February 2023 Event Registration


The February Event has gone live!

You MUST Register before 2/14/23 - No one will be allowed to join until after.

Tavern Fees have gone up to $30 - ADL will no longer be cooking for the event PER JCC rules. The raise in cost is due to the changes to the kitchen rules on site.

Due to the nature of our new contract with site, we need full payment for ALL things 10 days before the event. Deadline: Feb 14

only a few days to pre-register for the February event - so make sure you're in there, and you've pre-paid! Getting excited to see everyone again.
Second, we've updated how to pre-register for the game.
In order to register, you need to do three things:
- Register your character (or NPC-ness!) on https://db.alliancelarp.com/events/675
- If PCing: Register your 2.1 build on https://beta.alliancelarp.com/events/656
- Pay for the event (and/or meal plan and/or membership) at https://linktr.ee/alliancedenverlarp
Third, If you've followed the first links, you've likely seen some things about the Paths of Influence that're rolling out to ADL this season.
Forth, If you are interested in getting a private cottage, please fill this form. https://forms.gle/4YVVovZKErrzEbHCA

Remember, NPCing is free and helps us put on an amazing game!

If you need to pay after the 14th when pre-registration closes, please reach out to
Ryan - cfo.alliancedenverlarp@gmail.com
Suzanne- owners.alliancedenverlarp@gmail.com
Will- owners.alliancedenverlarp@gmail.com

Thank you all for being awesome!

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