Favs for CT/NH November event

And what a beast of an event it was, from conception to the final fight. Thank you everyone for participating in our joint efforts. I hope you had a great time. My favorite part of the event was getting to work with the CT staff and my own to create something special. (More later, when I've woken up a little bit.)
My favorites in no specific order:

~Ben's makeover!

~Playing undead in the undead/bug/giant ball wave battle. So much fun to just attack everyone!

~The shadow town mod, I wish I had possessed more then 6 PCs tho. Its fun bringing people to the dark side.

~Walking into NPC camp to see everyone running out while simultaneously getting into undead costume.
Me ~ "what's going on?"
Random person ~ "There's pie in the tavern"
Me ~ "I want pie!"
Then the foolishness that ensued. Getting killed twice over pie and watching Sean take people down while protecting his "baby undead." It takes skills and high stats to survive the town as an undead AND not drop your pie while doing so.

~Getting to see lots of cool people on more time before the winter break!
There are a few bits that stand out above all the other good bits:

Standing by the circle as the Bastion rits get underway but before the enemies made themselves known, Alyssa started to sing to herself. I might have been the only person who heard her, she was so quiet- but that moment of tension and beauty was unreal.

Redeeming Shadowmane. Holy crap, that was a rough fight.

Speaking of fighting Bill, "I grab you, endow throw." I forget who dared me to fly, but I did!

A long, taut conversation with Alyssa about Mourngrym. Kate, we are epic.

Rolling with Nemesis, getting to PC with my better half, and some very kind words from Hoyce.

Speaking of Hoyce, coming out as Pardano and having my douchery abruptly cut short by Cedric's prison storm.

Learning what rhymes with "SunderHunt".

Spending WAY TOO MUCH TIME fighting Bill and Jesse. If we'd swapped cards it might've been fair, I have no idea how I managed to stand up to you two as much as I did all weekend.

Getting to sleep in a real bed. Eternal gratitude, Mr. H.

And truly, my supreme achievement of the season:

I got Gary Marvel to spend an entire wave battle having serious, deep RP with a guy in a platypus mask.

Big thanks to everyone who made it happen. Hopefully I can PC a little more next season...



Oh man. First things first: thank you NPCs and staff for making this possible! Now, in no particular order, the things I loved most!

- Finally hitting 10th level and being more useful to the town because of it. It feels great to be able to help out against higher-level baddies in a meaningful way.
- Getting the giant flesh mound with a destruction and Qiu-Jun-Wu blasting it with Destroy Undeads. It was a very satisfying moment.
- Being a total goofball when Maka first came into town. It's fun getting to be silly on your own, but when someone else is willing to be just as silly with you, it's that much sweeter. And it made her trying to destroy Aolia sting that much more.
- Wick's ultimate strategy.
- The sheer awesomeness of the Saturday wave battle before dinner. Asking if it was illegal or just a bad idea to say thank you if I get healed by Demia, Ethelia or Sashi, then doing it out of reflex. And of course Bjorn answering Caillen's question of "What are you going to do now?" I was shaking in and out of game. Sean, you have a very commanding presence.
- The food! Oh man, that was some of the best mac 'n' cheese I've ever had.
- The mod-turned-wave-battle at the fort.
- The fissure mechanic in the last wave battle. I was amazed I never fell in despite my poor jumping skills. I think that was the first time Caillen's ever been really angry at someone or something.
Well first off thanks to the great staff that put this on! One of the best events I've ever participated in (for what I was there for.) A huge thank you to both of the NH and CT staff for this one.

In no particular order:

-Playing a silver construct.
-The bugs. All of them.
-To go with the one above: The "mound" mod. Those tormented, rotting, infected bugs were amazing.
-Sleeping on a nice bed, lol.
-The giant wave battle before logistics on Sat. Probably the best fight I've been involved in since Syraandor days.
-Fighting against Raksa. Always a blast.

I know there are more, but I can't think right now, lol. I'm so glad I got to see you all at the closer! Can't wait until next season. See you all then! Feel free to keep in touch with me! Just send a pm and I will give you my email or facebook or whatever you want, lol. Take care over the winter guys!


Thank you to the staff, NPCs, and tavern staff for such an amazing event! I have a ton of faves.

- The epic mid-Saturday wave battle: Legacy 1 vs. Legacy 2 vs. Bugs vs. GIANT BALL OF WIN. Every new thing added into that fight made me think, "We're all going to rez - AWESOME!!!" Also, walking up to Nemesis and saying, "Okay, so now we know how to kill Bjorn again later... (and later) oh... scratch that... I guess he's a fire guy now..."

