*IronClaws Top 10* no specific order

1. Getting to meet people I haven’t already meet. It was amazing to finally meet the BlackTusks, Tibialis, Oxalis, and many others of course!
2. The earth circle party... even though we died we had fun dying together xD
3. Having a HUGE burden lift from my chest when Larey explained to magnate Ryatt that she was the leader of blood for blood.
4. Getting to work together with Aiden, Eurig, and Justyn on most mods
5. Kitchen work!! I’m so glad everyone liked our cooking and I love roleplaying with the whole kitchen crew!
6. The shipwreck mod. Was not expecting to have to deal with a deadly puzzle! Thankfully we all made it out alive and made a good profit doing so.
7. Getting to name a skull. Sebastian please don’t haunt us.. to much!
8. Spending time with some of the other characters at the river was very refreshing and fun.
9. #HoyceForGrandma #RIP :’(
10. Acting as the slave to Etta and having to race the dryad to see if the puppy or dryad was faster.
Etta's top 10 (in no particular order):

1. Getting to have a will-power standoff with Zephryn Geeford, and not flinching.

2. Selling Roark an entire pan of brownies.

3. Getting to go on the shipwreck mod -- the puzzle aspect was genius!

4. Talking with Nicholi about many things.

5. Helping to make sure everyone got a yummy dinner and breakfasts.

6. The incredibly complex quandary given to me in reguards to New Home.

7. Having the Lady Magnate offer to teach me to read.

8. Meeting another of my Cousins!

9. Making new bonds with other adventurers -- I love helping people out!

10. Getting cooled off in the river when I was overheated.


*IronClaws Top 10* no specific order

1. Getting to meet people I haven’t already meet. It was amazing to finally meet the BlackTusks, Tibialis, Oxalis, and many others of course!
2. The earth circle party... even though we died we had fun dying together xD
3. Having a HUGE burden lift from my chest when Larey explained to magnate Ryatt that she was the leader of blood for blood.
4. Getting to work together with Aiden, Eurig, and Justyn on most mods
5. Kitchen work!! I’m so glad everyone liked our cooking and I love roleplaying with the whole kitchen crew!
6. The shipwreck mod. Was not expecting to have to deal with a deadly puzzle! Thankfully we all made it out alive and made a good profit doing so.
7. Getting to name a skull. Sebastian please don’t haunt us.. to much!
8. Spending time with some of the other characters at the river was very refreshing and fun.
9. #HoyceForGrandma #RIP :’(
10. Acting as the slave to Etta and having to race the dryad to see if the puppy or dryad was faster.

The Dyrad was faster ;)
You all rock my world! The weather was brutal but everyone fought it and brought life to the game. So many thanks to give for the effort put in by our NPCs and our fence hoppers and kitchen staff! Here goes, in no Particular order:

- getting Quori as a new "advisor" for High Magnate Elizabeth

- honor combat with the Kesh as Lalan

- dreamers and visions and rituals, oh my

- getting to be a bitch, if only for a bit

- Loray finally coming clean about Blood for Blood

- Grandma! RIP

- watching someone take notes at breakfast while Liz blathered on about politics

- crying

- crying again

- baby, give me one more cry

- You! Seriously.
So sorry I had to bail guys but it was good thing as we experienced 2 detours en route to the bus. Here goes nothing.

1) Getting 3 new cabinet members, no more treason trio.

2) All things Hoyce and especially Grandma. Pinching a Sarr's cheek, ow whiskers, but she was such a sweet old lady and so sad to see her pass.

3) Finally getting to RP with Kris Kitts as a PC, been so wanting to for a while and it didnt disapoint... btw Kris, "Kitty Verger"

4) The Loray reveal mod, such a great mod and for one brief moment Mardex's burden was lighter. Which brings me to...

5) The broker encounters with all the Houses. All 5 of us looking at each thinking what have we gotten ourselves into but finding our way. And then...

6) Izikial Ryatt asking me the one question that while I had felt that Mardex might have a moment to added 10 times the burden hours before games end.

7) Field rations, so amazing!

8) finding the one spot as long the stream to just add it on a rock and dangle my feet in the river.

9) All things High Magnate Keenan, it broke Mardex's heart to hold information from her but every encounter reminds him that he made the right choice to follow her.

