Favourite Moments: April (season opener)

Siren Aspen

It's that time again! Please post your favourite memories or moments from this past weekend of fun and adventure in this thread so we may all laugh and continue to think fondly on this season's opener!
I have quite a few favorites, but I would have to say that charging up to a pair of void elementals with my cloak spread wide and yelling as loud as I could was on the top. It got them to stop advancing, back up a few steps and look at me in confusion for a few seconds before beating me down. But it was long enough for everyone else to finish their refits and get back into the fight. That moment was second only to following a group of 3 voids for about 4 or 5 minutes who thought I was one of them and healing everyone they put down.
Castlelot - Definitely the portal defense of the Void elementals on Saturday night. That was a big, epic battle!

Kennedy - I loved Pixie Wixie and the questions and answers! I loved making the flowers! Gretta (the lonely old woman in the forest) was scary, but ok in the end.

Johan - The portal defense! It was awesome to defend the portal against endless waves of Void!

Templeton - Small moments and big ones.
Small ones -
As an Earth Caster, being taught to read magic and understand the concepts of Celestial power.

Reconnecting with Blaidrym (sp?), especially for our 7 bells morning walk to explore the land (complements of my 7 year-old who never sleeps in, no matter how late he's been up).

Templeton thinking - 'This Sark guy likes to talk a lot, but he doesn't seem so bad...' Only to find out in the end... Ya, he is that bad.

I almost forgot, the (goblin?) gamemaster in the tavern. It was amusing but somewhat alarming to watch Castlelot grow a second arm working on the mirror puzzle. Templeton was ready to pay the silver but fortunately Castlelot finally solved it. It was also quit funny watching Kennedy, as the littlest charge, solve the same thing in less than half the time.

Big ones -
The music Saturday night at dinner. Just like a score to a movie, music can really help me get into the moment! Kuddos to all the fantastic performers, you guys were awesome and looking forward to more of this!

Of course the Void portal battle, but not just for the combat, but the camaraderie I felt come from defending our portal with my fellow Warchesterians. Oh, and the plot team's logistics/planning of this were awesome.

The amazing job Mike and Rorie (sp?) did with my kiddos in running the apprentice mod. Walking away Templeton got to give (what he felt to be) the moral at the end, 'Don't judge a book by its cover', much to the groans and eye rolling from his charges. :)

And of course much respect and admiration to all the talent, time, love, and creativity plot puts into it for us players. My second weekend ever, but I'm still just amazed.
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Copper and Sleet. Everyone told me I was going to fall in love with them, and... they were right.
Gillian crying. OMG. Not just the fantastic opportunities she had to do it, but watching Liz turn it on and off was awe-inspiring.
Kendrick gettin mad.
Brothers against the fae. Vincent does SUCH a great job with mod concepts. Puzzles of exactly the right difficulty that give the perfect perfect balance of challenge, confusion and then epiphany and triumph.
My treasured "Alis at 3 in the morning" discussion. I always feel like I get new perspectives. Watching her with Gillian, too, was one of the best things I've seen in Alliance.
Practice batons with Tevas and that guy I never caught the name of (Sean).
Pre-game banter with Mac. He called me.... a peasant.
Nirrabex. She is always so fantastic. She has a kind of honesty that is both wonderous and wry.
Arikaya. Powerhouse. She saved us. She brought us together. She fought me in the dark. She is best of us.

I'll add more as I remember it.
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Creepy and all her crazy.

Wraith and Bones together after 7 years. Fun!

The combined 4 hour talk with Tiatar nobility.

The conversation with Nogra.

Also when Bones asked Nogra for a hug and she said yes... *single tear*

The battle of the squires.

Bones and Emerics rivalry with the squires.

Showing "Squire Dangit" what a real fight is like. Lol!

The void fight. Specifically when 5 people drop near a feign deathed Bones, feeding a potion down pucks mouth and him healing everyone... then Aden coming to save me (even though i am alive and just saved 5 people) only to get himself killed. Then shuffling over to him to feed him a potion and his whispering out of game "you are alive!?!?!"

Creepy and Madrigals friendship. Dawwww

Creepy being flirted with by Kendrick, and Bones going all papa bear on him.