- The glee on Tab's face when manning the Big Ball will never cease to amuse me. I cannot imagine how cathartic it must be to bean your friends with a 6' silver ball.

- Nemesis pulling me with them to go purify Shadowmane. That fight was epic, and I loved having about 29 seconds of wiggle-room. Nemesis + Parzival, Jun-Wu, and Alyssa were a machine. Also, seeing Nicodemus' face when Starmane was sitting in the tavern? Priceless.

- Hearing the echo of "Oh, no." when they summoned a Shadow Lord.

- It's just 15 miles to the HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNT SHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK! Big team, big resources, tiny shack. :) We don't need no stinking house!

- Shadow possessed Alyssa with almost no spells was pretty darn funny. Calling a spell which no longer exists (I call upon chaos to taint your blood!) officially makes me an oldbie.

- Lighting up Dan's Lion-sarr vampire every time I saw him, and the tapestry of profanity which ensued

- The flawed magic storm item - hitting myself with one of the dropped packets, falling to the ground, and hearing Jesse H's shadow go, "Baroo?" not knowing where I'd gone.

- Having a mini-freak out IG before the Shadow battle, and singing "Savage Daughter" quietly to myself. I saw Shen lean over a bit to listen, and having one of those awesome RP moments that almost no one else experienced with us. Alyssa will sing battle songs to prepare for war if she must!

- All the wonderful conflict around Mourgrymm. Shen and Alyssa arguing, Gebous' "This is elf business - what do you guys want to do?", and explaining to the Orc ladies why Alyssa has such a special sort of hatred for them.

- Hopping the fence to play Maria Tavistock! Was wonderful to swing pipe, play Squire Tavistock's wife, and get to "choose in" to the crack. Fastest mod-hook ever. Also, getting to see Osiris shenanigans (as Maria,and as Alyssa) was awesome. Also - PEBBLE AND FITZY!

- The futility we all felt in that last wave battle on Sunday. I like that we were allowed both to lose and retreat. We didn't win, we lost some people, and we limped home.

- Rolling with the Hunt in (almost) full force. It just felt right. Also, seeing all the Hunt ladies lined up together was awesome. Our chicks make one rocking mod team!

- and last, but not least: the absolute last-ditch plan of the Arkelian Hunt to survive. Whoo boy, are we special.
(Well, regarding the last battle, it wasn't a total loss. Technically, the bugs could have ended up getting all of Aolia, or the renegade Pure Lords could have crashed it. Instead the bugs just got a chunk. Sorry for the interruption. Carry on.)


That was a beast of an event, and I had a blast. I know I’ve only been playing Constance for about half a season now, but still, I think that might have been my favorite event as her so far.

So about those favorites…
-Having another Sadeen Moorian to roll around with. That was awesome, also, internal-conflict-generating. We’ll see what next season brings for Constance.

-Getting back into game Saturday after logistics to discover that both Silas AND Maka were in town. It was just like, well, ****…NO ONE LEAVE, I WANT TO TALK TO BOTH OF YOU. Luckily Silas and Maka started talking to each other, and that killed enough time until Drenton came back and could take care of Maka.

-I really liked the blending of Deadlands and Caldaria plot. Constance, being a Deadlands based character, tends to be a little more invested in the plights of Laerthan…blending the Caldaria plot into that was a great way to make that plot hit home a bit harder.

-Related: DAT BATTLE. One army fighting another army fighting a third fighting each other and us AND A GIANT ROCK. Whaaaaaat.

-Riding on a bat again. Ties into the above “having another Sadeen Moorian to roll around with,” but seriously, Constance is a weird girl, and misses her bat. Pleased as punch to ride a bat again.

-IG end-of-event note from Maka. Constance has been on the lookout for months, waiting for any news to filter through the works about her sister. It was a nice little touch, finally hearing something.


There's nothing weird about wanting to ride a giant bat. Bats are adorable! Also that reminded me of some of the other fun stuff:
The purelords' sudden betrayal of Aolia, and seeing the new Sadeen Moor mounts. Shenme grabbing onto the raven as Bill's purelord took off was incredibly cool.
Seeing a Sadeen Moor race changing someone to human for the first time. Very creepy and very cool.
Getting to see Legacy's council in full (at least to my knowledge it was full) at the battle of awesomeness. It was also pretty cool to see all the different kinds of bugs and their costumes, too.


