First Post Weekend Game Feedback!


First of all, thank you once again for reviving this LARP back into a full swing game for Alberta. It has always been a positive game having first experienced it, and it is good to be back finally in something where the good guys actually can win and it is not simply undead and slaughter all day and night from players and monsters alike. To that end, the pros and cons! I will say this is a perspective, and likely without certain details obviously.

- The NPCs did more then an excellent job doing their roles, committing to combat and receiving as well as reporting when things either didn't make sense or if there was a safety issue. The roleplay feeling was fantastic, and as much as there had been confusion, the random comical relief of the goblins helped quite a bit for the tension in the later darkness of Saturday.
- Loot, my goodness I feel almost spoiled for the fact the previous larps actually starved their own economy, on purpose and otherwise. This one works with a good balance of coinage and potions; while there was a cringing effect of potion makers scrambling to use their loot to make more potions to survive, there was however for some a decent profit margin for their efforts. And on the plus, gogo NPCs for efficient loot dispersal once found. :yes:
- Immersion: This happened time and again where I fell into the full mindset of Karuna, and those with me. The world seemed to change just subtly about me, and one could feel that they just might, looking onto the few fields beyond, were defending a hill stronghold against attackers. Well played plot and players alike. :shades:
- Monsters: They made sense, they had the right reasoning, and the right level of intelligence. Zombies shambled, and gnolls worked pack like in a hunt. To this end, I say good game and happy running from you when needed! (Damn Jade zombies and orcs! :noway: )
- Challenge Fights, Such as the summoning of the circles, felt as they should and was a first time really for more of an attrition battle. To that end, damn zem Quciklings and the spectre, but it was the right sort of feel for what was suppose to be a delay action anyway.
- Finally, the political scheme of things as well as rank dispersion was endorsed and fel In-character choices of the personality for say the king and others. Players also found themselves in plot whether accidental or otherwise, the bugger of finding out a riddle just as game ends is only just part of teh fun, and to prep for it the next game.

- Lighting: As to this, this is more of preference or opinion. Well done on the NPC's to make sure we could see where their heads were and where they were (also good for scaring people with red eyes) but the issue came not of Player versus environment but player versus player. I had not known, but for example the sheep battle Harlequin ran right past me as I was about to dash advance-I was halted and another player mentioned later he saw a shadow near me about her height. I know of several lanterns that might give a good scatter light to at least keep the shadows and darkness at play, but allow the players, especially skirmishers, from doing full on tackles into each other.
- Charging was happening on both the side of the players and the side of the monsters. Pressing the attack I am all for, and it is a fine line. In the end, should either side feel that any faster and their legs are going to have them topple hard or simply that they feel like they are within that arm's reach, make sure to call out what you feel is happening. The good news on this is both sides have been reactive on this calling.
- OOC/IC: If one is going to be OOC, make it obvious and make it quiet if it's going to involve sensitive information IG or implicating/consequential problems if people overhear. Had one event where because of this, a miss communication came up and artificial tension was brought forth due to it thinking the threat was true.

For a first game this was well devised, timed and played. The orc raid was indeed a raid, and the night attacks versus the day modules was grand. The instance Module itself actually had us thinking (and a decent trap) but there was two things that came as a surprise for the very first weekend game. I was not expecting on the level twos and threes, for the first game, to be killing blows enabled. While I could understand for a higher level character myself (Believe me when I say I got spirited to run that night) I did not think it quite that necessary. The other was the five damage double wielders. In this point the shieldmen of our group are learning (in the level sense and game sense) of fighting these, and one tank in particular expressed the frustration of breach before someone could even move in to assist. The clothies at this point in time would be dropped like flies on two swings-I myself would have died thrice if not for max armor points. Other then this we'll learn to fight better in squads as all new players should do, if not the entire force, and hopefully we figure out what's a challenge and not starving us blind of heals each night haha. Well played, and good game!
Garnet makes some great comments and I echo most of his thoughts. In addition:

NPC's - Stellar job everyone, and I'd especially like to point out Sam and JP who I find absolutely amazing at what they do. Considering JP's showmanship background that's not surpising at all, and I think my fave is the Gnoll pack leader. Had a great Battle with him a few times thru=ough the weekend. And Sam is a trooper, bouncing from character to character and your acting skills are also spot on. Fantastic job to all. And it's a personal challenge to improve my skills so I can give Ben a better fight, lol, hell Sam too for that matter. I much prefer fighting against Philippe and Kristen as we seem to be at similar skill levels. We can't give you guys enough praise though.