Leguard (sp?) Telling me out of game that he is going to have words with me... and me not having any idea why and stressing about it for 3 days before the event. Then he comes up to Bones with anger in his eyes, only to have it resolved and later in the event laughing for a good hour at stupid-o-clock crap with him and the otterkyn.

The otterkyn. So much love!

Thorgrims cooking. Even though i only had the eggs... i still loved them.

Siren and her bar wench. Much love.

Ember and her hugs. Bones will never admit that he actually loves them. Ever.

So many other stories. Ugh... tome for work though
Oh man where to begin.

First I am very happy that Cynder and my first time cooking seemed to go over well. It was a lot of stress and headache leading up to the event, but once we got in the kitchen and things got going it all worked out pretty well, and we had a lot of positive feedback so thanks for that! It was a lot of work doing the tavern, but I didn't feel like it kept me away from the game too much. I was still able to do a lot at the game, and only missed one big fight, though the sleep deprivation was real. Can't wait to do BBQ for everyone next event!

I also want to take time once again to thank all of our great helpers in the tavern. I was a bit worried about how much help we were going to get but y'all really stepped up, both PC's and NPC's. Couldn't have done it without you!

Reconnecting with larp and all of my friends. My last event was in October, so it had been quite a while since I've attended a full weekend game. My larp floon at the end of last year was low, and that continued through most of the off season. I started to get hyped again around mod day, and it kept building up for this event. It was great to get back into game, especially back to Sky High, which is an awesome site, and I'm going to miss it.

Being able to interact and fight alongside Warchester a lot. We were really sloppy at mod day and it felt like we were going to have to knock the rust off a lot, but we actually killed it with some great teamwork this game.

We also have a new potential member in Warchester in Hyro Toadstone and it was great having him around. He helped us out in the tavern, fought well with us on the battlefield, and stayed back to protect Cynder during the void fight while Thorgrim was running around all over the place.

Second void fight was definitely memorable. I felt like it was the perfect challenge rating for a field battle, where the outcome was not certain. Cynder did a great job keeping us all up and alive that fight.

Huntsman revenge! I have been talking to Kendrick and others a while how I want town to be more aggressive in fights and using our numbers to our advantage, and I felt like we really executed that well. We didn't stand around and let the Huntsman send wave after wave at us, we took the fight to him and were able to capture him pretty fast. It was also nice to be able to administer that killing blow, as the Huntsman is the only foe who has sent Thorgrim to the rez circle.

General props to the new plot team. The game was not without hiccups as they all are, but I thought for their first event together with a new head of plot and a few new members that they did a great job. There were many different stories and ways to engage with them, and memorable fights both for mods and battles. I'm excited for this season and to see where things go.

Training with Tevas and Spectre before the big fight. I have larped for many years but most all of my fighting has been self taught just through experience at games or fighting in the back yard with friends. I have never spent a lot of time working on the technical aspect and form of fighting. I feel like I improved greatly over a short amount of time with their help, and couldn't have done it without them.

And last but certainly not least, the Dargok duel. The fight itself was awesome, and I really didn't know which way it was going to do, but everything. This was a story that had been in the making almost a year from an IBGA I started last year which culminated in a war and finally this duel. The role play was excellent with Jesse, Trace, John, and all of the ogres who came to witness. The atmosphere was great, and it was one of those lovely moments at larp where I was completely immersed, Josh was out of the picture and I was 100% Thorgrim for the entire encounter. I also love all the support I got from my fellow Acarthians and all of the private words of encouragement and thanks from several characters. All in all it was one of the best larp experiences I have ever had!
After having a first rough night in the void battle, I took a couple of stiff shots which brought me to tears (an in case someone worries, this was resolved). The other NPCs and plot were super supportive in helping me both feel better, and then finding some good RP roles for the night that didn't get me hit.

Paul and I got left in the woods longer than expected before the mod started. Getting to know him was super fun, as well as getting to RP out for about 30 minutes as characters that ended up getting taken out in about 30 seconds.

The healers guild addicts scene where a couple of things got pretty real, but everyone was able to RP through it. A big thanks to all the MWEs for saving my mooks!

During the plant field battle, calling out for all of the other plants to come to me until we had most of us. Then pointing to the one guy who was constantly pelting us with fire and shouting "KILL HIM!!!!".