Some of my weekend favs:

-actually meeting Alyssa IG... sad we never got to meditate together. Such is the way of adventuring.
-The holy crap Mourgrymm/Oni/Dragon mod of unscaled encounters batman. Very glad Cass grabbed Rika to go on that
-Beer fairies
-Watching Karl have such a good time playing Shen
-Crashing w Jess - thank you!
-Rolling with Nemesis- gets better and better every time.
-Realizing Rika has little concept of how emotions work at this point
-Giant silver boulder of doom
-Conferring with Hoyce periodically on things he knows from Rika's knowledge
-Eric during Nemesis tailgate: "Kelsey, are you doing homework right now?!" Yes.
-My new boots
-Disbelief from people that I was actually PCing
-Actually PCing
-Becca's NPC that was searching for Pebble
-Fighting side by side with Cass
-Dinner time conversation, albeit brief, with Scarn and Cedric. Rika fails at processing her emotions, but Kelsey doesn't :)
-Being able to do more combat in a weekend than I have in over a year

Flyaway Bird

wowy319 said:
- Being a total goofball when Maka first came into town. It's fun getting to be silly on your own, but when someone else is willing to be just as silly with you, it's that much sweeter. And it made her trying to destroy Aolia sting that much more.
And by "silly" you mean "dangerously insane", right? I think that's what you meant.

- Tag-team celestial-casting black bugs with JP. I go down, 50 elemental acid + prison from JP... Wait for it... Prison down! RUN!

- "...Summon Magical Creature, Shadow Lord!!" Beat... Beat... Beat... "Oooooohhhhhhhh!"

- The Tavistocks, lightning cracking the ground and the fastest mod hook on the face of the planet. I think I hooked that sucker in under 90 seconds.

- Undead and pie!

- Every moment of playing the Oni. Feeling like I'd really done a good job playing a serious Big Bad for the first time (I feel like a Real Staff Member now, finally!). Also, the look on Becca's face when she overheard what was going to happen was utterly priceless.

- The most ridiculous multi-faceted wave battle ever. The look on Chris's orc's face when he opened his eyes after getting lifed and morted to see Sashi a foot above him. Fighting fighting fighting and then Aclead and Bjorn bringing me PCs to heal (last time PCs got dumped in my circle they were bargaining chips). Also, Jesse's Big Red Bug cutting his way into my circle, neither of us affecting the other and circling around staring each other down before he cut his way out again, with Rock on the side yelling "Magic, dude!!" at Jesse.

- Kate calling upon chaos to taint someone's blood.


- Standing outside NPC camp and seeing Jaimi walk up in what's clearly a unicorn costume and just going "Whaaaaaaaat"

- Osiris/Fitzy/Pebble shenanigans

- Mary "Maka" Ericson messing with Sadeen Moorians. Really, how much of what she said was true, how much of it was lies, and how much of it came out of being bats**t crazy? You tell me. On a related note, getting to play with Ben as just-as-mad-if-not-madder Silas was excellent.

- "Is this an interrogation?"
"No, you'd be tied to a chair."
"Is this a date??"
"No, you'd be tied to a chair."
"Can we go on a date?"
"Do I get to tie you to a chair?"
"I don't think we have that level of trust yet."

- Jaimi's dream!

- Sashi and Nicodemus's little potshots at each other. Someday they're going to make sweet sweet brain-love.

- Being That Guy during the shadow battle -- I happened to be the one next to Dan and Bill whenever they needed a PC possessed. Parzival? Joaquin, again? Yes sirs.

- My Child of Autumn babies! Thank you for grabbing our cross-chapter plot and running with it. It's like seeing your kids grow up and take wings. I'm so proud.

- Mourgrymm (temporarily) race-changing Drenten

- Wik's ultimate plan

- Nina, Elyssa... and Williker. AND THEN ELYSSA AND WILLIKER'S DAD.

- William, Daniel and Maka breaking Aolia. Whoops? (And yes, Dan was named William and Bill was named Daniel)

- Joining forces with Caldaria plot. Here's to the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


Flyaway Bird said:
wowy319 said:
- Being a total goofball when Maka first came into town. It's fun getting to be silly on your own, but when someone else is willing to be just as silly with you, it's that much sweeter. And it made her trying to destroy Aolia sting that much more.
And by "silly" you mean "dangerously insane", right? I think that's what you meant.
More or less. Dangerously insane and silly are traits that coincide very often. I figured if I played along with her and didn't treat her like she was unsettling I wouldn't have had to find out just how dangerous she was. I mean Sunday I found out anyway, but at least I didn't have to find out when I first met her.


Up until the last minute I wasn't sure if I was going to make it, and I'm so glad I did! Thanks to Duffy for the ride. Had lots of fun with you guys before we even got there. Now on to the actual event:

-Panda vampire played by Gary. Managing to find Delaldur and the long bargaining for the dryad, trying to convince the other PCs that I knew what was doing, then ending it all with "I CHOOSE OUT!" That made my weekend right there.

