Finale Favorites


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This is it. Ease post your event favorites and favorites for the game itself here. Thank you to everyone who made Stormbreak and contributed on both sides.

1. Finally killing Zevin. Not only for retribution of myself and my family, but also for my team the first time we fought him.
2. Seeing the kraken and thinking "yep were all fucked"
3. Getting to know Aliyah a little more and cooking with her.
4. Not twisting my ankle for the first time ever in my larping career!!!
5. Becoming the council member of agriculture. Thank you guys so much for deeming me worthy of the position.
7. Seeing the golden dryads face when she heard me talk and her happiness for the growth of kin.
8. Being gifted Roarks bones. I will miss you cousin.
9. Being able to see Melora again. She looked a lot better than she had after finding her and it was nice to see her healthier.
10. The look on the GMs faces after game off and the raw emotions they showed. You guys are amazing and im seriously going to miss this game and everything you super heroes do!! ❤


1. Going from being the new guy with no memories to being a great friend to many.
2. Becoming a core member of the kin community and councilman of agriculture.
3. Growing to know Etta more and falling for her even though she will probably never know.
4. Remembering my past and killing Zevin as retribution for my father dying in front of me.
5. Becoming good friends with everyone specifically Aiden, Roark, Mardex, Etta, Nikolai, Justine, and Eurig.
6. Saying goodbye to Roark. I literally cried seeing someone I cared so much about sacrifice himself for the greater good.
7. Meeting Larey and Melora, seeing them together and for the first time in my larp career crying because of them.
8. #HoyceForGrandma
9. Every time Eurigs bow breaking me bragging about how my claws are unbreakable.
10. My first night in town getting commanded by blood for blood and the trolls and them not hearing me call resist command. Roll playing the faked command and taking out them trolls with Mardex

10) Walking into game as Mardex and seeing the immediate salutes from those who knew and his confusion on the delight on the faces of those who found out I was appointed a Magnate over the Winter.
9) Roark, while at breakfast, suddenly making the epiphany face and glancing back and forth at me and Akara. Not sure if it was Roark noticing me rping the glance I kept making at Akara or just the lightbulb going off in his head, but I was about seconds away from asking Kyle "Do you accept physical roleplay" to keep him quiet.
8) All things Mari, Mardex had long accepted the crazy that came from both her and Roark as useful and revelatory, but Mari was on point with things that gave Mardex more resolve.
7) Hoyce catching on to what i hope was coming off as subtle role play when I was playing with hand gestures when we were developing am honorific for the new council. The one thing I'm proud of myself for adding to my RP style was displaying emotion with just my eyes, and body language.
6) and then everyone liked my heraldry idea being a dedicaction to Roarks sacrifice. A background of sky blue, a gold sun on the right top corner (Good idea Ironclaw) and a golden bear looking up to it on the left.
5) When Zevin Geifer was brought to town, tossing a volley of heinous insults. High Magnate Keenan granting the me honour of trying him and as he hurled one more insult about my being his judge I got to yet again say paraphrase words which I one time used as Jonothan "Your trial has begun, your crimes are evident as well as your lack of remorse or unwilingness to change, I find you guilty, your punishment is you will be thrown into the Maelstrom. Your trial is now concluded."
4) Aside from some assurances that needed to be made that I would immediately give up the authority bestowed on Mardex, everyone choosing him as the Transitional Leader....just wait til they hear my plans for The First Galactic Kin Empire!!!!
3) Ezekial Ryatt handing Mardex his magic Gryphon killing sword!
2) Henries ability to cry on command when I asked permission to court Guildmistress Akara and Aaleeha's zeel in finding me flowers to give.

1) Successfully implementing my plan to have an exit strategy from having any authority in the new government when he feels he has put everyone else in charge. I'm gonna get that retirement Tibialis said i couldnt have well before any of you suckers, im gonna go create the Icefang Mountain Rangers, restore my families home for me and Akara, watch our children grow, SUCKERS!!!!

The top 10 campaign wide moments will follow soon, I have to think harder on those.
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Campaign top 10

10) Se1 Ep1: I had already come back to NPC Ashbury after a 7 year hiatus which was partly medical related. It's either night time on Saturday or breakfast Sunday morning. I'm part of the Guild of Wine & Rose's and been following them in a support role but really hadn't interacted with my old running mates except Eric/Grayson well because Eric knows me that well. Right next to me is Qoori. Sasha, and a bunch of my other longtime playing friends and they slightly slip out of game and I'm sitting quietly to myself. Kelly then says, "I heard Will was gonna play, I havent seen him the entire event." I then look up from what I was doing and say "I'm right here." The entire table turns and looks at me and Kelly looks me with surprise exclaiming "You're the Sarr!!!!"