Just the whole encounter of playing Dame Charlot Tyrok. I think it took me about 30 minutes afterwards to fully get out of the mannerisms that came into play for the character. Also, keeping a straight face for an hour is really hard, but I absolutely loved how their excellencies played the interview process! Thank you all!

And for it all to come full circle on Sunday morning, where I was actually brought to IC tears from the RP playing a lunatic dryad with the squires of Acarthia.

Thank you to all the NPCs, plot, and PCs I got to play with to make my first full event a wonderful experience!

PS: Do you wanna join a snake cult?
This weekend was so full of amazing events. But here are some of mine:

The opening void fight. It was my first introduction to life in New Acarthia as a new player and one of the more harrowing experiences of my life. So much so, that I play to write it out as a short story. Amazing.

The Destined plot line and the fun we had with the great and very cranky hobgoblin guide we had, played by the amazing Trace.

The great NPC team that RPed the tavern staff trying desperately to please a grumpy mage who just wanted to be left alone.

Great RP conversations with Knox, Baron Egil, Lagarde and the Scions

Going on an Adventure for the Loremaster's Guild and getting annihilated, lol

Watching Parzivel train a bunch of people

Watching Lagarde train Baron Egil and the joy he had on his fox face

Getting to NPC, see behind the scenes and how hard they work to give everyone things to fight. Also, being a huge plant thing and running into battle thinking I was going to be effective, until I was met head on by Emaric and Parzivel :p

And really, everything. Thank you all for a wonderful weekend
Everything hurts and I'm dying.

Hi, I'm Leora and I make poor choices like scheduling a root canal the day after LARP weekend. I play Alis Stormslayer, resident "Freeman" earth caster, Scion tagalong (not the cookie, the other kind, although I wouldn't mind being delicious), and lover of black attire. This game was super wonderful for me, and for the first time in a long time, I didn't want it to end. I'm super glad that nationals is next month and it's a whole day longer.

*The food. Holy ****, ya'll. Thank you SO MUCH to Thorgrim and Cynder (and their volunteers) for all your hard work and food that was both delicious and reasonably healthy! Looking forward to seeing what else you can do. :)
*Friday night visions for Baron Darius and the subsequent realization that maybe he might not be -so- bad.
*I also enjoy my 3 am roleplays very much. I feel like it's such a great time to have deep and meaningful character conversations and I feel like we always do.
*The meaningful and solid roleplay and re-connection between Alis and Nytillit on Saturday morning while they both sat waiting for Parzivel and Kendrick to return from the fae realm. It's amazing how such a simple scene can do so much good.
*"Nytillit has a uterus".
*The absolute chaos of Saturday night, the fight, and the confrontation directly following Alis' death. Poor Gillian.
*The DRAMA of having someone flub a life spell at four minutes and fifty-nine seconds. Daaamn.

I'll update if I think of anything else, but damn, what an event. Can't wait for Nationals!
Season opener! Hype! Ow my everything!
  • Ishmael's bottle on Friday night. The brief moment of silence in the midst of the void battle followed by Baron Egil asking "...who threw a bottle?!" was fantastic.
  • More Destined/lowbie mods please! Those were great. Kudos to Trace and especially Vincent for all of the roleplay involved there, and playing off the random comments so well (turns out the Destined are a snarky bunch).
  • The Kyn mod was also great! All of the NPCs involved were saints for putting up with the cold for so long, and the situation was genuinely engaging. Well done John and NPCs!
  • Interacting with all the new kyn in general (Lucian the wolfkyn, the fenneckyn, the otterkyn, sorry I forgot your names)!
  • Being inducted into the great, illustrious Barony of Bayenna along with Sleet. The "ceremony" was exactly on point for Bayenna, and Copper/I was so proud of how much praise Sleet got for her accomplishments. We has a home!
  • Thorgrim's duel with Dargok was quite the fight. Well done to both of you guys!
  • Training with Parzivel on Saturday; thank you for such quality instruction! Those Scions, I tell you, they seem like perfectly nice folks. Super friendly those Scions :D
  • Emaric's "PARTY PLANT!"
  • Saving a couple wild elk from some bears...and then promptly hunting the elk ourselves. Thanks Jax!
  • Thorgrim and Cynder's incredible food. Seriously, that dinner gave me life. Thank you so much for all the effort involved.
  • Running endow-ambulance for some of the town fights. Bee-doo bee-doo bee-doo "ACTIVATE ENDOW" bee-doo bee-doo bee-doo...
  • The RP of having Copper get introduced as Lagarde's son for the first time. Remember that bit about having a home? Yep, that again.
  • All of the late night chats in Bayenna's cabin. What a great group of people.
  • "So if you have 17 Chipmunks strapped across you as armor..."
  • "Hello fellow hu-mon. How are you enjoying your warm, red hu-mon blood?"
I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again for Nationals!
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Wow! what a way to kick off the season!

