February 2020 A'A Event Favorite Moments

Hello everyone! Thank you for coming out to our 3rd game of this, the 6th season of Aer'Astria!
As always, we would absolutely adore hearing back from all you beautiful people, on your favorite moments!
Anything that made your game happy, sad, funny, surprising, or in any way more memorable, please share here!
Thank you!!!
After being here for 6/7ish gathers and hearing everyone speak about Illihe (do forgive my spelling) as this dark entity that does terrible things and is terrifying. When V.V. meets them they are friendly and not at all what he imagined they would look like. BTW the makeup omg! Dope AF!
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Lavina's favorite moments:
- spending a small fortune on sweet leather goods
- gossiping with Aqua
- getting to chat and hang with adventurers I don't normally get to with much
- giving Hengin **** all weekend
As I said at closing, getting mobbed by the Elemental hit squad, seconds after the battle began.

Watching Layn's deep ogre eat pieces of Chris after killing him, and trying not laugh.

Aqua & Durnic, sharing a bottle of wine for breakfast, while everyone giggled and tried not to say anything.

Getting killed by Luke about 30 times as the circle void creatures.

Seeing everyone's reactions to my Skark-kyn npc Finnian when he strolled into the tavern. I was nearly attacked by about 4 people. =D

Stealth mission - When PCs want to be quiet and fight dirty, it is truly a sight to behold... if you can see them at all, that is.
You, our amazing PCs and NPCs, are my 100% favorite moment. I truly feel we have very high quality caliber of Players who engage and react in awesome and interesting ways to everything we present you. And our NPC team is just phenomenal... You all worked so well together and did so much for us without complaint! Without you, there would be no game.

I have too many favorite moments... O.O

Durnic and Aqua... 'nuf said.

"If it's Shiny... Don't Doom!"

An extremely disgruntled, soaking wet jackrabbit being comforted by Killian. <3

Disarming a deep ogre... So mean!

The Consortium Dinner going exactly the opposite of how it had been presented to us as Plot... And the excellent opportunity for fallout that dinner and various other situations with different players came together to create. (Quill with dragon magic ... You're welcome. ;-D )

Bavaikas and Panda! <3

Realizing abruptly that at one point, two of my NPCs were in PC cabins, and I was physically out as a Third NPC ... All at the same time.

Alluvio - That was a new perspective for me, interacting with you all as a Dragon. I was surprised and pleased at how quickly everyone twigged to who I was. ^_^

Illahee- Bringing her on screen was the wildest experience! Everything about that battle (PC-wise) was admirably planned and gorgeously executed. The fact that you all took the time to resurrect the Dryads and Life the rest... I am so proud of you Adventures and also in awe of your dedication.
Additionally; Getting to develop relationships on screen that have built for years behind the scenes felt like an enormously terrifying responsibility and simultaneously pure joy to execute. (Mint hot cocoa and serious conversations about responsibility and duty. And a hug... ^_^)

Lillian- I adore how well she's been protected and aided. Khyriel and especially Darellin are heros straight out of one of her books, as far as she's concerned.

Oriella- Getting to verify how well Khyriel looked post nasty Celestial mark! I wish I had had more of a chance to interact with people as her, maybe next time! I did very much enjoy the whole process of the meeting of minds between the leaders of Foxbridge and the Ambassadors, on the subject of the Consortium! Also, the very very surreal moment where Aqua and Oriella looked at each other and realized they actually were in agreeance on something. O.O

Pytan- Finding out her very good friend Ash had finally been saved, by Ian and Amory, was the highlight of the event for her. That and late night Familia bonding via Adventurer stories with her two big bros. <3

Theah- From deep and meaningful conversations that lasted until stupid o'clock, to mind magic healing, to finding out just how much the people around her care about her and support her... I was in love with exactly everything that happened with her this weekend.

Tesonar- Getting to Honor two incredibly dedicated and worthy adventures for their services and the care they show towards their community was an honor in-and-of itself.
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Being told by Khyriel (in a moment of sudden realization) "Your friend type is hoarder!" and honestly not being able to argue the point.

Finding out how a few of the other PC's view Elisa and being surprised by it all.

