[.11] Fighter defences.

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  1. Gilwing

    Gilwing Baron Alliance Logistics

    My question isnt saying how "great" 1.3 is. I was trying to point out that there is no defense for a fighter for a 9th level spell in 1.3 or in 2.0
    Fighters should be a 1 spell kill. The suck vs range.
  2. Muir

    Muir Fighter

    I deeply disagree with this. It just leads to D&D style game design where fighters exist to provide a distraction while casters actually get to play the game.

    Fighters should have defenses. They should just have a similar opportunity cost to other classes' defenses against fighter abilities.
  3. Gilwing

    Gilwing Baron Alliance Logistics

    The writers seem contrary to what you believe.

    Remember, it's a team game. They dont want one person to do it all.

    Also remember, if I can hit you before you hit me, I'm ahead. Range > Melee
  4. Muir

    Muir Fighter

    As you note, I disagree with the writers on this. Casters have defenses against fighter and caster abilities. Rogues have get out of jail free cards against everything but trap AOEs. Fighters have defenses for... attacks.

    They are really good at taking those, but it's a one trick pony and unless it has changed significantly there are a fairly limited selection of mobs in the db that just have 'I can swing for damage!' as their gimmick.

    There is a pressing reason why nearly everyone I have known to play a mid or high level fighter in 1.3 has a pocket full of cloaks andbands, and it can generally be summed up as not wanting to be a one shot kill for NPCs.
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  5. Draven

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    Spell parry and Mettle are going to get you through a lot.

    Resist Elements is actually super good for Fighters with access to it, purely because they don’t really have a way to otherwise shore up Element defenses.

    But yeah, you’re going to need teammates to pull you out of some fires. If you want a game where you never want to feel vulnerable, then sure, 2.0 Alliance might not be for you. But in terms of game design that encourages more teamplay, the writers definitely had the right idea.

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