Lanna Rose

Hey guys.

This weekend was amazing! Let's tell plot how we much we loved the event!


No really order to this.

All the role play about the Yeti and golden leaves. It amazing how many people were interested in it

The golden tree!!! Oh my god!!!!

Roark! He's so awesome to listen to and be around!

Mari! She like a mom and I adore how much she takes care of Aaleeha!

Greyson! I love the relationship that is growing there. It so much fun.

The dryads. Aaleeha was so sad we couldn't find them all. But she is determined to find them.

All the things surrounding the golden theme.

The infection though! So much good RP surrounding that.

Being asked to talk to people and take notes to report to the magnate. I found it amusing.

Translating the Kel letter!

There is so much more but I have larp head.
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I thought the assassination plot was pretty cool, I heard about the Yeti and the golden leaves, but don't know much about it all. The dream Aleeha had is cool! Hopefully, Roark's grandmother(?) shows up quickly! Was a fun weekend, wish I was able to be there for the entire weekend! Great game/plot, can't wait for next Stormbreak, possibly find a cure for the Kraken Curse.
Hey, y'all! I had a great time this weekend! Here are some of my favorite things about it:

First and foremost, hearty thanks to our amazing NPCs and kitchen staff! They pushed so hard and ran themselves ragged and did it with a smile.

So many new players! You all jumped right in and got involved. You owned it! New players are an infusion of enthusiasm for those of us who have been playing this game for a while.

Everyone brought their A game with costuming and role playing. I cried as two of my roles! (That is usually a good indication of immersion for me.)

Specific moments:

killing the slaver, Luin Giefer, in front of everyone in the mess hall

stuff i can't talk about

getting to revive a favorite old NPC role for the Selunari mod (all things fey!)

Elizabeth, Greyson, and Faruq discussing legal issues "Yeah, yeah, we get it."

Aaleeah and the Dryad tree

Roark starting to sound reasonable to the high magnates

more stuff i can't talk about

some "hair of the dog" with Greyson while we speculated about Blood for Blood

Mari's deadpan delivery "oh, that was a joke"

Mardex *blinkblinkblink...heavy silence...big sigh*

and I love LOVE how accepting, friendly, and safe our staff and players are to one another! this is a Big, Important Deal to us at Stormbreak.

Side note:
We don't really have an analog to specific time periods in real life. We would appreciate if you hide modern things, such as zippers and cell phones, but this is a fantasy game. If you have a cool prop or costume piece that's not egregiously modern, use it, wear it. If it enhances your game and doesn't detract from the immersion of other players, go for it!

Remember to get your BGAs (Between Game Actions) to us by Friday if you want some plot love next event! alliancestormbreak@gmail.com
Oh man I am so glad I decided to make Stormbreak my away time from monster desk. Favorites in memory order as they pop into my head:

High Magnate Ryatt: "Mardex, sash or favor?"
Mardex Snowfang: "You we're serious? Sash." Followed by asking which side is purple which side is blue.

The look between Roark, Mardex, and Grayson of what did we just get ourselves into afterwards. The cabinet members are a psychedelic lemon, a bookworm, and murder fuzzball who is trying very hard not to be a murder fuzzball.

Responsibility tag, and the fact Mardex clearly lost the game by 3 to 1 tags.

Did not interact with them nearly enough but the merchant group did a fine job in portraying just that. Thanks guys for coming from Barran and making it a bit more clear I need to go there as Mardex.

Having a small bit of information given to Mardex turn into a personal sidequests. Find Lorre's child.

Mardex after being dominated, talking with Hoyce's kin, and after it had worn off being asked to chant Blood for Blood and Mardex giving them a resounding No followed by a flurry of blows upon the caster.

Grayson (after Mardex brought out smoked gruyere and rosemary crackers): "Mardex stop flirting with me I dont think I'm your type."

Note keeper Aleehaa her giving Mardex her book. It helped me remember a lot of crucial stuff.

Behind closed doors meeting, I'll have an appetizer of damned if I do damned if dont, I'll also have it for the entree, and what's for dessert? Sure I'll have more!!!.

There is more but I'm tired and in the process of sweating out the post larp crud and not remembering

Walking into my room to finally get my drink. We had given our light the the merchant so he could work so it was dark.

Little Aaleeha just walks in, cause its her room, and ALL the important people just turn are in there and give her the mean look.

"Can you leave?" Lady Liz.

"Can I get my drink please?" Aaleeha.


Grab my drink and leave very quickly.

It was amusing to me.
Wow!!! Don't know where to start save for thank you staff and cast of such a fun and exciting weekend that I can not wait till the end of June to come.

To start I'm horrible with names so maybe used.

Aaleeha and the tree except for hiking up and down the hill to fetch other races to see if the tree affected anyone else.

Serving drinks in the the tavers during some serious talk and Mari (sorry if I butchered that) giving a tip for it lol

Escorting the dryad sprot and here brother after figuring out from here that Aaleeha may have gone by her self

And yelling at everyone because we we're hungry and wanted snacks but no one would let us have them.