10) all the people I get to play with npc and PC alike, you are all wonderful. Thank you for letting me enjoy the game with you!
Ohohohoh, I al.ost forgot, extra special thank yous to Angel Belford, my actual angel for helping me get to the event, 5 rock stars are not enough.


NEPA Staff
Thank you players, staff and NPC!
(Plus all you fence hoppers)

1. So many people stepping up when we discovered our npc situation.
2. People looking after others and with themselves
3. Seeing Qori and Sasha again. These two are my Stormbros. Very different paths but so awesome.
4. Ox and Tibs! Great people and players
5. See Tibialis taking the role he was meant to. He got out of his own way and was amazing...just like the bones said...
6. Continued mega awkward flirting with aleyah.
7. Playing on particular individual npc whom happened to be a moose kin and whom ironically was named moose and the fishbowl that happened. Npcing with Kelly is always a blast.
8. Providing a certain scroll and making a certain suggestion that lead to some actions that may have helped bring peace with blood for blood.
9. Those damn bones were right...Laray we hardly knew ye
10. Telling rez stories
11. The second orc fight and finally being able to stand toe to toe with that undead. ..need to buy more resist necro
12. The town coming to rescue me in the rescue mission.
13. Roark's mini game of trying to claim the office space..he may have won.
14. Backing a certain group thats continuing to prove they arent what people think.
15. The DoomDoom Jr appearence... If you are an orc.. Ore undead..Watch the skies
16. People stepping up all over. I am continually amazed by characters just owning situations through roleplay or guile
17. How upon hearing that Roark had a fruit drink the town kinda parted and let him beat on stormborne
18. Dude those rations were amazibg!!! The food sharing is amazing and everyone ties it back to their characters!
19. Somethings fishy with these elves.. And other convos with aleya.. Oh and finally getting to share info
so this was a highlight of my ten years of larping. From the "yes and" style roleplay of the made up yeti language. To then trying to figure out the cures based on that. To Roark getting to play with other ogres. To the italian grandmother that Hoyce channeled to play her. And hoyce holy **** dude. You wore a fur suit on a 98 degree day to entertain us. Thank you with every fiber. Roark expected she would not make it ..but the way it was down. The roleplay and careful intimacy of the roleplay from rolling the bones to the renaming that none of the other pcs (except one) could hear or understand was deep. I cried . Its going to cause a lot of changes and a loss of innocence in roark. Its a catalyst for so much more story .Thank you all who roleplayed after and got high AF with roark at the funeral pyre.

Guys i needed this more than i can say. Next even we go on the offensive

Oh crap I forgot, modding with the crew of the Centuty Hawk and the concept of hands of 7 card no peak to determine who gets what treasure. Note to self Jonothans strange luck does not transfer to Mardex


Y'all, it felt so good to be back and digging into the hard political conversations. Thanks for all the warm welcomes; it made it feel really easy to get reinvested in the amazing story the team here is telling.

In no particular order:
-Quori's new position as "advisor" to High Magnate Keenan, and all the delightfully ribald discussions it generated.
-The entire cabinet of House Wyndael: Mardex, Roark, Grayson, Sasha, and Oxalis. Roleplaying, strategizing, and being existentially tired with the five of you is such a treat. Thank you for making my suggestions feel not just heard, but valuable; I hope I did the same for you.
-Just... Sasha. Dustin exudes grace and poise, and the barbs of wit he slings as this character as so soft-spoken, brilliant, and matter-of-fact. Sasha just feels real and thoughtful and is so fun to be around, even when things are hard.
-Hoyce as Grandmother. My heart has never, ever, ever been so full and gleeful. And, holy crap, such kudos for putting on all that fur in ~97 degree weather.
-I saw a very small honeybee and nothing can take that incandescent joy away from me.
-The Loray reveal. A lot of us had come to that conclusion a while ago, and had discussed it in private - but never with High Magnate Ryatt. His surprise and disappointment in that moment was amazing, and the RP that ensued was so cool to see and be a part of.
-"My name is Atra------ Tibialis." "It was really funny in there how you called yourself by the wrong name." "...YEP, SURE WAS."
-Donovan, his perfect hair, and his amazing snack packs. Holy crap.
-Meeting a bunch of new characters! Ironclaw, Etta, Abbadon, etc. Y'all were so cool and engaging and fun to be around. I hope to get more face time with everyone next time.
-Standing in the big field after Grandmother's death, looking at all the fireflies when Quori and Mitzie's PC (whose name I can never remember because I am the worst) wander over talking about how they were all the stories of all the Yeti and storytellers. It felt so cinematic!!
-All the folks who hopped fence - thank you. You made this thing work.

