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Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew.


This was a fantastic weekend all ‘round. Thank you to everyone who contributed. I always hate being the first one to post these things. I know I’m missing a dozen things that I could think of in 5 minutes.

Whelp, someone has to go first, neh?

Thank you NPCs. You guys were clean fighters all weekend (from what this non-combatant Earth Caster could see at least). Many of you had roles of some form or another to capture our attention and you did a splendid job.

Thanks to Tyson for getting everything rolling smoothly in the first hours of the game.

Walking into the Earth Circle, expecting to find Brandr’s spirit waiting for resurrection only to find Wellorg already inside and doing the deed.
Wellorg: A little privacy please?
Kabuk: *sputter* Er.. Yes, Elder.
I scurried out of the room and a few seconds later decided to close the door.

Alex did a fantastic job as Larissa all weekend and I loved every chance I had to interact with her. Her sister was a treat as well. I especially like my lollipop.

Sam Owens and all things Mal related. Kabuk loves his cousin.

I really love seeing Cole out and about as K. Kabuk is under the impression that she’s matured a great deal in the last month. This confuses him a lot.

There was a certain bit of OOG satisfaction seeing Jovunn punch Kantil in the gut.

Charades with the Trickster and moment in the middle of it all to say, “You might have noticed; I am terrible at party games.”

There are probably a ton of other events I’m not thinking of.

…Like the Hellraiser mod. Kabuk rifted in facing away from the… activity. When he finally did turn around, he stood stunned until Tetsu eventually charged Abyss. It wasn’t until after the whole debacle that he really processed what was going on.


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Oooookay, here we go.

-Thank you NPCs. You were relentless AND clean as our adversaries. You were enjoyable and fun as our dreams and absolutely disgusting as our nightmares. Without ya'll there'd be no weekend and I appreciate how consistently you guys were out and about making sure there was never a lull or dull moment.

There are two fellow PCs I really need to thank:

-My best friend in the entire ******* world, Donna Hellmuth/Zara. I love being able to finally PC with you, and I love that Jovunn gets to interract with someone who, while very similar, consistently gives my character new and challenging perspectives to consider. Sitting down and praying for the dead with Zara was such a simple thing, but symbolized so much for my character and her changing understanding of how the world around her works. I can't wait to become part of the resurrected Bloodrunners.
-Frank Coyne. You challened Jovunn's opinions and ideals CONSTANTLY, but never once failed to back her up when she needed aid. You made my character look in the mirror at herself and ask a lot of scary questions, and that's the sign of an amazing actor and well-written character. And Chulainn dropped a few jokes! Toward the end of the weekend it felt like Jovunn went from barely knowing this guy to still barely knowing him but respecting him more than she does people she's known for years.

-Dave's Hellraiser mod/aptly-named "stank orgy" (courtesy Justin C.). When done well and when unexpected, mods like that are some of the most memorable because they are exactly what they should be: unnerving, unconfortable, and challenging to the participating characters in unique ways. You guys definitely pulled it off and I will never forget it. And kudos to the NPCs who were so willing to do it - there's nothing pleasant about being covered in liquids in that weather.

-Trying to get Jovunn her man but realizing halfway through the weekend that, looking at how the character's grown and changed, she'd never be able to get the words out to do it. It was weird looking at how she used to act versus how she acts now - her romantic tendencies more than anything else reflect her growth (or, perhaps, regression?).
-Also punching Dave D. Who, speaking of, is probably the best sport given all the **** he went through this weekend.
-Seeing Lanna as a romantic foil to Jovunn was weird, unexpected, and interesting. And a little heartbreaking. I love this ****, you guys.

-WELLORG DIDN'T EAT ME! And thank you Rich for your challenging roleplay! You had some awesome things to say and I just can't get enough of the actual COSTUME. That stuff's so cool!

-END OF EVENT PVP SHOWDOWN. This was such a testament to the spirit of this game - the moment Emily called game off we went from tense vitriol to good humored camaradarie. That's what this game is about. Thank you all. Even you, Chad. :3

-Oh! And yelling at the undead with Brandr on Friday night. That was too cute and perfectly BARRRRRBARRROUS. And teaching him to read on Sunday. I loved coming up with little ways to make the letters relatable to barbars. So many swords and letters kicking letters and boobs and butts and arrows!

-"That dwarf came here and everything he said was wrong! He was so full of ****!" "What color was his beard?" "Brown! YOU SEE! THE **** MADE HIS BEARD BROWN!"
-"Oh no my name is Mal and I am stuck in a stupid sky magic tree!" Also all things Mal.