For the first time getting pulled into one of the big "plan the next steps for the big thing meetings" because it made real sense for Elisa to not only be there but truly be involved in the plan.
* Conversations that last until "Wait, it's what time?" o'clock.
* Durnic and Aqua. I don't think this one will be said enough.
* Earning a new nickname from Waverly and Kash. I just happen to be in the right place at the right time to make the killshot. 3 or 4 times.
* Jason's face as the General on Saturday night when confronted by the channeling kill squad, as he's counting what damage he's taken, and that he's dusted. That was fun.
* Listening to Ashley and Tom describe what's going on during the Biata Mindmeld, amazing images! Meanwhile, Tadeusz is standing there watching Theah and Killian sitting next to each other with Armsman Thresh.
* Introducing myself to Loom, the Mothkin, and how they "shook hands," by booping me on the fingertips and then finally gently taking hold of a fingertip and shaking. Also, the costumes for Loom, Gali, and Basil were spectacular!

I'm sure there are more conversations, interactions, and situations that will come to me as the event processes. Thank you, everyone, for making such a fun event!


  1. Aqua, ofc.
    1. Panda failing miserably at being a wingman: Panda: "Are you flirting, Durnic?!" Durnic: "Well, I was." Aqua: *unfolds fan, hides face* Panda: "I'm a great wingman!"
    2. Going to Aqua's second so they could inform Durnic what kind of sweets she likes. Later receiving a coded message with the answer. Then losing said letter that someone ended up walking off with and, I am sure, is thinking is some kind of super secret transmission about the war effort. It's not; it's about chocolates but have fun decoding it, I guess.
    3. Relationship talks with Hengin and Kel.
    4. Having Tad recreate the bottle of wine he had made for Aqua earlier in the evening then stashing it for further use.
    5. Webbing and Pinning a couple of Void mages, including our Magistrate and Void Dragon Mage named "Jeff", then asking them relationship advice. "Hypothetically, let us say you were romantically interested in a former enemy..."
    6. That super awkward breakfast wine with lots of side glances going around the table as Durnic pretended not to see any of them.
    7. Lastly, but of course not least, the conversation that Aqua and Durnic finally had.
  2. I honestly thought that Loom, Gali and Basil were NPCs when I first met them. The costuming is so so good I didn't realize they were new players at all.
  3. It is frustrating as all hell in-game, but very enjoyable out-of-game to fight the Void Creatures. I can only affect two of the four types, and I can't killing blow any of them which means that we have to work well together as a community to knock 'em down and keep 'em down.
  4. Void General hit squad! We need t-shirts.
  5. During the Saturday night fight when Mordekai turns to me and says, "should we blow life spells on the downed Dryads?" to which Durnic responds after the hold with, "start with the children". It was very moving to make a very non-military decision as a military-minded character.
    1. Consequentially the scene where we were doing the resurrections afterward.
  6. Trying to block Illahee's sight of Disease as we wandered back to the embassy. Durnic: "Do not look that way, it is a crime scene, move along!" Illahee: "You realize I am an embodied aspect of death, I am unaffected." Durnic: *waves arms expressively* "Move along please!"
  7. Multiple people coming up to me to remind me, almost patronizingly, that Panda, my former Squire, now outranks me. Durnic's response was always, "and that matters why?" I think that surprised a lot of people. If you can't trust someone you trained to be your superior, then you didn't train them very well.
  8. Talking to Hush about the decision he made regarding the Silver Blades. I was being pulled in so many directions that I am glad I set aside some time to have that discussion.
  9. Cigar rituals. It was nice to have a break and just relax for a second while marshaling a ritual with awesome people and delicious tobacco.
There are many more, I am sure, this is just what immediately came to mind this morning. This event was so so good.
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1. All of Kel's ongoing frustrations at working with Command using people boiling over when he found out a Sylvanvborn from his vale used a non-consensual Sleep on someone. Not many people have seen Kel legitimately angry, I hope they don't have to see it again.
2. Killian and Kel's mutual respect and working relationship.
3. Aqua's battlefield "I used to be scary. Why is everyone interested in a relationship with me all of a sudden." followed by Kel. "Well, if you actually want to know, I can tell you." Then proceeding to tell her.
4. So many moments of proving Kel is worthy of the title of Master Chocolatier.
5. Magical Philosophy with Mortecai.
6. Feeling like I'm rapidly becoming everyone's Uncle Kel.
7. That absolutely amazing execution and extraction of Illahee.
8. Poisoning all the people.
9. The casters converging on Gabrak and as soon as the first Pin stuck dumping all four Stun Limbs to make him into a potato.
10. The rituals to grant a new champion of Fortanis a proper magical hammer and set of magical armor, while also teaching folks about ritual magics.
11. Ian and Kel's growing mutual respect.
12. Last, but not least, taking the first steps on a larger journey, and accepting the big "R". I hope I show myself worthy of the Responsibility, and competent enough to be eventually accepted, into the Knights of Aer'Astra.


