Favorites 2 November on days


Okay, so, this feedback is just for Saturday. I'm also now sad that I missed Friday!

This was my first Alliance event. TC was awesome with the new player chat, and the welcomes from the players were very nice.

Encounters, just about everyone who approached the Pandakin group. Everyone was so welcoming and accepting of the Pandakin shenanigans. It was refreshing to have people play into the playful and sometimes socially awkward chatter. Conversations with Blue were a highlight, learning some things about being a healer. The bits of learning about things like Potion Master, some high magic things, things related to my new dagger (it's beautiful, still can't believe I have it, and thank you!) and tricks for healing really helped me feel like I could pull this healer thing off (I usually play boom mages, hybrid fighty mages or fighters).

The entire set of mods was awesome. I loved the dynamics of them, the group fighting coordinated made it better and the depth of the final fight was great! I'm not all that good at puzzles, but I had fun with the defending part, and the bits of RP while defending, plus it was fun to watch a hybrid think and fight event.

Also, Pandakins, turned out to be even more fun than I thought it would be!


Hi! My name is Mike, long time fan first time poster. Seriously, I don't post.

Friday RP Campfire Night -

This was an interesting experiment, and definitely has room to grow and improve. By no means did I have a bad time, I enjoyed it quite a lot. I was able to bring out Thudd's character more and get some quality RP time with people like TC who is usually running around doing whatever dragons do. From a game/plot/story mechanic perspective it fell a little flat for me specifically. I had no one to 'talk to', though I did think about calling Momma Thudd. This is largely because I have only recently acquired a story of my own, and frankly it doesn't have a lot of 'talk to people' things involved. Even if nothing changed, I would still do a RP night again.

Saturday Mods

First off, I haven't been that tired after a series of mods in forever. Wow. I couldn't even notice the cold after a point. I found the mods to be a lot of fun and each of the 3 were different in how we played them.

Mod #1 - Vault Grinder of Fiery Death.

A straightforward grinder at first. I am glad we had enough NPCs(and PCs) to allow us to do a 2 front fight. At least from what I saw, everyone was engaged if they wanted to be. Treasure on the way was neat. I figured out NPCs were waiting to be searched sometimes, and Thudd doesnt search usually, but it was good. The clues about blowing up eventually were good and there was a mounting tension of 'when' it was going to boom. It turned from a grinder into a rapid retreat. I got to 'berserk' again as Thudd, which is hella fun for me. My sword arm was soooo tired I didn't know what I was going to do for the next two mods...

Mod #2 - WoW-Raid time/Use the enemy against the enemy.

A simple, but clever, mechanic to defeat the bosses. A combat puzzle if you will. After a grinder, it was a good change of pace. Pulling golems with Ardos - so much fun.

Mod #3 - Protect the sticks/solve the puzzles/don't get pinned away from the group(#personalfail)

Intense. A large group of people trying to solve a combat puzzle(who was weak to what), real puzzles, and not die. We had a slow start trying to figure stuff out, but once it got rolling it really felt like we were fighting against time(daylight basically) to solve the puzzle. Considering how fast it got dark after we finished - we didnt have a lot of time left at the end. I got pinned away from the group. I even had a mettle. I am an idiot. lol


We had a wide range of experience both in and out of game. I saw EVERYONE be engaged and useful. I hope they felt useful, because I saw it. From Pride's leadership, to the new people finding their niche to us in the middle. We werent the most cohesive group, but we got the job done. I certainly enjoyed doing it.

Thank you all for making my return to LARPing an overwhelmingly positive experience. Everyone I've met, everyone i've reconnected with...just everyone. Thank you all.
I had a lot of fun, start to finish. It was nice to see several new players, and hopefully we will see you again!

I got my first taste of spear fighting. So not what I am used to, but I look forward to giving it another try. Thanks Ardos and Lukas for your words of wisdom!

As always, plot and the NPCs did an excellent job! Thank you for all that you do to make each event a total blast!

Oh, and TC throwing her knife at an immobile slod was hilarious.


Attended the Friday night event, and it was a lot of fun. This was my second event ever and was not sure what to expect, but literally chilling around a bon fire and getting to know folks in and out of character was really nice. The temperature was cold but the atmosphere around the fire was warm. My favorite moment is eveyone's shock when Phoenix stated her characters parents were actually alive. This came as a shock as about 90% of characters families seem to have met some type of demise. It had everyone laughing.

Can't wait for the next event

Also, hearing about Momma Thudd, that was hilarious.


I really enjoyed this past one day.

I would like to talk about the roleplay experiment we had on Friday night to get some feedback.

Challenges included:
-Friday night, real-life forces a semi late start.
-Cold but not that cold, great time to enjoy a Yonki fueled a massive bonfire.
-Tiny sleeping area for those crashing on site.
(not much could be done on these but they were certainly talked about)

With those aside what do you think about these rp one days?


I do this is reverse order to end on the high note. Here goes:

The Ugly - This is a personal peeve of mine learned the hard way: Never yell at new players for being new. I don't care if "That's my character!" Especially when it's OOG. Let someone else correct the perceived error in that case. It diminishes a character not one bit to let another person help, while snark or screaming CAN cause a new player to say "to hell with this" and not come back.

The Bad - Not much to comment on here. Watch the charging.

The Good - Lots here. I enjoyed all three fights. Wasn't expecting to be front line at any point, but that happened a few times. I'd wanted to play a dual-wielder again for a long time, and this event reminded me how much I missed it. Served to knock some of the rust off, too. Looking forward to working on shaking off the remainder.

Felt welcomed and the generosity was unexpected. Greatly appreciated, of course. Seemed like the Pandakin were constantly being handed potions, globes, and...holy hell...all the scrolls given to Millie. Okay, so, my dumb *** had to chug almost all of my potions, but I had fun doing the dumbs that necessitated their use.

Loved the last fight. LOVED IT! Learning about the Slaad on the run, protecting the smartbrain puzzle peoples, retrieving snatched power sticks, escorting others/intercepting Slaad...just phenomenal all around for me. I'll always prefer tactics, coordination, and strategy...even if Gavin is too dumb and/or distracted to know it.

Thank you for the hard work. That was a great deal of fun times to pack into a few hours of daylight. There will be more *red panda noises* in the future.