9) Mardex's first emotional moment Se1 Ep3: Mardex had been frought the entire event, people were looking after him, he was assisting but he felt lost because all the members of the Guild of Wine and Rose's had disappeared. He was brought down to the Healers guild by Lady Keenan and Lord Ryatt. It was the big reveal of the betrayal by the Empire. Mardex broke because it seemed all his Hope's, dreams, and beliefs were gone. Which leads to...

8) Lady Elizabeth Keenan finds Mardex upstairs in the tavern area. Trying to use techniques that I decided were the little bit of the training from Guild of Wine & Rose's that he probably was given to focus his thoughts and calm his emotions and failing miserably. It was maybe a few seconds conversation tops "Mardex would you be part of my Cabinet?" I looked up and saw someone offering him a life line, with a quake in my voice all I said was "Yes".

7) Despite all my attempts to be a supporting character everyone came to me for help or direction, and I was put into vital meetings. I hate all of you amazing and wonderful people for making sure I didnt just stay in the background

6) Nation building: from all the meetings we had between the kin. To Mardex and Tibialis, the 2 tired old soldiers (our theme song will forever be Veterans of The Psychic Wars) sitting around the table with pen and paper fleshing out our ideas on the Council. Wow just wow, it was amazing intellectual thoughtful roleplay. It was all this that Mardex realized that there was more to him then "just stick the pointy end in the enemy."

5) Everything High Magnate Elizabeth Keenan. Mardex will always be fierce loyal to this Lady and she shall always be a Lady in his eyes.

4) Henry/Ezekial Ryatt: Every damn time Mardex was done with one new thing in his emotional development and he felt like he accomplished something, and could take a minor break, there is Ezekial just dropping a question which suddenly gets him back on his feet, calling the rest of the Kin to council and getting the gears moving again and pushing character development.

3) All things Roark and his story in Stormbreak. It started with a small discussion between me and him. He told me, what if this children's story had sliver of truth and from there Mardex would listen and then help this big yellow acid tripping goofball with whatever he could when he could. It both broke Mardex's heart and built his resolve when Mardex was ready to use his title and authority to be the sacrifice. He said I couldn't, I had to lead my people to a better place. I knew I was designing a government, but it was right then, in that moment, I knew I had to step up and ensure sure it got built the way he knew it needed to be and resolved to be Transitional Leader (with the built in backdoor so I get my retirement

2) Kraken fight. That was an awesome awesome spectacle/wave battle.

1) Last event: Holy **** balls, with my new foray into being HoP of Ashbury/Ascension, I know exactly how hard it is to do what they just did in one event. How many storylines, plots, both personal and overall they actually tied up and gave a great resolution to. You set the bar high for how well a story can be closed successfully and now I'm here thinking "How the hell do I follow that????"

Thank you for wonderful memories from both plot and player alike, you are all amazing people and I'm glad I get to play with you more! Until 2.0 Cya!


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Hey folks. Wow. So I still remember when I read the ogres and loved the idea of playing an outsider with only the best of intentions and the oddest of ways appealed to me. I remember writing about my desire to give him weird conspiracy theories and talk to spirits and non existant things. With a statement. " I am ok with him just being crazy"

These are my favorites. First the event and then over the course of the games.

1. Seeing ox and tibs. Started from the bottom and now we on the top. Better love story than twilight. Roark wants to preside over their wedding.
2. Seeing qori be qori again.
3. Sasha when Roark realized she couldn't be the one to make the sacrifice. When sasha showed Roark the image of her youngest he couldn't have someone with so much give it up.
4. Pulling off a card trick I could never get to work before.
5. A certain traveling knight and his awesome snacks.
6. Giving a few last pep talks.
7. Holy heck. Giving away his things. He gave away everything. Except for two. Two he kept tight so no matter what changes happened he could remember who he was. He kept the golden leaf for unity and truth. And the blue feather from doom doom jr to remember and open hand is more powerful than a closes fist.
8. Realizing the kracken was a child and that no child will be a slave while he can help it.
9. Telling people what they needed to hear. (Mardix etc)
10. It's not a sacrifice if you to tilt towards it.
11. Kracken.. holy shnikes.
12. Hearing what an impact a character had after
13. He had a plan.. putting it into action
14. Giving the boons.
15. How will they know where it came from? " can they smell hibiscus?"
16. When Silva realized what happened and what Roark did and the " Game recognizes game" comment was said.
17. The party. I wish there had been fireflies
18. Being vicken the chicken. And the slightly altered movie bad guy lines

Ok the series stuff to come later.