Logistics/Plot - I don't have too many comments on this, other than to shell out some praise for all involved. Here, I'd like to single out Tracy as she's just plain awesome. :) We had some issues starting out Saturday regarding plot, and things almost went downhill as a few of us considered leaving, but once some tempers cooled down everything was resolved and handled and I believe everyone was satisfied in the end. I realize Plot/Log is super busy as I am no stranger to organizing and planning huge game events, especially mid-event, so I respect that while things got a little tense for a bit, everyone needs to slow down and relax, and try not to let the stress get to them as this should be fun for all. Regarding this some of our players also need to tone it down a little and once you are told they are looking into it, be patient as riding people for results rarely gets things done quicker. All good things come to those who wait as they say.

Role-Playing - The great IG/OOG debate. We all certainly need to work on keeping in character throughout the weekend, especially those of us new to LARPing, let alone the couple that are new to gaming of any kind in general. I think as we go on this will improve as people become more comfortable with it all, and each other. Right now it's new and exciting and everyone that's having fun likes to talk about it as it's happening. I think one thing to point out is the majority of discussions are at least about the game. I think it's be far worse if we were chatting about last night's episode of Game of Thrones (which was awesome as usual), which would show some lack of interest in the game. I think this will also get better as people become comfortabl with their characters and what their role in the game is. I know this is frustrating for Cindy as she figures out what she actually wants to do now that she's seen what exactly the game entails. She wants to get in on the action now.

Food - Fantastic job again Abbey. We are quite lucky to have you willing to do that for the group. Thanks and praise can't express how lucky we are to have you cooking for us all.
-The NPC team was amazing, I really can't say enough good things about how well they did for us in every encounter with them.
-Plot: Was great in regards to adapting some story arcs (Goblin marriage and divorce) and putting together new story lines during the weekend (invisible vampire sheep).
-Food: Thank you Abbey for all the hard work we all appreciated it!!!!
-Costuming: This is really helping with immersion and everyone is doing a good job with it.

-OOC: We as players must make a better effort to keep in character and not make ooc comments unless we have a white headband, not just when sitting with friends talking about the game but remarks that are real world funny in places like the dinning hall while others are trying to role-play.

-At the time when we were fighting in the dark (damn sheep) I was worried about safety but looking back the issue is really for us players to resolve, we need to bring IC lanterns and torches to provide us with lights.
-With regards to the two handed orc raid that beat me to unconsciousness, we needed that. We were getting far too cocky and encounters like that really do bring us together as a group (and put the fear into us). I hope we have at least one fight like that per weekend event.
We will be adding some new "OOG" rules to the weekend to try to keep immersion. One big one being if you are white headbanding, you are not to sit with IG players. Eating at the tavern meals will not be allowed to be OOG as the tavern is an IG area. No more white headbands for the folks that want to eat but be OOG. Events can and will happen during meals, so if you want to eat OOG, you are waiting until we are done serving the meal and everyone has dispersed.

Same will go with the Fire Pit. If you want to sit around it OOG, think again. This is an IG area and stuff will be happening IG. If no IG people are there, you can hang out OOG, but you cannot stay if IG players arrive. Stay IG and you are fine.

As for the treasure, yes we had way more than normal. We had 3 Faire Days worth of treasure as well (not all of it, but a lot) so do expect MUCH less treaure in the following events. About 1/3 of what was given out this weekend. Our NPCs will be given a craftsman budget just like PCs so potions, scrolls and blacksmithing items will be a bit more difficult to obtain. Use your resources wisely!! :whistle:
If you are going to be adding more OOG rules like banning OOG players from sitting in the Tavern or firepit, then I highly suggest creating an area for the OOG people to congregate. The NPC's have a place to retreat to but the OOG PC's don't as far as I'm aware. It's kind of rude to force them to move from where they are because somone IG comes and sits where they happen to be, specifically I am referring to the firepit on cold nights and such. Rergarding in the Tavern, I'd suggext putting them in the far corner away from everyone else IG. Maybe cordon off a single table for use?