So, my biggest piece of love for this event is entirely OOG and rooted in the meta of running a game. NPC resources can be really hard to maximize, and when those resources are very limited in the first place, managing to keep a lot of people entertained when running on metaphorical "low fuel" gets very hard, and can make or break an event. The team here did some Very Smart things this event in that regard, and the best example I can offer is the "talk to six Overmagnates/their bodyguards" quest. Six targets, six approaches, and the questline ran entirely at our and NPC camp's convenience. Only one NPC was ever needed at a given time, and even then only ever for about 15-20 minutes, tops. Most of the action was entirely in the PCs' hands, and consisted of strategizing, discussing political approaches and affiliations, and brainstorming how we could best appeal to all of the different houses without stepping on toes. The fact that PCs were empowered to make decisions on behalf of Luenn Geifer meant there was no tugging on NPC camp's sleeves or waiting around, and it allowed other things to run while we were consistently busy.
This is a really hard thing to manage and pull off, and is a great example of smart game running. A+++, all across the board.

Lanna Rose

This weekend was such a rollercoaster for me!

Cast members thank you all so much for all of your hard work in this heat. Everyone who switched sides thank you. If it were not for all of you the story wouldnt have happened and it means everything.

Friday night i wasnt planning on acctually going to the tree. But then i heard voices and went down. It wasn't who i expected but hey it was fun RP.

Being scolded because my n's look like r's sometimes and fine looked like fire in my note.

BEING GIVEN THE FIRST STAGE CURE! It was funny because I had part of it already and then ran to my lab to get the rest. Being able to cure the people that were cursed was such a fulfilling feeling.

Dropping a huge bomb of lore into Roark's lap and the rp that followed.

Freaking out and almost crying multiple times because "I don't want to be like Mari" and the RP with Mari about that.

The struggle of keeping a secret from the High Magnates. Wanting to tell them everytime i saw them and the struggle of not doing so.

Playing in the river with Ace and Quarter Master!

Vision ritual! And Grayson's muddled mimd after that.

Saving the wilderkin from her people just because she was cursed. The RP with the moose-kin upset Aaleeha so much. But she held it together until they all left. Then she had a mini melt down. She was so greatful to every one who comforted her. They all said exactly what she needed to hear.

Henry telling me i wasnt allowed to hop fence after dinner.....well damn....

Doom Doom Jr. He totally recognized Aaleeha and it made her so happy. Because to her that means he isnt completely lost. She wants to help him so much but she also understands that it may not be possible. "Bye Salad" at the end really tugged at her heart.

The elves. Oh man. The Grove Warden trying to get Aaleeha to back off from the tree was amuzing. She was all polite and smiles but in her mind she was totally cursing him out.

GRANDMA! Hoyce holy ****! Dude you are so dedicated! Everything aboit that encounter was perfect. She was so patient with Aaleeha because she knew that somethings were hard for her to understand as she was still learning Yeti. I didn't need much help to figure it all out though! I'm so happy she liked the flower too. But damn that last scene! The intimacy of it with only Roark and Aaleeha being able to hear her. Being the one to tell Roark that we couldnt bring her back broke a small part in Aaleeha. She is so angry. But the RP after and the funeral pier was a really great way to close it. Thank you.

Finally talking to the High Magnates and telling them not only about the cure but also many other things. Being super happy they are willing to let her stay with them so that they can all work together to pass the cure out to everyone.

Being kicked out of Roark's office by the slavery house and saying "I'm going to go hide in the earth circle room. While down there talking to mardex and working out a plan with him.

I bailed out early Sunday due to a headache. Im really glad that i was able to play as long as i did. Thank you all again for being an amazing part of this game!


I can echo the praise and appreciation for Plot, cast/NPCs, kitchen, and everyone who hopped fence to make such an amazing weekend go. Also props to everyone taking care of each other in this heat.