1: Seeing orcs coming up from the field, and running towards the stairs yelling "SPEAR!" and the Elven archer doing a perfect javelin throw and getting it right into my hands from the balcony!
2: Roark beating me at my own game with the card draw
3:Seeing the Kraken slowly coming out of the door. That was epic
4:Sharing snacks with everyone!
5: Seeing Ox and Tib again
6: Finally killing that damn necromancer
7: Hoyce saying "hang on, I need more Choaasss Staawwm" while in the hold. Almost peed myself.

Theres more I will think of !

Lanna Rose

Thank you staff!
Thank you cast members!
Without you guys the story wouldnt have played out at all. We appreciate all the hard work you put into this.

So many things happened this weekend. Wow...

Friday night sitting around sharing my tea. Aaleeha didn't sell as much as she shared. But honestly it was never truly her intention to make coin off of anything. She just wanted everyone to be happy.

Sitting at the bar with Oxallas, Mari and Qoori friday night. "I dont know if Greysen flirts because he likes me or if its because its fun." All three of them then telling Aaleeha to ask him.

Guys! I freed the Dryad in the tree! DID YOU ALL SEE HOW AMAZING MAGS LOOKED YOU GUYS! I have honestly never felt so fulfilled!

Also.....plot knowing that there is one song that i am always able to sing with no music.....way to change the words slightly to Bring me to Life. I loved it!

Being told by friends that she wasn't allowed to be the one to take the Kraken's place. Even though from a tactical standpoint she was the best choice. Almost having everyone convinced that she was right. And then Stellara said no.

Roark. He was Aaleeha's first friend at Stormbreak other than Mari. She was so sad, like sadder than she has ever been, when he showed his card.

THE KRAKEN! I feel so bad for those who missed seeing it. Aaleeha started when she saw it. It was such an amazing rep if something we never thought would be on stage.

Laying down after dinner in Roark's office because my back was killing me. Mardox and Greysen coming in to have a talk. "You can stay. You need to hear this too." Listening and thennasking how she can help. Then Mardox asking her to stay and help him keep a level head while henis leader.

Finally getting to talk to Greysen about the flirting. She was very happy with the answer she got.

Beating Goretounge!

34 Hallucinate elixers were made. 20 were consumed. Aaleeha was not only the dealer. She was also making sure no one got out of hand. She deffinitly momed the crap outta you all while egging you on to continue.

Seeing hiw the war ended. I missed a large chunk of what happened because Aaleeha was making sure then people who had been enslaved didn't wakenup and hurt anyone.

Looking at the emperor and asking him if there was anything she could do to help along side what Greysen was doing. His response was "But you're not really one of my citizens so I cannot tell you to do anything." Aaleeha responded with "Im not completely a citizen anywhere in the Empire currently." His immediate responce was to declare slavery to banned and to make all Dryad full citizens. Aaleeha couldn't have been happier.

Also I would love to thabk those of you who came in to help with the dishes.

I am very glad that everyone seemed to enjoy the food this weekend. I love cooking for my friends.

I love Stormbreak and i hope that 2.0 becomes a thing. I feel like there is still so much story there.

Henry, Hoyce, Mags. Thank you. Thank you for making this amazing story become reality and running all of the amazing things you did. Thank you for making every player feel like they were a part of something.

Campaign favorites to come.
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Campaign Favorites.
1. LIfe coach roark moments. Just opening up with the realest good they could be.
2. Roarks first love and then catching that persona nd his friends making fun of him and how that changed so much.
3. roark not being a mascot and moving on never got through this but it was a big thing for him.
4. Doom Doom junior. Being allowed by the other players to trying to be kind and win the day. and it totally did. even writing letters to check up on him.
5. Mari being the best murder friend..Yes, she is a Guardian
6. Mardex getting out of his own darn way
7. tibialis stepping to the fore.
8. Every time Roark/I pulled the next thing that would be horrible but based on what happen.. this is next... and then it drops..
10. The stormbros.. seriously. So many awkward and deep feels from all angles.
11. being the dumbest smart guy in the room
12. Roarks office. and then making one every place he traveled.
13. Making choices with 100 %
14. Doing the subtle.roarking.. bones say loray was bad news.. wait her daughters a slave.. I have this week the whole.. let's turn an enemy to an ally...hey gray..
15. The MF bone reading. I'm glad I didnt get in trouble for it. Man did it supply so much in weird ways
Thanks for rping those scenes with me folks!