I had a blast with everyone and all the interaction it was alot to take in but I'm starting to get my head around all of it.
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Hi all - as HOP I try not to post my favorite moments because they were all pretty awesome.

I will offer some thanks, though: I do want to thank Hoyce and Magdalen for all the hours upon hours of work that goes into crafting a story that is specific to the characters involved. To my amazing, talented, creative, and patient wife Danielle for all of her help - you guys, for real, this game would not happen without her. I want to thank the kitchen/food team for making two of my favorite things this weekend! and also for their continued efforts to make amazing and varied foods for our players. Our NPC team - really, we cannot run this game without you. And to our players, thanks for taking IG risks, for making huge leaps in logic, for amazing costuming and role-play, for pushing the story forward and for playing WITH US not against us.

I love you guys.. see you soon! : )
Favourites? I want to say everything, but that's a rather large amount to type out.
First: Plot, Staff, Cast/NPCs. It's obvious how much thought, effort, and skill went into this event (and the campaign overall). All the thanks and props (no pun intended) for all you do.

Now in no particular order:

Getting an envelope at check-in that says "Don't open until Saturday morning". The entire thing was perfect and led to so many RP moments after reading that, including a major character dilemma on how much to share.

Advanced commerce and every interaction around that.

Waiting to see what wig Hoyce was going to come out in next.

Large outing to the golden tree, with too many people to name, for important experiments.

Saving Dryads at random intervals and trying to convince every single one to go back with Mari and Aaleeha to the Grove. Freezing when I got the names Alacondras and Acanthas mixed up, thinking "be cool, be cool", then having a good laugh about it.

Puzzle mod part two. We worked so well and efficiently together, and the whole idea was really neat. "The glyphs on the outside of this canister say 'Message'.". Ha! That translated letter though, whoa.

Looking around the Parley Pirate Negotiations and realizing that only one or two of the assembled group were 'Loyal Citizens of the Empire' made me internally laugh. Later talking at the captured and prisoned Ram.

Looting my first monster for a couple of coins. "Hey, Mari, what'd you loot?".... confused look: ".... a troll."

Trying to get the spectral Elf General to come with Mari and get away from the Orc who ate her. Then yelling "You ate her! Don't eat me! .. again.." while being cut down and infected. Trying to convince people we have to save her.

Locked in a room with two other infected (the fun folks from Barran(?)) without snacks. It was a bonding moment. That earth circle was most definitely a trap.

Every moment with Roark and Aaleeha. Can't wait to meet Grandma.

So many more but my brain is full with an awesome weekend and figuring out what to write in my ibga.
See you in June!
So after a day or so to rest up and vaguely organize my thoughts I can post a few of my favorites.

Before I do though I really want to thank our NPC’s. We literally could not do the game without them, and they are rock stars. I don’t think I ever got a “eh, I don’t want to do that” vibe when I asked them to do something. Their willingness and enthusiasm makes it so much easier to run this campaign.

I also want to really thank the kitchen staff. It’s a lot of work and time away from the game to cook up the food for us all to enjoy. It allows us to send out encounters and plot during meals, which as a storyteller is really helpful, because we’ve got a lot of plot to get out there every weekend!

So, onto a list that is in no way complete of my memorable moments this weekend

-The Wylderkin/Troll ambush. It kinda went better then expected and so the kin mage I was casting got a few charmed fellows in Mardex and Ironclaw for awhile. I enjoyed making them chant “Blood for Blood” at the rest of the PC’s and taunting them about how they’d joined us. This of course led to my favorite moment when the Charm wore off and my NPC didn’t realize it.

Me: “Oh, you’re friends are coming back, yell Blood for Blood!”
Mardex: “No.” *whack whack whack*

-Playing Luin Giefer’s appearance in the tavern and the showdown with High Magnate Ryatt. The encounter was scripted, but the dialogue and RP wasn’t really and it was fun to see my complete agreement with the Ryatt just make him angrier.

-Corollary, Elizabeth just laughing in Luin’s face when he asserted his claim.

-Loray’s response to Luin when she encountered him. When the sweetheart earth healer deaths you on sight you know you’ve made some questionable life choices.

-Luin’s interviews with Mardex, Greyson and Roark. Especially Roark’s bone readings being scarily accurate, particularly because some of the things he said they indicated would turn out to be true later in the weekend…

-Playing Goretounge. I won’t lie, part of his personality was inspired by the late, great John Finnegan’s portrayal of a powerful bad guy named Creepshow.

-Playing Valorin Tinpenny during Dinner as he stumped for votes and money to run for King of Newhome. I especially liked how Mike V. just sort of nodded knowingly as I talked all about the dirty tricks that the incumbent Queen was pulling since he knows all about OOG dirty election tricks incumbents pull.

-Seeing this world and story that me and two of my best friends put together being experienced and enjoyed by such a great set of players!

I hope everyone had fun and look forward to seeing you at the next event!

Get those Between Game Events in by Friday folks!!