Let's see where to begin! First off, I really love this chapter and I am still in the enthusiastic awe and wonder phase, so you know, sorry about all the gushing.

Thank you to Parzivel for my shiny new weapon <3 It is so nice. Also, thank you for your kind words. I was very happy both in and out of character for that training session. Every event I learn so many new things and it was good to spar! I mean.....he totally beat on us.

Also, rp with drunk Nytillit was fun. "It's just water" *falls down* I really do enjoy hanging out with the scions! Alis is always lovely and I really enjoy rp with her (and such an amazing singing voice!) and mama duck Lumi makes sure we come back from adventures alive with her ever deadly Lumi Storm. Also, so sorry for confusing you with regards to the question in the tavern XD but that was pretty funny.

Wylderkin mod!!! Where I totally thought we were gonna get our faces eaten off because the Rabbit-kyn was named Georgie. But super engaging plot line with some amazing rp from Lagarde and Sir Yarrow (some day, I'mma rp like you guys) but seriously watching the tensions rise and fall based on input from those two (and Georgie stirring the pot).

Just, adventuring with Wulfgar. He was quite the pundit.

LNAC coming back to the cabins for snacks and cider and getting Bayenna colors on my belt!! The rp with Baron Egil, the whole ceremony really, and making it official to be on team "Boot to *** for King and Country". I look forward to fighting along side you! Also huge thank you to Cassie for making the not only lovely but super functional belt favors! Like heck yeah more pockets! I definitely showed it off to as many people as I could.

NPCing for breakfast was pretty fun! I am so sorry for forgetting most people's names, see above for reason lol. Cynder made the whole tavern smell amazing with those pancakes and thank you to both you and Thorgrim for feeding the masses. You certainly deserve all the praise you've been getting!

The merchant's guild meeting where I got some real life tips when Trace's NPC from the ducal treasure house (I could not hear your name for the life of me in that mask) sat down with us and taught us tips on negotiations. Like heck yeah! Also being super intrigued by all the things put forth by the merchants guild. So many things only 1 IBGA, what to choose! Congrats to Panax on the recognition for all of your hard work!

OOG stories from Nero that just boggle my mind. I still love story time though. So, if you wanna talk about past adventures and exploits, I am always super happy to listen.

The length certain people went to to keep me as far from Dargok as possible, while simultaneously allowing me to watch the fight between Dargok and Thorgrim. And then standing/sitting super close or over Copper and Lagarde because Nogra(? orc shaman) was in the tavern and I was already on edge waiting for the Sark Backstab TM

Getting introduced as Lagarde's daughter and then having to clarify that I am not a foxkin, no matter how much I look like Blue. But feeling genuine pride that I got called that :D. Also a point of pride that Lagarde sought out Parzivel so we could continue our training. It was actually really touching.

Sparring with Vincent and Miguel when I hopped the fence. Again, learning so dang much! Thank you to everyone who patiently explains things to me and helps me gain the concept and lets me practice with them! I am super grateful!

That exhilarating rush from hearing the horn call ("eeee it's a real horn!!!") and watching Puck just handing out earth blades like candy. Also watching the elementally marked giggle as they arcane renewed each other was pretty great. I know I'm new, but I have never seen the town move like that, like as a giant unit that swarmed the enemy. It was remarkable and again sorry for the gushing but I love this chapter!

Sunday morning rp and banter. Just. All of it. It was amazing and I was in tears from laughing so hard.