There's so much more. the big things, what powerfully resonates were the first night. when Roark saw what was happening to these innocent people who just wanted food. and had been wronged so much. This was now how you treated people. and then not only healing then.. but lifing them.. and then finally slapping away the weapon from Argus Stratos and getting in his face a bit with idea of wrong..
The other was after Roark took on the mantle. Hearing roarks stories. the tales he told.. that was so.. poetic? even though they messed it up but thats how stories are. That become legends and eventually myths.. not always what hqppened but maybe how it should have gone. I really hope you guys liked me being part of your stories. I hope you share them.
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I don't even know where to start with favourite moments, so in no particular order:

Game faves:
- Decoding the way to free the Dryad Tree with Aaleeha and seeing that come to a close. A++ for golden dryad costuming.
- Mari saying goodbye to Roark Friday night, and having that come true.
- the Kraken. The whole wave battle set-up and props used was really cool. How Roark was helping us after that and the hibiscus tell kept all the feels going.
- Saturday night by the Fire and hallucinates not doing anything different for Mari.
- Saying completely random things in a confidently prophetic way and having everyone believe her. (to Mardex, Lightening, Roark, Eurig, Ace, and anyone else as it popped into my head)
- Reading the memory chip ring in the healer's guild: everyone coming out of it disoriented and Mari sitting calmly like it's vision business as usual
- Eurig not hitting with any arrows from the balcony; that whole interaction was hysterical and fun. She's completely clueless there.
- Mari is a good wingman
- Actually being effective in battles. As a player, I lean far more towards the RP than the fighting, so to remember some verbals and be useful was big boost.

Campaign faves/highlights:
- Elf plot with the General / Harbinger. I loved everything about this. The visions (WHOA the visions), being able to communicate somewhat with her, the four elves putting her to rest (actually burning the bones was a major highlight, that blue glowing hood, the totally-not-Qualin guy, everything.
- Every. Puzzle. Mod. with the Mage's guild. I decoded so many of those messages that oog I could read them without the cipher.
- Plot responses. I really appreciated the effort and detail that went into my plot response letters from home/The Council and the vision descriptions were cryptic enough but made sense!
- I'm actually fairly introverted, so making a character that is more extroverted and had a reason, or a characteristic, that would push me as a player to interact with a lot of characters was fun.
- Walking into logistics one game and being handed an envelope that said "open on Saturday morning when you wake up". An on-site vision was totally a highlight.
- Mari's one-liners: "If you're 60% sure you disarmed that trap, then I'm 40% behind you", "Oh don't worry, we're not friends", "If it helps, I don't listen to you", "Yes, he has many qualities", "yeah ok, but...", and countless more.
- Best murder-bros & vision friends with Roark, being the self-appointed guardian-turned-friend of Aaleeha, Qori and sky necromancy - she'll come around, tea time with Sasha, Mardex - just Mardex, advanced commerce with Keegan, sneaky elf adventure time, Pirates being far less Piratey...
- The countless variety of wigs for Hoyce.
- I loved watching everyone else get personal plot, and see characters evolve and grow/change.

I'm sure there's more but the drop is real.

Thank you to the NPC volunteers - both full-time, part-time, and those who hopped fence.
Thank you kitchen crew - you keep the hanger at bay and go above & beyond cleaning up too.

Special thank you to Henry, Hoyce & Mags. I know you've all been pouring so much into this game to make sure we have a great story and an even greater time. This was my first epic LARP, and you've made it amazing. I don't know how you pulled off wrapping up so many threads in a shortened timeline, but you absolutely did. I'm going to have a loud voice in favour of a 2.0 for sure.
Alex favorites because he can't post.

Eurig's Top Ten!
(technical difficulties)

1. Not Being a page
2. Bow measuring contest with Captain Ace (I would totally win.)
3. Messing with people that were hallucinating, especially Justyne.
4. Keegan - "So how do feel about Mari"
Eurig - "She's a good friend and fellow elf and I hear her standing right behind me."

