Favourite memories: Mod day!

- Portraying the Orc overseer of the slaves during the warchester mod and hurling insults at Sir Wolsey, Fynn and Thorgrim.
- Rivervale all (mostly) back together! Yay! Hard and really interesting deep mod. Just like I like it.
- Wilton got another annual date with Melly. Fun times..really enjoying spending it with the Juren as well.
  • NPCing a bookworm among some scary individuals, and all the chatter among the group of NPCs and later adding the PCs to our dysfunctional discussion. Can't give details, but it was great.
  • Having a trap fall from above me on the kyn mod and land...on my hand, without springing. Need new pants.
  • John's portrayal of MadJaw. Good villain, while he lasted!
  • The banter between Sleet and the bounty hunters. If you can't identify species, you probably shouldn't be a bounty hunter, just sayin.
  • Trace as mod marshal nearly giving me heart failure, when I'm laying on the ground dealing with traps, move my light, and discover she's standing right next to me. Never heard her sneak up, and thought I was about to get murdered. Need new pants again.
  • RIVERVALE! Pretty much every moment of getting the rare chance to PC with my team, and spending the overnights together at a rented house for a team outing. I love so much about this team with its helpfulness, cheer, friendship, and community of support. Rivervale 4 Life!!!
  • Pike's funeral on the Rivervale mod, and all the beautiful emotion projected by the team and NPCs
  • Getting to show off my kind of stupidly encyclopedic knowledge of Acarthian history -- thank you, John and Jesse!
  • The depth of characterization delivered by the 6 actors for Warchester, and the 6 actors for the Scions in development of their personalities, and arguments for their cases. For both mods, each group of actors went into character more than 30 minutes before the mod, arguing in character about local economics of eastern Warchester, and how they should develop their cities! It's always a huge win when your NPCs appear to be as invested and entertained as the PCs in the encounter :)
  • Mike Paxton as the overseer of enslaved orcs in the Warchester mod! They could hear his screaming profanity all the way up in Monster Camp. I was cracking up the whole time with the things that flew out of his mouth!
  • Eric Steinkamp as Brutegash Ironsides with his taunts to duel, accompanied by Dia as random dwarf thug #2, helping out in a role as unexpected as Glenn Close as one of the pirates in "Hook"
  • Taylor Kaiman's impressively realistic performance of The Jackals' leader, expertly handling the roleplay of negotiation from a tough perspective without making it sound like, "Because the encounter is written this way"
  • John & William as entirely too cheerful bats!
  • Eric Steinkamp again as the drunken taunter who got fired from the Stormkeep construction project - Eric has a great range of roleplay performance which I was delighted to see out there this event!
  • One of our NPCs, Adam, deciding to run full tilt away from his PC pursuers, only to realize that he happened to run from the best-practiced long distance runner in the chapter, thus giving Jeff the bonus surprise of personalized surprise running encounter in his mod!
  • The emotional reaction at the end of the Scions' mod, upon the presentation of an IG gift beautifully and thoughtfully crafted by Nissa and Jenny :)
  • Looking forward to all the BGAs about offstage investments, and what happens their beloved hometowns in eastern Warchester!
  • Getting the direction from Ian to play, "some crazy snake cultist old woman" and having free reign over what that means!
  • "These people are trying not to be seen" ambush with our NPCs physically stealthing and hidden in the woods at the start of the Bayenna mod - well done, snake cultists!
  • Doing a little stage combat practice with Siadak, Eric, and Vincent to portray the best picture of getting kicked to death... safely :)
  • Vincent "putting a quarter" in the machine of character generation, naming his pirate Randy and cracking us all up with a nonstop 10 minute routine about his day-drinking pirate immediately prior to the start of the Bayenna mod
  • A scene I didn't even witness on the Bayenna mod, but which made me snort, I laughed so hard: "These are our 'hello' swords!"
  • BACKSTAGE: So many moments of camaraderie and helpfulness, with our returning and new NPCs, and PCs who crossed over, working their tails off and still standing ready and eager to help with any task when asked! MWAH! I LURVE our backstage crew!!111!!!!!1
  • Doggies! Having access to Thor and Leia pretty much made the whole exhausting event worth it by themselves <3
  • Discovering the alternate path in and out of the site which avoids what I like to call, "War Crimes Against the Sioux Road"
Thank you, everybody, volunteer and PC, who helped put together this exhauting, but thoroughly enjoyable event! My floon is super high after this!