It’s a long list. In no particular order after the first:

- GRANDMA. Literally everything about this. Eric in game as Grayson seeing Hoyce coming down the hill and running OOG to get me to see this. I got out of the shower to watch OOG. RIP Grandma.

- Henry as Florinath giving Mari a history lesson and then the two of them having a huge disagreement in the woods. “I’m not wrong... I’m not crazy!.. respectfully.” The looks on some people’s faces when two Elves walked in and how we interacted was priceless. She was so worried about getting in trouble for disrespecting her elder the entire afternoon. Their apology talk later and him believing her about what’s going on. A++ RP moments.

- Finally getting to talk with the Spectral Elf! Danielle was a rockstar. Responding to her name and being able to draw her away from people to keep them from being infected, keeping her talking and trying to figure out how to help her.

- Aaleeha freaking out about “becoming like Mari” and having to explain how things worked and she’d get used to it. It’s a gift.

- Trap/puzzle/spider mod round one. Quartermaster playing jokes about being 60% sure he disarmed the trap and Mari being 40% behind him on that. Bad time for honesty? Being able to PC guide that one was really fun. Mime in the box of force and “experiments” and escape routes. 10/10 would puzzle again.

-mini moments with Paul(?) the new rogue guy in all black. He touches Mari and she gets flashes of his unflattering past. Keeping that secret and him owing her a favour. She’s going to keep that on her back pocket for later.

- finding Donovan a wandering squire in Krull. Whether they believe it or not.

- advanced commmerce part two via Ace. Mari is amassing quite the jewelry collection.

- walking up to a card game for stakes, peering over at the cards and nodding at Quartermaster approvingly. He wins. She leans over and says “you’re welcome” and walks away.

- vision ritual by the tree. WHOA. That’s some info right there. Later having Etta (?) fix Grayson’s mind post ritual casting because “they’re going to need him as he was”.

-all the decoding of Kel messages. Bloody hell that’s some code with the letter A. I know I’ve been spending too much OOG time when I can just read these letters now without the key.

- Ami and Lourdes. YAY! coming in with stage two for reasons and getting to finally play with you two was great. Fast friends with Lourdes on the porch. Ami and Mari will be frightening.

- not being able to fix dead. Dragging a dead Tibialis up the stairs muttering to herself about piles of people and how bad this whole thing is. Whispers “good luck with resurrecting”. WARD hiding while Roark is undead and trying to kill Mari. Everyone is dead.. piles of people... collection and wearing ALL the things.

...and more!

Matt AGB co-owner

Gettysburg Staff
Just first off thank you plot staff npc and fence jumpers I love this game and story and truthfully amazed how you can keep it all straight as I get lost with what I know is going on and I'm finding out it is like only a 1/4

1- wanting to find out about to glowing lady and following her around the first night then finding nearly the whole town came out as well

2 - oh **** they got Qori! I died laughing while dieing

3 - the rez party and getting a panicing healer to guide me back

4 - the catacomb mod (we really pulled through when the experiment went south)

5 - kitchen staff rp <3

6 - letting Eurig Barrow my bow and it getting shattered and yelling at the caster just wait till I get in there!!

7 all the RP at night a through the day Justyn doesn't know how to feel about being set up on a date lol I think she'll have another shot!!

<3 you all can't wait till August
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I had to bag out early for some real-life stuff on Sunday - things have been not super awesome lately & I was really glad to have the mental break and all the awesomely supportive friends when real-life caught up again. Thank you staff, NPCs, hoppers and all the awesome people with the air hugs (too damn hot) and listening ears.

On to the good stuff! In no particular order -

- Freaking Roark - Kyle you continue to knock my socks off every time thanks for all the ridiculous stuff and all the serious stuff.

- Sashing Sasha - all the diplomacy and counseling and awesome paid off! Also - the colors are obviously stolen from you. ;)

- Berserker Qori was So. Much. Fun. 100% worth losing my voice for. Greyson stayed so calm and brought her out, and then the realization hit that there was a sea of bodies she had to help... and then arriving to nothing but piles of items and the ravenous destructive hunger she’s been battling the memory of for months, knowing she failed completely (Henry, Mags & Hoyce - bet you didn’t expect Qori to be the first to cry ;))

- Having to actually deal with celestial magic. Freaking Greyson and his trustworthy sky necromancer-ness.

- Talking to Mari and finding out she thinks Qori hates her, then immediately having the chance to be her protector when the glowy-elf appeared.