I know, I know, I wrote a novel but I just have so many moments that I enjoyed!
I...hurt. And need about 4 more days of sleep. However, need to get this done before I forget anything.
  • Friday night freezing ambassadorial mod! Had an absolute blast finally getting to dive into negotiations with kyn factions. The group did amazing at knowing when (and when not) to jump in with thoughts, ideas, warnings, etc. Super-big kudos to Sorin/Ri for diving in to negotiate against me when some mild breedism led to "predator vs prey" being part of the discussions. Aside from 9000 trips up/down the mountain making my knees hate me, that mod went far far far better than I could have hoped!
  • Merchant guild. While sitting around normally isn't my thing, the guild ended up being a reprieve from running myself to death. Some good work on organizing the guild and plans for the future (thanks, Chris/Panax for working with me on that!).
  • So many new faces. Felt like I was running over from trying to save the world, still panting, introducing myself, then running off again a lot this event. Had some good chats with Rannon, Lucian, Graaya (sp?), and a few others I'm probably forgetting, including one who gets their own bullet point next...
  • 1kBones. Sorry I had to make you paranoid pre-game. :) I definitely (IG particularly) did not expect an orc to talk Lagarde down and be the calm and rational one. Kudos. Definitely allowed for some good RP and banter later. Definitely need to chat more now that I'm not shanking you. ;)
  • New recruits! About time Egil made it official. Only so long we can call people we invited into the barony "squatters." [IG] booze and snacks definitely seems the right way to bring on our newest members, Sleet, Copper, and Fletch
  • Playing a character who lives in the moment has some interesting implications. Sometimes, that means discussions that rational people would have had don't happen before you say things you've already accepted as fact. Take, for example, referring openly to Copper and Sleet as his adopted children. While "my kits" was an easy affectionate term in the past, this took it a bit farther and the surprise/joy on their faces at being blindsided was totally worth it. Best kits evah.
  • "Are you salting that circle, Lagarde?" Yes. Yes, I was. I was even supposed to be doing it.
  • "I mean, there's no way we can tell if they're snakes unless we taste test them..." as all eyes turn and look at me to be the idiot who bites/licks the snakes.
  • Parrying a massive slay...then realizing I'm an idiot and faceplanting, while Miguel and company laughs at me.
  • Setting off a paranoia gas trap...and then spending a couple minutes arguing with the party about whether I was paranoid or paranoid. "What's wrong?" "Everything!" "Are you okay?" "Probably not for long!" "Did I hear a trap go off?" "A TRAP?!?!?!" "I think he gassed himself." "I'M FINE, GO AWAY...HOW ARE YOU?" "He's definitely gassed himself, let's heal him." "NO TOUCH!"
  • Chasing the stuffed bunny. And nibbling.
Good times all around. I'm gonna go faceplant on the keyboard now.
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  • Vincent as Sark, overdoing his acting gig as "Kras Rattlestaff" and then the big reveal!! OH NO, KRAS SPELLED BACKWARDS WAS SARK ALL ALONG!!!!
  • Pretty much everyone knowing Sark has set a trap. You see it coming. You know the Sark Backstab(TM) is coming... oh, and it went off anyways! Eff you, Sark!
  • Turning the tables on my usual roleplay of helpful characters, getting to portray Vaz, the sarcastic hobgoblin woodland guide, harassing the Destined on their way out into uncertain darkness to meet Sark. Special praise to SQUIRE Birdie, Beardy, and Mouthy, and to Wraith for the fist bump
  • Marshaling some cool prophecy action for Alis on Friday night with a very nice setup, and I was glad to give a reward for creative exploration
  • Getting my gold stars for the event for somehow working in uses for the three most difficult Craftsman skills in the damn game: Truffle Hunter, Dream Interpretation, and Lacrosse Player!
  • Getting to apply real life negotiation skills in the Merchants Guild meeting as Lady Thyria Aldridge the Ducal Treasurer, sharing with others the glories of two important rules: "Just ask," and "Can you do any better on the price?"
  • The same character at dinner, involved in an in-depth conversation about Acarthian economics with Banks and Lord Michael Bloodworth, getting interrupted and losing our train of thought... "Three snobby 1%ers walk into a tavern...."
  • Speaking of dinner, HOT DAMN ARE WE LUCKY! Thank you, Josh and Karlee, and everyone who helped them in the new tavern!
  • The duel between Thorgrim and Dargok! What an exciting moment especially for those of us from 2013 who've walked a long way in the shadow of Dargok the Unkillable!
  • LOVED the group roleplay with Nogra of the Gnarltusk Clan talking about Dargok, Sark, and Howling Woods politics thereafter - my praise to every individual involved!
  • Some quiet moments of sanity with Mike Messmer in the middle of field battles now and then. Sometimes you just need a minute to chill and a quick hug from a buddy. :)
  • Some clever PC actions that I Marshaled - you know who you are, and I praise your casual elegance and cleverness!
  • Speaking of Marshaling - alchemists ON THE BALL (and consistent in roleplay) during The Huntsman undead field battle, way to go there!
  • In the very last few moments of game, some goodly characters really showing off what playing a Good alignment is really all about - great roleplay in the details, friends!
Fun stuff backstage that PCs don't get to see:
  • Backstage, listening to Vincent prattle on in the Sark voice, and hearing John mimic him to get the cadence just right in case of victory conditions for The Huntsman to get taken over
  • In the Plot Cabin late Friday night from Darrin, "Trace... are you awake? Vincent... are you awake?" giggling
  • Vincent testing out his fae mod puzzles on me, The Worst Puzzles Solver Ever - I mean it! It can be done!!
  • Darrin, facing the same... "There's [a shape]. I'm out. You lost me."
  • A whole bunch of undead singing Happy Birthday to me in Monster Camp on Saturday night - I felt very loved! :)
  • Getting all the cultists psyched up for the Umbrasil battle on Sunday morning:
    "Let's go over this one more time: I claim this land for Umbrasil, he really wants it"
    "I hear you saying that Umbrasil wants this land; I validate that"
    "No, really, Umbrasil REALLY wants this land!"
    "Yeah, okay, I got it, I validate and hear you saying that Umbrasil wants this land. Go ahead and take it."
    "Okay, got it, Umbrasil claims this land, okay??"
Which turned into the chants you may not have heard down at the tavern, with Vincent as cult leader:

"She wants your HAILS, She wants your SCALES, Now she's come for Bayenna's WHALES..."

And mostly, getting THE BAND back together! My person thanks and little hearts floating over my head for our returning veteran crew of thoroughly amazing NPCs:
Dan, Derek, Emily, Ethan, John, Josh, Kat, Padme, Paul, Roy, and Stephen!

Great way to kick off the season, and I'm consciously grateful to be part of this community!

Love & Kisses,
-Riding up to site with Mike. Good talks and catching up because we are terribly busy people (he's busy, I'm a bad social interaction initiator)
-Kendrick presenting Lumi her new, better sized and enchanted wedding band.
-NPCing to kick off the event, void walkers be scary yo.
-Warchester back together again. I dunno if we'll get to cabin together again at the new site so I'm just clutching the familiar to me for as long as possible.
-Having the unwarded "high town" front room and adopting baby bird and toadstone. Both are amazing people and I enjoyed interacting with them.
-Mage's guild mod. I am so proud of us all not taking charms. My MWE heart is very pleased. Also suggesting we try something and it working.
-Tavern chats and hangouts. It's crazy how late it gets on Friday.
-The food. So good. Best food ever at LARP. Portions, hot food, awesome service with a smile. I'm going to try and help out more next month. My layers and outfits were not meant for helping serve/clean.
-Killing poor Fynn's spider. Lumi was distressed to cast 3 of the 4 blow it up spells. And then the cry for its owner.
-Healer's Guild mod. I think most of the HG/MG mods are used to being screwed if you bring all of the casters and no muscle. So they had muscle for what was a mostly RP mod. But the dilemma was interesting and I like the new crafting prints!
-Helping talk Kendy off a ledge of anger and emotion.
-Thorgrim not dying in the duel.
-Watching Parzivel train my baby ducks <3. I adore sleet and copper and I'm so pleased watching them thrive. Baby ducks forever. Even if they call lagarde and blue dad and mom :)
-Chatting with people I've missed IG.
-Plant fight was pretty awesome. Though I didn't partake in party plant. :D
-Watching town prepare for the void fight. I got to fight alongside my favorite people and I'm so glad that the TPK I thought was going to happen on our side more than once didn't happen. It was really weird with how dark/how far/no running to not really know what was going on at other circles. Anytime I warned about something coming it seemed to about face and try and eat me instead. No eat me void. I did enjoy putting up a COP and then seeing Ian come by and knowing that thing was TOAST. As soon as he started detecting it I was preparing to GTFO.
-Huntsman fight. We had this glorious plan and we squashed him so fast that I never got to do any of the things I was asked to help with lol.
-Watching the Unity people save our butts and have a great time with their load out and renews.
-Sad I missed LNAC but early ish bedtime was nice.
-More fun RP and interactions at breakfast.
-Gillian telling jax to ask anyone he found attractive if theyve had sex and if so could they do it again so he can remember his emotions from it XD Epic wingwomaning.
-Hearing Aikoll say she was sleeping with noah tonight. What an epic, and truly heartbreaking, thing to mishear.
-Hearing about drunk Nyt. So funny. Poor Alis.
-LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARP is back. I am sooo happy :) I am looking forward to this season. I'm sure I forgot some great things to mention.