Team Daedalus
2018 Acarthia Plot
Me: I have a bad idea, should I do it?

Mike as NPC: I have had many a bad idea in my adventuring days. Sometimes they proved valuable, sometimes I just died. But they have always resulted in great stories.

Me: *wanders away from party while they are figuring out what to do, to go talk with the bad guys at the next encounter by myself*
  • The NPC that insisted (incorrectly) that Sleet was a foxkyn. Given how often that happens genuinely during events, I couldn't stop laughing when it actually worked its way into the mod plot.
  • The massive brawl at the end of our mod was chaotic and crazy and chaotic and great.
  • John F's performance as a particularly memorable NPC: "So this is how I find out?!"
  • The little bit of personal plot at the conclusion was a nice, poignant way to end the mod.
  • Our wonderful marshals John and Trace! And all the NPCs! Y'all rock!
Castlelot's - Trying to convince the 'nice highway men' that we were searching for giant earthworms... this went on for 5 minutes. :)
Our page Sebastian Sawyer running full sprint away from combat, being chased by a highway man followed by Red Eye Grodgin trying to save him, then a hold being called for 'a friendly neighborhood marshal explanation of pages and combat'. Everyone comes back to listen, takes their places, and then they sprint all over again. After two sprints and a sword fight, Red Eye was ready for a breather! :)

Kennedy's - Sneaking into the warehouse full of sleeping guards and into the secret passage. Once there, grabbing the magic jewel!

Templeton's - Watching Castlelot almost buy off one of the guards at the warehouse... almost.
Also, I used my first spell in combat and pinned someone! Then totally miscast my second and failed to bind the necromancer. Making memories. Speaking of which, died... again. Only this time, as a consequence of my spell shield preventing a cure light wounds from working as it was hurled at my corpse. LOL PS- thanks Mike aka 'Douglas'

Johan's - The final battle against the golem and necromancer. The whole thing was really cool.

Definitely appreciated the mystic woods elf independence of our companion. Watching her wander off to meet with the bad guys, I had to think, do we have a mole? Answer: Nope, just mystic woods elves being mystic woods elves. Oh, and her archery was awesomely effective. :)

Again, my hats off to the plot team for managing to come up with a great Mod with something for everyone to do. We were exhausted and sore the next day. From 7 to 41, I know we all had a blast and can't wait for April to roll around.
So many good moments for such a short window of time!
  • "what was his name? Onguard? Guard? Rey-gard? Reynard! That's it!" Thank you for that Dia
  • Taking Lagard's hat off and putting it on Blue "No one will ever know!"
  • Being mistaken for a fox.....again.... lol
  • Emaric's banter "Oh you look like a knitter! I knit too!"
  • Jack's portrayal of a frog. Damn son, you can bounce.
  • "Here watch Uncle Mel" *hands hat*
  • Blackwhisker and Mad Jaw banter
  • Banks was an amazingly sarcastic badger grandpa, also "Wait, I have GRANDCHILDREN?! You could write home more you know"
  • I loved the whole story line and there's so much more I want to explore! Thank you John Sidack! I'm not done with that one storyline yet, so be ready for me to follow up on that! ^_^
  • Another big thing was seeing so many alts! Especially the kyn alts! Dear Red Panda you are friggin amazing. And Cea's Blue Macaw! I wish I had more time to appreciate all the costuming more! Also the Sarr (I'm not sure of your name in game or out) but your make up was lovely! The spots and the detailing of the whiskers!
10 foot pole....
Fletch disarmed majority of the traps in a trapped house....then pointed out that there was a button that said "Secret Door",

Squire Yurg (? Spell?) and myself were curious and wanted to press the button and debated on throwing rocks at the button from a distance. Then I noticed there was a 10ft-ish piece of wood...I opted we use this and we did. Myself, Squire Yurg (?), and Banks used the pole to press the button and it activated the other half of the traps that were not disarmed. 30 points explosion, paranoia gas, and a berserk gas. Consent for physical roleplay was done and we had a small tussle on the ground, i was biting chains, getting grappled, and all that fun stuff.