Feast Day Info and Donations!


Two continents caught between separate wars attempt to make new alliances beyond their struggles -- a formal treaty to tie two great lands between the mists, the Deadlands and Caldaria. Citizens and nobility alike are invited to join in the festivities as new and great bonds are formed.



30 Ormond St, Milford, CT
4PM - 8PM

This will be a feast day, pot luck style. Kids are welcome, and under a certain age are free to attend (age TBA). The cost is $10 to play and $5 to Pay-no-Play. Anyone who purchased a 2013 yearlong membership will be allowed to attend for free!

This is a joint event with the Deadlands, taking place within the Mist. Event build will be credited to Caldaria. This event is non-combat but will be active for ritual casting of Caldarian scrolls.


We're looking for the following donations for this event for gobbies. Please email props@caldaria.com and let us know what you're bringing:
- tablecloths (round and rectangular, plastic is okay, white preferable)
- one rectangular RED AND GOLD tablecloth.
- disposable cutlery, plates, and bowls.


If your team is attending and you have table decorations, you are welcome to bust out your table swag and set up a personal table for your team. Let us know if you want to claim a table!


This feast day is POT LUCK STYLE. If you are bringing food or a drink, please let us know here or at props@caldaria.com! There is plenty of space for crock pots or similar equipment.