• The wedding turned out to be amazing! Nirra and I finalized the vows and the ceremony in the car on the way up, and it sounded great on paper. Turns out it was even more wonderful live! Absolutely perfect! (aside from it being below freezing)


• Rory’s Squiring! Looks like she’s responsible for herding the cats now! I had fun talking to her about her future plans, while she insisted that she wasn’t in charge. (Spoilers: she totally is)

• Thorgrim’s training montage! There was a little bit of a Rocky / Karate Kid thing going on there for sure. It was a fun hour and some of trying to prep Thorgrim for the Dargok fight, and working to turn an armored line-holding Dwarf into a dancing, circling 1v1 duelist.

• The Dargok fight! Watching all that hard work pay off was awesome, as Thorgrim took the field with the Eye of the Dwarf, and won the day! It was great to see the long political discussion that resulted from the duel, and hopefully it sets everyone up for good things to come.

• Nature walks! Staff always does an incredible job with their blue cards. Some of the best roleplaying moments I’ve had have been walking with a small group, or just one other person, and having immersive talks while we hunt for blue cards. And when we find them, they definitely don’t disappoint! Nirra and I had some great conversations while we went on our hike, and I love the flavor that these cards added along the way.

• Sparring time! “Practice batons” with Parzivel and that one guy (Sean) was awesome! Always one of my highlights of any event! That and the #Fightcraft conversations that follow!

• The Void / Unity fight! I got in a little late to that, so after my initial WTF moment as I watched a Knox missile go full rainbow on a Voidling, I found out that things were pretty dire. The no running was definitely rough, and every group I fought with looked like they were each under equally bad pressure. It was incredibly difficult to push and take ground in that fight, and I was worried that we’d lost one or two groups in their entirety. I really loved the Voidling mechanic, and how it let players of every level contribute equally to the fight. It was an awesome way to get the whole player base involved, and I was super happy to see something like that in play!


• The food was incredible! Outstanding job to Thorgrim and Cynder, and a huge thank you to everyone who helped them throughout the event! I can’t tell you how huge it is to have an amazing meal plan, and you all absolutely delivered on that!

• NPC’s! I love the Denver NPC’s and crossover PC’s! The ratios during fights felt great for everything I was on this weekend, and everyone was always super courteous about the terrain and their fight safety.

• Plot! The Plot team is always incredible with their communication, on and off the hill. Their responses are always thorough, prompt, and clearly delivered in the spirit of customer service! Thank you so much for all your hard work, and for still being able to keep people informed despite your hectic schedules!
The void is finally gone. Yay!

Watching the glee of my fellow Unity crew when seeing our character cards. Ember (Cea CR.), Puck (Casey Y.), Percy (Doug), Gillian (Liz N.), Knox (Taylor M.), Sq. Clenoah (Eric S.) and the originally-seeming-put-upon Baron Egil (Mike M.)

Arcane Renew Fist Bumps: ultimate power, ulimate camaraderie!

I am super impressed with Puck's liasing with everyone to make the Unity happen. I'm glad we got to use the basket, too.

While I'm sad to see Eliana (Joelle B.) gone, I'm glad the character went out awesomely. Thank you for the emotion-brining letter.