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Had an awesome time. There are lots of fun and challenging aspects to this chapter much different from any others I have played. Just the fact that for most of the weekend Lenry just kept saying how messed up this place is.

Knowing that between 12 and 2 AM the undead were going to show up and spending the day preparing for it and still being challenged, even though we were ready for it.

First time I've had to deal with Euphoria in game.

Chasing the Elosdi through the woods to get members of our crew back and then having to leapfrog 3 people back to town with just myself and Muqtal to carry the bodies.

I'll be back. Not sure when, but I will be.


First, thank you, tireless NPCs! Wow.


Food! Kitchen staff, you are amazing.

Coffee with monster strength

The new Smog Frashers' guild (coming soon)

The best resurrection story ever. Got a little teary-eyed. Thank you, JC.

Abyss. Awesome costume, awesome RP, awesome awesome.


Necromancer assassination squad waiting in the woods... only to have all the undead rift into the tavern the third time around!

All of my new and old orc friends :)


This is my first time writing favorites for an event! Here I go!

For one, the food was amazing. I think I spent more than I earned this weekend on just food. I couldn't help it, everything was so delicious.

Spending time with Bupkis and Larissa in the tavern for a few hours. We built the fire and just laughed at stupid stuff while keeping warm. I loved it.

Seeing Kantil covered in gunk in one of the nightmares and getting to take some of said gunk out of the Nightmare. We kept some of it in a vial in hopes to find out what the stuff was.

The first night of Deadwalk! We had no idea we would get hit so hard. This was the first time Violet had to make a decision on her own with Bupkis knocked out. I carried him the hell out of there and to a cabin with the Hobling and MWE girl that I cannot for the life of me remember their names (I'm horrible with names, so sorry!). I hadn't even thought that they would come into the cabin and beat the hell outta us.

Lastly, the throwdown at the very end of the event. Just witnessing PC plot developing and being involved in it in some way is making me love this more and more.

This whole event was definitely a learning experience for Violet and me as a new player. And I can't wait till next year when I can get more and more involved in it! :wub2:


Who had fun this weekend? This guy. This year hasnt been particularly easy for me to get to many games. My main permed. I couldnt get as many weekends off as I wanted to come out and play, but everything I heard about GB from Duffy and Dave told me I should do my best to come out to the closer. I am so glad I did.

The food is, in my four years of playing, the best I've ever had at an event. There is stuff that comes close but the kitchen and the staff (NPC and PC) did an amazing job keeping myself and my foodie girlfriend fed. She said during the second breakfast, "...I could eat this everyday." And she is someone who normally gets bored easily with things.

The dead walk. That first night was scary. So disorganized. So unprepared for what was going to happen. It looked like things would be okay and then the defenses just collapsed out right. Intelligent dead are always a nightmare to contend with. Especially if they are targeting earth spell casters. The second night...well we were without a doubt better prepared for it. I liked the preparations that went into the second night. The waiting for the dead to show up, how everyone scurried about to get into positions once it happened.

Seeing all the familiar faces. I enjoy this game because of the awesome people I get to play with. Nothing says it better than full on PVP at the end of the event which once game end happens everyone is all smiles. Drama in game is drama in game. In the end its all RP and we're all still friends.

The random RP moments. There was a bunch of them this weekend all serving to pull me that much more into the game.

I cant wait to bring Bupkis back to this chapter next year. I know he's going to have a blast traveling the lands. Regardless of all the dangers that keep getting thrown at him and his close friends.


Jovunn said:
-My best friend in the entire ******* world, Donna Hellmuth/Zara.
Not gonna lie, Jovunn definitely made Zara happy this weekend. It's always good to have someone to be both goofy and hardcore with, and someone who's so eager to understand the ways of Barran and the natives is a comfort and a pleasure. Plus, Kris, you's my gurl.

It was a really good and interesting weekend just in that Zara had a great deal of learning to do -- mostly in observing the other outsiders that came to Barran. She's decided that a lot of them are highly untrustworthy and overly quick to needless violence, but some of them are definitely gems and friends to Barran. It was an extremely immersive weekend, one of a lot of frustration and impatience for Zara, but fun to roleplay.

I have to say, Emily's Trickster and the imagination figments were a big favorite. Damn, you guys are hilarious and awesome and such damn good sports. All the NPCs this weekend were terrific, thank you so much.

Oh, and obviously, the icky stank orgy mod. Yeah, not gonna have enough bleach for my eyes after that.