{5 minutes later}

Eurig - "Now that she isn't with in ear shot, I really like her and I'm honestly upset that she will probably stay here, rather then come to Barran.
Mari - "Yeah, I can still hear you"
Eurig - "... ****."

5. Constantly shooting goretongue for 17 earth to which he replied "Is that guy not dead yet!"

6. having to be prisoned so the caster could have a minute to breath.

7. Having my archery skills called out by Mari.

8. Having Zevin. hand delivered to myself and Ironclaw, and then pegging him in the back from the balcony as he tried to run away.

9. Watching as subtle hints to Mari went right over her head.

10. Every second of every minute of every hour of the entire event. there was not a single moment were there was not intense role play or ridiculously tense moments in combat or emotions running wild.

Thank you plot team for sharing your incredible story with us and allowing us to play in your world. I cant wait for the opportunity to do it again.
Ok, from this event, in no particular order:

- Elizabeth's first hallucinate elixir "Bread is magic!" and Mari "I don't feel any different."
- Roark's card trick
- Mardex courting Accara
- FINALLY getting to play the "Gelfad"
- seeing how many hands went up to volunteer to take the Kraken's place as slave to the Fey
- Elizabeth making Zevin Giefer stay kneeling in the sun (sorry, Henry!) and putting Mardex in charge of his trial because **** slavers
- crying, crying some more, even more crying, all finished off with a healthy dose of crying
- in a complete role reversal, Qori talking Elizabeth down from a homicidal rage
- my new peacock necklace
- freaking out at seeing a Fey and getting people to hide Stellara
- Mari's smile when Stellara told her she did a good job
- giving the options for the Kraken and knowing which option the players would choose (we assumed it was between Sasha and Roark to take its place)
- finally having a PC Biata we could get involved with the memory reader
- new NPCs
- Greysen, "I'm trying not to become an alcoholic." Elizabeth, "I'm failing."

Thank you all so much for making this little world come to life. Huge shout out to those who helped make food and logistics happen! And special thanks to Kyle for all his support over the last few years. We couldn't have done it without you.


Here goes - for this event, in order of how they are coming to mind -

- Talking down Lady Elizabeth (that wasn't surreal at all)
- Taking down Goretongue and subsequently having a random undead take me out in my 1HP state (WORTH IT)
- Azarka!!!!!!!!
- Hibiscus
- Hallucinations and fire and sad and happy
- Standing up to take the Kraken's place because Q KNEW that Roark and Sasha were the ones with the most right to it, but she couldn't let them sacrifice when she wasn't as necessary as they were.
- "How do you spell that... oh..."
- Greysen and Q's leadership talk - man has that relationship changed!
- The awkward moments with Sarnai... sorry Danielle... lol! Having to break up with someone IG isn't the most funnest, thanks for being a good sport!
- Mardex saying something about "moving on" and the sudden realization for Q that she literally just broke up with the woman who destroyed her in the first place -- and that she was OK.

The big one --
- I could write an entire thread to Roark, but I won't. I'm super glad he got his ending, and as much as Q wanted to take his place, what made her cry was that she knew it was something she couldn't stop because it was really his destiny. Kind of glad the "Destroyer of Worlds" thing didn't come up until after - then she would have let him give away his stuff and then beat him down because she would have known it was actually hers. I mean -- it's her actual NAME


Campaign -

I started Qori based on something Tammy said "I've always wanted to see someone play a character like Starbuck from BSG"... so, Q was born. She was the best, a hot shot rider who knew she could do anything, and was broken from the inside out. She was likable and often the comic relief, she had a ton of flaws but not really anything anyone cared to address because she was just ... her.
She made some friends, and, like it happens for "short lived" races, she started to evolve. These last few events as her started her down the path of responsibility and protection, from the hot shot to the leader who had to make choices that might change everything. She surprised me often (I know that's weird to say), with her decisions and her reactions to things, it was a really bizarre effect after playing a character who took too much to evolve (damn elves) and she really had a life of her own.

