Favourites from the End of the World


New Hampshire Staff
Diversity Committee
This was an amazing event and beautiful ending. I am too overwhelmed with feelings to really be thorough here. I loved it. We fought hard and we won. We shared hard battles and hard conversations.

My favorite thing was that the end was really, fully, The End, but not the end of the world against which we fought. We got to hear what came next, how our efforts choices shaped the future. For those of us who retired our PCs, it means we know their world's epilogue. Closure.

Thank you. I hope that I will be more coherent and say a little more in the coming days.
Oberon, blood oaths, liar's dice
So many NPCs!
Sunday with so many favorite NPCs from the past.
The fire effect on Saturday night.
The story ending in FONDUE.
The awesome weather.
The acting was intense. Watching the Wither King scream out his regret.
Sarrs and peppermint training.
Shooting stars.
Roast Pork, apples, pumpkin muffins, cider.
Seeing players I hadn't seen in a long time and new PCs.
Plotting the death of a noble. Tzydl did it, and now Tempesta has had a turn at it LOL.
So many fun moments. I will miss Deadlands, but I look forward to Videa.


I was only there for a day, but what a phenomenal day! Much love to all!

-Spracta fight, resisting poison feels suuuper cool. Racials ftw!
-Fey fight, running around the field very carefully picking off ones I could handle and fleeing the nastier ones, hahaaa. Turns out I really enjoy battlefield assessment and perimeter control.
-SEAN C, UKZWE TOTALLY WANTED TO RAGE-MURDER THAT LAST REDCAP WHO BERSERK'D HER, IT WAS SO INTENSE. Remembering my 3 assassinates at that moment would have been keen, lol oops.
- ^ the paralysis she had to soak from Bill's unicorn because she wouldn't give up said hunt was super cool.
- Friendlier RP with other sarr! My cheetah is marginally less grumpy, and having some not hateful/paranoid chats with Kiba and Sithix was great!
-Sithix in general, yo! So nice to see ya again, Alex! Super cool new sarr in general, super fun fighting together!
-OKAY SO HERESY IS A SARR NOW, BEST DAY EVER. The claw and mint RP that followed was A+++, and I guess Ukzwe learned how to teach, now! ((Oops I forgot to turn in that card, I'll have to email logistics. Knew I'd do that.))
-Catching up with Heresy in general. He basically coached her through her hero's quest, and now he's there being a sounding board and encouraging voice as she gains some self-awareness and responsibilities. Moving from purely selfish to simplty self-centered, lol. Heresy is a gem and I loved all the RP and that difficult goodbye, oh my goodness my little heart.