Love you guys. Love this chapter. Can't wait for next season, and neither can Zara.


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Heya all. So this whole partial event visit thing is very new to me but damn was it fun.

Npcs and staff thank you for everything. I know we werent easy on you and your energy and enthusiasm did not ebb.

Trickster..grims not a fae fan but man i wanted to interact with you emily. The masks you made were great.

Seeing Jovunn for a bit to explain the gift. Wow how they both have changed.

Zara. Hurray for an undead killing buddy. Some folks let them roam but the idea of these things preying on a commoner freaked him out. Zara always more then willing and i think she dug the flame blade.

Chasing dan in platemail. So much clank.

Frank. You are my foil, student, councillor and pride brother. Damn you make the game better.
Chulainn actually doing what grim says and the outcome.

The wood elves.

Cole as K and really kicking ***

Getting to see my buddy rich be like a boss and just be awesome. Thanks everyone
Wow. Just wow.

--- Thank you NPC's! Like everyone else has said, you guys were amazing, full of energy and life and knocked this one out of the park!

--- Thank you Staff! You guys are amazing, and you put on an amazing event and a seriously awesome finale to the first season! Love you all!

--- Larissa and Abyss. Making deals without telling people. Awesome RP. The ridiculous amount of thinking and theorizing and talking that Kantil is so not used to doing.

--- "I don't have a code of chivalry. But I know there's one thing that people should do, code or not. Protect those who need protecting."

--- "What did you say about the Balls, you d***?" and all of the insanity that immediately happened afterwards.

--- Sneaky cheesecake! :)

--- The Hellraiser mod. Traumatized some PC's.

--- The Green Ooze Mod. BEST. MOD. EVER!

--- The Trickster and trying to explain just how important this Fae is to those not from these lands.

--- My brain breaking when the "Seneschal" stared me right in the face and let loose the scariest noise in all of Barran....


My brain is fried and my body is sore but it was so worth it. Thank you to everyone who came out to the event on both sides of the fence. I can't wait til next year!


HQ Staff
Ugh i missed so much


Gettysburg Staff
Yes sir, yes you did.


HQ Staff
So much!
Next year lowbie who can get involved!!

Lanna Rose

Public Relations Committee
OMG....Great event as always everyone! Thank you NPCs and PCs alike.

Okay so.....

Walking into game and getting across the street from my cabin before I was attacked by a hoard of undead. I had no clue that Dead Walk had already started. Ugh.

Two NPCs saving me and helping me fend off waves of undead in the cabin.

All things Kantil....OMG Dave you are such a good sport. The fact that Lanna was about to curse you and then couldn't think of anything shows how upset she was. Mostly at the fact that she was never contacted about him coming back, not that he died. The Goo mod! It was fun. I just love Kantil as a whole. :wub2:

Return of the Bad Touch Goblins....only they were 10x's worse.....ugh. Emily I love you.....

Abyss....Collin you were amazing. I love every role you have IG each time. You add so much to this world.

Fight with Kogara. Chad you're a good sport about that and I love that you thought I was mad at you OOG. Guess that means I did the job right cause I totaly wasn't mad OOG. lol.

Walking into NPC camp for a shift and the look on everyone's face when I said Lanna just ran off into the woods alone.

Undead with Lanna's stuff. Hehehehehehe

PIE CAKES! :whaa:

The guilds. They're all so neat. I can't wait to see what comes out of them. ^.^

Gettysburg I love you. Thanks for a great season closer.
Dam... sounds like it was awesome guys! Can't wait to try and make more events next year... :thumbsup:


So I must say, this was probably one of the best events I've ever been to. I role played, I fought, I died (temporarily), Vox was touched in ways he'd never been touched before, and most of all, I found a place to PVE! I love crafting in games and this is pretty much the game to do it :)

Thank you NPCs!!! You guys rocked house this weekend. Your costumes were impressive. Your makeup was perfect. You put your all in and it showed :)

Food: I have never walked away from a meal at a LARP stuffed beyond reason. It was like going to a family party where all the ladies are constantly pushing more food on you. My diet took one in the face, but I don't care because it was so good!

Role Play: I had the opportunity to RP with both NPC and PC entities. Vox got to use my mental abilities to diagnose a problem and not only did I discover something awesome, he got an interesting perspective on his use of mental powers. He might even start putting effort into getting better at them!

Thank you, Gettysburg for an awesome event. It was worth the drive and if all events are on par with this one, it'll be worth it every time I make it!