But, I'm sure you're all saying "enough about you! What did you love about the game?" so I'll move on :)

- Thank you for giving me a place to play that was comfortable but also the right level of uncomfortable. I played a pretty less than serious character (I mean my history was kind of the start of bad erotica) and you gave me a space to make her something else.
- The stormbros - I lost some of you guys, but damn was it fun. I loved having a chance to be a dumbass with some of my old friends (and new ones).
- Roark finding his ending for real - the ******* Kraken and his getting to have the perfect ending for his character was an AWESOME sight to behold - I didn't expect Q to cry like that, but I guess she was not as OK because she'd never get to laugh at his falling off a horse in front of her parents.
- Getting to play with Dustin, Tammy, Kyle, Eric, Mitzie (for the first time ever), Paul, Will and Loofa as NOT old jaded characters was honestly really life-affirming and made this experience as epic as it was.
- I fought griffins, rode a howlbear, cast sky necromancy, avoided countless O'Qori's, ate seals, drank SO MUCH, told so many inappropriate jokes and it was amazing (Still need a Kraken, though).
- Having Q evolve from being a walking ....joke to making impassioned speeches about bringing her happy and comfortable people into the folds of a war that they might not win.
- All the battle berries, food sharing competitions, drunken conversations and ridiculous things we managed to see/do/and get away with.
- Every single time Greysen made me sound like a badass (from hiding people in wards when I was berserked, to debating ending a Magic Storm to dispel my prisoned ***)
- Realizing that guard duty is a thing Q ends up on a lot and not really minding that
- #HoyceforGrandma
- FINALLY getting to say "See, I told you I just needed my horse"


[ "How do you spell that... oh, never mind..."]
To be fair, Mitzie was exhausted, and Mari is... Mari. I did catch myself!

PS - really fun to get to play with you!


Game Favs
  • Qori: "Start with Yeronkhai." Mari: "How do you spell th...never mind."
  • Getting to go top-down in two major battles. It was a bit outside of the norm for Sasha, but it felt good to find something they cared about enough to break their own rules and go on the offense.
  • Seeing Ollie get knighted.
  • Realizing there was only one choice Sasha would allow for dealing with the Kraken, and seeing so many people step up to take that role. And then seeing Roark with the highest card, and realizing that it made perfect sense. As much as it would've been amusing for Sasha to take that role (both to give the finger to Silva, and just sheer amusement of "Sasha, destroyer of worlds"), it was more in keeping with Roark's story.
  • Discussing Roark's fate with Ryatt, and realizing that the two of us were totally cool with it, because we viewed it MUCH differently than anyone else.
  • Delaying the dwarves on Friday night until we could successfully retreat without any bloodshed. We'd almost gotten some of the dwarves ready to offer to rebuild the barricade before they tore it down,

Campaign Favs
  • Getting to play a fairly complicated character, and having everyone else be supportive of that. Sasha took a lot of effort, and it was great to see everyone else roll with that. Especially in discovering where Sasha's breaking points were, and what choices they made as a result. Hi, Silva... ;)
  • Watching Qori's evolution from a lecherous joke into a leader of her people.
  • Every interaction with Mari. Every conversation required a lot of thinking.
  • Snack times. So much food and comraderie. In fact, all of the food, because the meals were amazing too.
  • The players repeatedly choosing to favor diplomacy, even when it seemed impossible - and staff for supporting that and rolling with it.
  • All things Saoirse. Having a twin was amazing, even if only the tip of the iceberg came out in terms of details of the family.
  • Plot responses that were all in. They pulled no punches, and crafted amazing stories.
  • Team Kin. You each had independent-but-linked experiences that made for such rich characters, and really contributed to the feel of the environment.
  • Watching Roark go from "that weird conspiracy guy" to "It's true. All of it."
  • Greysen the out-of-place noble. From his frequent reminders that the weather is much nicer inside a mountain to his insistence that he really shouldn't even be there in the first place, it was all fun.
  • All of the people involved. Honestly, the staff, NPCs, and PCs, you're all really, really awesome, and everyone played a part in making the game mind-blowing. It was great to play with both old farts and folks I hadn't played with before.


[ "How do you spell that... oh, never mind..."]
To be fair, Mitzie was exhausted, and Mari is... Mari. I did catch myself!

PS - really fun to get to play with you!
And here I thought it was just a brilliant reply! LOL


NEPA Staff
Ohh ohh dropping the big kracken conspiracy theory on Argus stratos and then leaving the room. " How batshit crazy is that guy? " he asked when I left and to which the others said " it's TRUE. All of it"
Oh the discussion between non cannibal Mannius and Mardex. I'll let all your followers go free, but you will take all of the punishment when our country is free, yeah but. Your people go free, and you accept whatever punishment I feel fit to give you. More posturing more talking. Mannius agrees to the terms on the provision not to be punished until the last kin is freed. He didnt even ask what the punishment was gonna be.