Thank you, Dame Arikaya (Cassie C.) for being the kind of character that everyone was happy to put their trust in.

Being all hyped up after the void fight and thinking up grand plans to go wipe out all the slavers in the howling woods with Knox (Taylor K.) and Puck (Casey Y.). Watching the those two each fight The Black Sphinx of Quartz (Ian M.). Phase phase phase phase phase phase! Way to get out of a ressurection by using Hobling trade-sense, Knox.

Being given what could be a crazily PVP power (walk through Eldritch force structures) and no one being particularly worried about it all night. Aneira is deemed trustworthy by the town. Yay!

IDing the goo, giving my recommendation based on the oh-so-creepy whispers (which were super cool, Vincent) while IDing, then watching people wander off to make bad choices.

Thanks y'all. :)
Much fun was had! I didn't fight much, but I did enjoy the Destined mod. That was fun for us "low levels." NPCs: Thanks so much! You guys are awesome, as always! It is so nice to meet everyone. My fave characters were Otterkin, Bones, Peat (Of course), and many other PCs. Interacting is my favorite thing about roleplay. Speaking of! The new Roleplay Negotiation was great! I think it worked very well!
In no particular order:

-- Interacting with Aikoll all weekend. I really love the way she plays off Demvarien.
-- The Void Fight Saturday night. It was so tense and I feel like I had a great opportunity to show who Demvarien is, for better and for worse, in running off by myself in a completely futile effort to try and rescue the rest of my barony.
-- A related interaction with Sir Yarrow after Demvarien blamed himself for Baron Morningtide's resurrection.
-- The Bleeding Eye! I always love interacting with them, with my lost duel to Petra/Creepy being a particular highlight.
-- Also of note is a hard lesson in war and being too trusting from Bones.
-- Seeing Vandathron in the tavern on Sunday wearing his scarf around his head Belswyn style.
-- The amazing hospitality of the Warchester folks.
-- Learning how to do negotiation and diplomacy from my baron/baroness, and then being in awe at the way other squires handled it in the squire mod Sunday.
-- The Destined plotline! It's cool when the lowbies get to matter.

I may add more to this later, as I've got to go.
Oh gosh, what a jam packed weekend.

- Friday night wasn't too crazy for me, lots of hanging out and some short walks, but had a great time interacting with just about everyone in the tavern.

- Saturday I got to go on such a lovely walk out to the lake with Sandro, Percy, and Peat everything out there was so pretty, it was such a nice trip. Big shout out to Ian for all the life grove and stone elemental plot that morning, definitely helped set the theme for the morning.

- Later that afternoon we got to go and preform that ritual, huge shoutouts to all of the Elementally Marked folks who came out and helped with it, it's been a big undertaking for awhile and I'm very relieved we managed to finish it, we were almost in trouble with Fynn not being able to make it until Saturday night *shakes fist at tax season* It was suuuuuper emotional for Puck and there was a great deal of surprise involved in it.

- Gillian you were incredible all this weekend, I'm surprised you could still produce tears, there was so much crying, thank you for all of the wonderful roleplay between us, I hope we keep getting chances for more interactions in the future! At that, another shout out to all of The Scions, holy crap, walking up to you after the ritual and the pure hate/daggers y'all shot in my direction were super spooky, really thought I was about to get mauled.

- Void Fight was incredibly difficult, good long 90 minute fight of flailing around going down and getting back up, rushing around trying to life everyone. When the elementally marked finally figured out the cheese of using renew abilities really turned the battle around, At one point I got drug into the tavern, huge thank you to Siren for forcing a cup of water into me at that point, I'm sure I needed it. Also I was giggling a lot internally while no one could figure out what to do with Puck just lying dying/dead on the floor. I GOT HEALED BY FLAME! It was very strange and I know it for sure made a few people smile pretty wide. Just a huge thank you to EVERYONE involved in this fight, it felt like one of the most hectic fights in our chapter, but I loved it so much.

- I had a blast handing out earth blades to literally everyone in town as they left the tavern for the Huntsman fight, there were so many baffled scholars.

- Ian, I cannot tell you enough how much we enjoyed the Sphinx in the tavern. I really look forward to more LNAC!