- Before game had even started, when Amber-Rose was announcing the romantic RP consent rules-- "For example, let's say that I wanted to discuss Disease having a romantic connection with Bavaikas!" RIGHT as Panda enters the tavern. Just ridiculous ;D

- Bunnicula!

- Bavaikas' conversation with Amory. Get this 3-month-old some therapy!

- Finally putting together Illahee after so much planning! I got so excited while I was painting Ashley's face up, I'm pretty sure I was smiling like a doof the whole time.

- Holy hell, the Dryad Village fight. The way y'all handled that absolutely blew us away. Before Saturday night, I had never been able to cry IG before, but that seriously got me. The RP afterwards, too-- just incredible.

- GAHHHH AWKWARD SWEET DRAGON CONVERSATIONS ABOUND. That Sunday morning chat with Panda was one of the biggest highlights of my game<3

- Gettin' punched in the face! Fake blood, real pain ;D (all seriousness, I was fine and it was immensely hilarious for me. I only had a fat lip for like 12 hours afterwards!)

- Real talk, I received some really, really bad news on my way to site and was scared that it was going to mess up our plans for the weekend. Luckily, the rest of the plot team and our entire Monster Camp are some of the most amazing folks I've ever had the privilege of knowing, and thanks to them, the event was the perfect distraction to let me process life stuff<3

- This is not to shortchange the PCs, because, seriously - I know Jason mentioned it at closing, but y'all were so. Freakin'. BOSS. All weekend long! Every single choice you made impressed me, and the way you received everything we put out made my shriveled li'l plot heart swell<3



There was so much good RP this weekend, and so many really good fights.
Thank you all for your patience and understanding with not-pregnant Amory ~.^

Some highlights:

*Talking with Bavaikas <3

*Going into game feeling like Amory's story was a bit adrift - coming out with Journeyman to the Earth Guild and Armsman to the Knights of Aer'Astria o_O
Both those were welcome surprises.

*Drinks and chocolate with Aqua and Lavina.

*Awkward not relationship conversations with Durnic and Aqua :|

*Serious talk with Killian, and all the RP around those two. ^.^

*The "not mage hunters, really" coming in and being subtle as bricks asking about everyone's strengths and weaknesses. Amory's so used to deflecting with them, that it was a shock/relief when the Celestialists responded to their presence with "Bring it!"

*Reminding Aqua that prisons and bendy-posy-paralysis are a good way to reinforce a point >.>

*That Saturday night fight tho. Seriously. Objectives marked, objectives secured, and we're out!
Likewise turning to Kel and asking for a distraction, and getting Kel, Ian, and one or two others to close a flank. Perfection.

*Holding my breath while we walked Illahee past Disease. "Why are you herding me in a weird direction?" "Nothing, nothing. It's fine. Really."

*Meeting Loom, Gali, and Basil - and just having them roll with the adventurer shenanigans and paranoia. Y'all rocked it.

*Telephone paralysis when Gali noticed the Selunari Consortium member getting increasingly sketch. That was perfect timing.

I could honestly keep going. Thank you all for such an amazing game. Really looking forward to further fun in April!