-Conversation with Legionarre Gamma, and understanding that things were not as cut and dry as they seemed.

-Finally getting to be IG with Kiba, Kogara and Phedre. I missed you guys IG and OOG. Sorry my char is a bitch sometimes tho :|

-Breakfast fey. I've been hearing about these for what seems like forever, it was fun to finally see them. Repeatedly pouncing on Sean, and the "oh crap" moment when Dad showed up. eep!

-Saturday wave battle of insanity, being deathed by Big Bad Bug and then bounced on by Big Bad ball. I think I got KB'd this weekend more than I have been ever in my career.

-Saturday night's fight for the Bastion. Holy crap!

-Drunken silliness with Nova. Damn Jaime it's little moments like this that make me sad I only get to see you like once a year.

-The breaking of Aolia. I was surprised at myself OOG that for a character who generally doesn't give a crap about anybody but her family and her homeland, I was genuinely pissed at the betrayal of the Sadeen Moorians. Kudos to plot and all the top notch NPCs.

-Getting hit for 20 pin and knocked to exactly 0 - so I was stuck on the other side of the rift, with my foot all kinds of stuck. At least 3 people tried to grab me and pull me back before Avery finally said "do we have lifespells? good! kb 1...." then threw me back.

Thank you to all the staff and NPCs for a great end to the season.
Monster of a weekend guys, and overall really well done. Had a blast, am still completely wiped out, glad for the winter break and excited for what may be coming next season. Some faves so far:

- Saturday afternoon pantherghasts and Biata RP. It was nice to have some more in town and we were just waiting for our turn when the ghasts started coming out.

- The afternoon wave battle of holy **** everything at once. I think this is on everyone's favorites list. Intense, fun, and even indulged in mid battle quips with Sashi. Definitely a highlight.

- Saturday night's battle to create the bastion. Tense, dramatic, one edge the whole time. Really impressed with the way everyone pulled together. there were a few moments that had me very worried IG. Towards the end there was a wall of downed bodies and I ended up staring off against Necalli and Jesse H. all by my lonesome. Thanks to the veritable barricade of downed pc's between us I was able to keep them at bay for those few precious moments.

- Meeting a ton of people IG and OOG who don't make it up to NH very often. Best perk of a cross-chapter event!

- General RP goodness. Coming to terms (kind of) with a character Nic's had tension with for quite a while now. RP with Ciarah, Keely, Avian, Phedre and a ton of others.

- RP with Bjorn. it is a mighty fine line we walk indeed.


big thanks to both the NH and CT staff and NPCs for running a great closer.....

1 1/2 hrs into game and I need a life spell...should have givin' a good idea of how the weekend was going to be!!! GREAT!!!!!! :lol: :lol:

running with the boys..and new player...

Shadow fight!!!! I love them....walking around the outside...and " pin...death.....pin...death" ....

crazy fight on sunday...I was napping...and then I hear all this yelling and screaming...I get up...walk out on the field and was like.."WTF!!!!!" I had no idea what was going on....crazy ball...squid face people....undead..bugs... it was insane....loved it!!!!!

Sunday Fight...walk up to the line after the chasm opened...."pin...death" Im down...then someone begins firstaiding me :? ..then pulls me like 15 feet off the line and drops me....people keep asking "is he ok"..answer "yes..hes Stablized" :? ...some checks me "HA: are you dead" me "yup"....the lots of yelling about being stupid....that was great!!!!

later in the fight...I hear Chazz " are they dead??" someone else " yeah I think so"...and then it goes back and forth a little...mean while Im counting and counting....then Chazz hits me with a life spell....I had 10 sec left on my count.....yeah then I jump up and make a run for it...getting hit with a 12 shun....right into the chasm... :D :eek: :lol: ....that was great!!!!!

over all had a good time...hope everyone has a good break and see ya when I see ya!!!!


Asheville Staff
I am having a difficult time writing my favorites. this event was really nonstop fun for me. I can't recall a moment were I was not involved or engrossed in the game. There was som uch good RP, and moments of sheer WOW that its tough to proclaim that any moment was a particular favorite. I can say that this event was a favorite and easily in the top 5 -10 events i have ever been to (taking into consideration that no event is really number 1 they just all stand on the same ground). as far as moments that stand out

- Mourgrym eats a ONI mod. walking up the hill and just seeing the two power houses facing of and Avian telling himself.. well this is really only going to go one way, and its not good.. and then that exact thing happening.

