First Aid skill usage


A few questions about this skill:
1) How often is it used?

2) Why does it only work on targets that are at -1 body points? What would be so bad if it was a passive skill, usable anytime to increase someone’s body points by 1 per minute (perhaps with some required role-play of using bandages)?

3) If that change were made, would the skill be used much more?

Please share your thoughts.


Seattle Staff
1) With the change to unconsciousness being only 1 minute, I expect it’ll get a lot more use. Back in 1.3, I usually used it to keep someone unconscious or to keep them from bleeding out while using First Aid. In 2.0, as an offensive Earth Scholar, I’m probably going to use it to make sure someone doesn’t die and then pass them off to a healer.

2) An unlimited healing passive skill for 2 XP would be fairly overpowered. Also, I suspect fairly unnecessary; with people investing in Channeling, Flexible Healing, and Storm spells, there’s a lot more healing available than in 1.3. First Aid may be limited in application, but as a 2XP skill, it’s pretty good.

3) Absolutely, but is it really underutilized? I’m sure that’s different chapter to chapter.