What a game yall!
I came into this game with plenty of new found responsibility, and filling the big shoulders of Brian. I was pretty much 100% worried about not just completely flopping on everything, but thank my lucky stars (aka amazing pcs and npcs) I feel like we had a top notch event that had some really great moments!
In no particular order:

- Stealth Mod; These things are always about 5 seconds from going to all hell but this one went just about as perfect as it could. There was setup, planning, and beautiful execution on both the PC and NPC parts.

- The Hunt; We were just talking about what to send in for a late Saturday night rebirth party hook when Hengin and co come knocking on the door asking for something to hunt. Sent out a strong Howlbear and another hunting party of Deep Ogres just looking for any food. Amazing cat and mouse tactics, RP, and me getting to eat a dead PC body right in front of a crowd of onlookers was so amazingly fun. Then getting to end with mystery meat and deep ogre inside jokes was 10/10.

- (Trying to) Teach the PCs about each of the void creatures; Throughout the event sending in some specific voidies to showcase their strengths/weaknesses and then having the PCs self take a quiz during Saturday pre-fight and getting the right answers (AND WRITING THEM DOWN) just brought such joy to my heart.

- Saturday Night Big Fight/Hit Squad; This was not a low scaled fight. The PCs came in about as organized as I have ever seen and just wrecked shop. It was truly a sight to behold. This just means we need more red generals on the field right? >:D

- Granny & Granny; Every time I/we go out as Granny it is so much fun. All the interactions and all the associated story has just been so wonderful. The gifts/trinkets/letters/traditions yall have shared have been some of my favorite and most adorable things and I love every bit of it.

- Castor the poison Merchant; Monster camp needed someone to play a shady merchant, so they chose me... typecast much?! This is one of those characters you send out to do a pretty specific thing, but then they have ended up becoming so much more. Bought/Sold lots of goods and services, even so far as coating some bolts at my workshop for a small service charge. Also ended up buying/selling some more...interesting things that I was not really expecting; and to top it all off got to engage in some lovely dagger fighting practice while giving some other PCs interesting character choices.

There are certainly plenty more, but those are what really stick out to me right now.
Thank you everyone for being part of a wonderful event and I will continue to always try and improve and give you all back the best events I can! <3


Here's another:

Morriden: "Hey Durnic, how does the law work in regards to Baneing back an Enslavement?"
Durnic: "I kill you and turn myself in."
Morriden: "Oh."

Honor Bear

This weekend was really tough for me because it made me feel feelings, and I haven't done that in years. I am still pretty squishy from the bleed, but I am honestly so grateful for it all happening. I am sure there are several moments I am missing but this is what comes to mind right away.

- Snailed it! (Even though I still don't know the story behind it)

- Getting verbally eviscerated by Kel

- Coming back to find out that Aqua and Durnic are a thing... really?

- Having one of the most difficult conversations I have ever had in game and then turning in my belt favor

- Getting to see the looks on peoples faces when they bought my stuff (Thank you again!)

- Seeing the look on Lenores face when she held her new journal for the first time

- Hiding from Illahee (yeah you heard me)

- Disease constantly making jokes about me stabbing her every time I see her even though I don't think I have ever actually fought her.

- OH yeah and bunking with old friends was really nice. It wasn't so lonely :)


  • How well all the NPCs did with their mental roleplays. All the little details each of you came up with added up to a theme that seriously gut punched Khyriel when he put all the pieces together, and was overall the single most impactful part of this event for him. Seriously, bravo. And thank you for your patience during the moments when I was creatively drained or in an environment full of distractions. <3
    • Specific shout outs to Kelsey, Ben, and Jodi. Y'all are tearing me up here.
  • Meeting up with Quill for shady mental shenanigans "poker" with my shady friends on Friday night.
  • Killian's words at the funeral, and Durnic's observation at the end.
  • Luke teaching first level spells to Helen. And then as she's walking away he starts singing "Missie, I'll make a mage out of you"
  • Inadvertently figuring out the void general's weakness in the dryad village's fight.
  • All the exaggerations in Morriden's memories were very creative and amusing.
  • Conversations with Elisa.
  • Lenore's surprise that Khyriel was having a happy moment on Saturday. XD
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