- The epic battle saturday. I think enough people have mentioned this, but really the cross chapter plot here was epic and delicious.

- Shadow battle for making the bastion. I really feel that this is easily the most effective battle ever fought in the lands of Learathan... but maybe thats just me.

- Sunday's last battle. It went down pretty closely to how i expected. the second the sky riders showed up i knew what they were up too, but what can u do..

I cant wait for next season.. there is so much potential on the plate. :)



Jevedor said:
- Mourgrym eats a ONI mod. walking up the hill and just seeing the two power houses facing of and Avian telling himself.. well this is really only going to go one way, and its not good.. and then that exact thing happening.
Yeah, we were a mod team of what, 6 elves and human? And all the elves on the mod, with our different understandings of the various NPCs involved, processing exactly how very not good this was.


Myself and Willow getting to be awesome Children in the deadlands and all things dryads in general. Our Seed mods were great.

Rolling with Nemesis and guests, so awesome to PC with Karl and Kelsey

Tavern Fae in Deadlands, and almost soiling myself when Jesse rifted in with a Red wig and being the only Caldarian with experience with the Fae and having to admit that to him. "Yes you, I recognize you. . ." Yea I thought I was getting spirit shattered just for being the only recognizable one there.

Generally having less responsibility and being able to say yea screw that to more then a few responsibilities.
Finding out my new costume worked was nice.
All the Sadeen Moor stuff that happened made me smile.
Thanks to Mike (drenten) for inspiring me to actually DO something with my character that I was bored playing.
Getting to PC with my hubby again. It's been a while Shmoo
Any time spent hanging out with Coi, Joquin, Silas, Other gypsy guy (sorry forgot name)
Gypsy conversations in front of the fire Mwahahahahah
Getting to do alchemically delicious things with Not Willow
Seeing everyone again. I love y'all so much!!
Listening to Keely and Constance tell Silas a list of rules to live by and realizing that Keely had broken most of the rules she was listing was sort of funny!
Keely: "NEVER bring a permanently dead person back from the dead"
Tzydl: ::looking over at Keely:: "well I guess there's caviats to that one too!"
Aura hunting with Coi "oooh money!"
Breakfast Emperor's new court! Knights, squires, Duchess Admiral
50 ELEMENTAL ACID!!!!! Jesse: "how'd you get the red ones?"
Flying away on a bat...I honestly picture myself as more of a Mr. T from the A Team...someone should DEFINITELY just knock Tzydl out and strap her to a bat saddle because I'm pretty sure the entire time I'm just hanging onto whoever is flying and shutting my eyes tight!

Caldaria and Deadlands staff you guys did an AMAZING JOB
NPCs...you are what makes it fun. I can't thank you all enough.
I can't believe we ran out of Mac N Cheese!
i cant belive i never wrote my favorites for this event, i must have lost my darned mind or something

anyway, i absolutly loved saturday's wave battle of crazy ness, i cant begin to discribe how much i kicked my self for not bringing my camera with me from my car when i went into game in the morning. i had that moment of, as i reached for it, should i grab this? something cool might happen, nah, im not gonna need it. >< :whaa: :pinch: :pinch: oh it still hurts.

seeing bjorn going thorough that ritual, going off to face rakasa, then the coup (sp?) going down, and then to have bugs appear, and then to have the ball roll out onto the field, and undead running around, zomg, that fight was so crazy, i didnt konw what the hell was going on. that fight was the most fun wave fight i have ever had.

two words, vengence fest
tee hee

and seeing silas come into the tavern when im in the circle, we of course lock eyes for a good long while. i trying to make his head explode with my mind. and he trying to decide if he wanted to go inthe circle. even during jp's ritual, i keep an eye out for where he is. and gebus yells at avalon to sit down. ha

the ritual on saturday night, and dan going "no im not allright!!" after he had been flung back the 2nd? 3rd time? ha

and sunday, facing off against morgryum, eek

knowing that the pure lords were going to betray us. avalon is like, see! told you!
putting the circle of power around the flag poll, teather, knowing that it was going ot mean death, but eh,
pure lord bill going "i do not belive!" and i slap a few spells at him before im like oh snap! duh!! stupid, and reach for my sword, but he just tools me down.
bleeing out, when chazz comes over and remakes the circle of power, and im like, in my head, heal me dude, okay, life me!! life me!! when i hear pure lord bill go, "you should leave." and chazz go "yeah we could do that, or you can go (blank) yourself. i laugh a little. and im like in my head going, well chazz thanks for ensuring my rezz.

the whole weekend was awesome, that should happen again, a duel closer