs in the most amazing way ever! There was of course some hiccups with people showing up late. But outside of that… solid! Jordan and company are doing a great job!
-Starting the game and watching all the NPCs interact with the PCs. It was just so great!
-I loved the interactions in the tavern. With Ivan Koval meeting up with the healers and setting up what they will be doing over the year, to MISTER Rodrick Thane discussing with Ramenhotep and Aden. It was fantastic.
-The Goblin Wave Battle. So much fun!
-Farmer Jacob Jacobsen and his Sovereign Beetle problem. And when the farmer gave the PCs their reward (18 silver… his life savings) and the PCs secretly giving him 3 Gold in return. Priceless!
-The Vex Mortis vs the Selunari Refugees. Wow. That was intense. And holy smokes, watching the emotions from the PCs? Wowza.
-Rodrick Thane reintroducing himself to the town and getting to know them. Then watching the PCs reaction to hearing him say “The Asset has done what!?” And then watching the town assemble to take on the role of defenders.
-Introducing Widowsen (played by Josh R.) the Imperial Army Deserter turned Bandit, and his Inquisitor turned Bandit Companion. And watching the players struggle to fight him… whew. Amazing.
-Revealing the boy Emperor, Alexander Constantine III, and watching people’s reactions.
-Watching the players interact with Alex at the tavern night. Seeing his reactions and responses to the questions directed his way. It was amazing!

I have been working on this story for over 8 years. And watching it be executed so flawlessly… it is a dream come true. I love this group so much! I can’t wait to see what happens in the future of this chapter!

Paul Iverson
Alliance LARP Utah Owner