- Grandmother! Damn that was an awesome encounter, I mean... Hoyce... damn.
Then Henry’s ogre staring me down constantly... Qori’s added guilt (OMG I’m glad the curse was broken by then) and then running out to help in the middle of changing and coming back high with Aleyah and having the fireflies there to be the “stories bringing grandmother to the sky” was amazing.

- Olie learning to read and “thinking he was better”

- Lady liz’s Advisor position(s)


- Justyn’s throat death

- Not being sure I could even get into Qori’s Head and then getting attacked by stormborn 3 seconds into game... and realizing (with an endow and some pure Azarka rage) that I totally could

- NPCIng with Kyle and Henry! That slaver mid felt like old times! And Moose.... damn, dez guyz

I know there are more, just wow. Qori’s got some **** to figure out.


Ok, now that I’ve rested a full 24 hours my mind has reformed from the overheated mush puddle it was from the weekend.

-First of all I want to thank our dedicated NPCs and those PC’s who hopped fence for us. We literally could not tell the story we want without you. I especially want to thank Jay. He is the man behind the scenes that we can just say “Jay, we all have to be doing other stuff, can you take a couple NPC’s and run X mod?” If you haven't run a game you have no idea how helpful this is!!!

-I was so glad the Grandma encounter went the way we envisioned it. I had about 20-30 minutes to make everyone love her…so that we could make everyone cry when we killed her 10 minutes later.

-I am equally glad that the plan for how the PC’s would convince the houses to back Luin Geifer went well. I figured it would either be a disaster (i.e. the PC’s always picked the worst possible moments in the schedule to seek an audience, or try to make it one large meeting) or go the way I hoped. I was delighted that it was the latter.

-I also enjoyed playing Overlord Nolan Platnumspike. I felt so bad for poor Kris when he countered Tibalis’ offer of profit with the question of “How much gold do you think it’ll take for House Mithril to break its honor?” Poor Tibs kind of visibly deflated at that question.

-The Prop!!! Not everybody got to see it this event, but holy crap Cait Ditzler did us an amazing job on it and thank you so much to her and to Kyle who went soooo far out of his way to pick it up for us! And both of them on such short notice because I’m dumb and forgot until nearly the last minute!

-I was so glad I got to see the RP of Loray’s reveal. I’ve been waiting for that moment since season 1 event 1, even though I didn't know what the circumstanaces of the moment would be.

-I laughed like hell when High Mage Rett was leading the PC’s through an under the keep mod. One of the trapsmiths explained that he was 60% sure that the room was clear of traps and Mari, totally deadpan, assured him that she was “40% behind him.” That **** was cold as an Ice Storm…

There’s probably about 20 other things I could mention but I can’t reveal plot secrets… :)

Until August my little pawns…

P.S. Get those IBGAs in!
Thank you to everyone that made this game awesome. Plot committee, GM, NPCs and kitchens staff as well as all the other players, this was my favorite weekend yet and a fantastic was to spend a birthday.

1. Having a long conversation with the Orcs about the most embarrassing way to die. "Deep in enemy territory"

2. All the traps. Thank you so much for creating the ridiculously high tension with your traps, for those that dont just use shatter spells. (sometimes heart attack endusing when a random empty water bottle falls)

3. "Aww they got Qori... OH **** THEY GOT QORI"

4. Knowing way more information then I should probably ever possibly know. Literally about every political, military, and personal subject going on right now. Eurig has got his eyes on a bunch of you.

5. Getting a shot at Zephryn Geeford but only realizing after there was another way to go about it which would have worked. Can't wait for another shot.

6. Establishing our guild! Woo!!! We are the Fraternal order of the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of what was once, and forever ago had been deemed as the Eternal Coalition of Legion and therefore shall be spoken in silence and henceforth be Refered to as the Guild known as Beholders of the Golden Braid! Go us!

7. Puzzles all the Puzzles. Puzzles are my bread and butter. (Just please no metronomes... I'm pretty sure I have PTSD from Barran)


9. Having to find another use after 2 bows got shattered, whether it be pulling downed people out of the front line, blocking disarm and shatter spells with my body, or even catching a dagger in the chest, rather than it hurting someone else.

10. The skull. I can not wait to see what you guys throw at us with this thing!