I do know that a couple people thought the firepit was an OOG area. You should maybe put those rules on a PDF that can be printed and handed out to people so they know what's what. I know "read the book" is every gamer's favourite answer, but the easier you make it for people the more you'll get out of them.
Breten said:
I do know that a couple people thought the firepit was an OOG area. You should maybe put those rules on a PDF that can be printed and handed out to people so they know what's what. I know "read the book" is every gamer's favourite answer, but the easier you make it for people the more you'll get out of them.

You mean the opening speach that we gave where we said the Pit was an IG non-combat area wasn't enough? I doubt handing out a piece of paper would help any more than that. ;)

So if you are OOG you cannot eat till after all the players have all eaten? I understand its an IG area but those OOG players payed to eat a hot meal just like everyone else. Since the meal time is limited perhaps the OOG players could eat at a seperate table well away from player and act more like the wind and not speak to anyone IG. In the same context these people are not allowed to sit at the fire pit if a player walkes over? Please let me know if I'm wrong but is sounds like anyone OOG is not allowed to sit in IG areas at all now. So are they allowed to at least sit in thier cabin, wait, its an IG area as well. ;) I know I am guilty of talking to much while OOG I admit that. So if OOG characters cannot sit iether at the fire or the tavern with IG players can the admins talk to players at the fire pit when there are not in char? :) I understand we all need to get into character more and avoid talking to IG players while OOG. I'm guilty as hell. I just fell like your punishing OOG players and I know thats not your intent...I hope. ;)
I agree that having a place for OOG players to sit and relax should be available. I believe the previous post about having a place in the tavern (far corner most likely) for OOG players to grab their meal, sit and eat is a great solution. The big problem I saw in the tavern was having four or five IG characters actively talking with four or five OOG, what a large number of poltergeists we have eating meals!

In order to maintain the illusion of the game world we're all creating together, OOG players should strive their best to do that.....stay Out Of The Game! :thumbsup:

As for the fire pit, that's a hard one. I think it should be a place for anyone, IG or OOG, to be able to sit, roast a marshmallow and chat, but again the huge problem here is IG Characters, who are striving to be part of the game world, are conversing with the wind (OOG players). It ruins the illusion completely. The fire pit has to remain an IG area, with no combat allowed near it for obvious safety issues. Not sure what the solution is here, but we're open to suggestions!

Overall, I had a great time and get the feeling that everyone else did as well. I certainly have a LOT of notes to take back to the Plot Committee to prepare for the June event! :nerd:

* Beautiful site, nice cabins!
* Marshals! I have never been in a game where everything you do has a 'referee', at first i thought it was annoying or silly but it comes in handy. Having someone there kept things running smoother and i did not notice a pause in the gameplay because of this.
* mature players and respect towards rules calls. No squabbles and someone having to fetch a rule book. very nice!
* Organised logisitcs and use of radios- having someone man a headquarters was AWESOME.
* Logisitics open more than once at a game, i know if i move to PC i will thouroughly enjoy that. I have been in games where you had to get everything done at once and game started later due to it, or you forgot something.

*Roleplay by the players- when we went out and were being silly or ridiculous, or when we hit for effects like the arcane fear- having people roleplay those out made it a lot of fun. MORE! do it more!! <3


* the usual OOG vs IG, just remember guys: only go OOG to ask about rules or 'what do i see'. I had a few people explain things to me OOG or ask me things OOG which could have been done through RP. Please don't be offended if i continue to snub you IG for this, i am not trying to be a jerk, i'm trying to encourage roleplay.


the only negative thing i have to say is something that will improve as the game gets more senior players. Combat was great, everyone did a really good job for a first time out, but when we were fighting some people got scared/spooked and would call "charging" or "machine gunning" when it wasn't. It's fine if you feel like you're getting overwhelmed, But instead of calling a rules-infraction which can be serious (people getting suspended, etc) just say "slow down". If you feel that combat is too much for you, just remember that you can always call a pause. We did that a few times this weekend when we were fighting in the dark and a PC was getting pushed into the playground- we paused the combat, shifted our positions, and continued. I would like to see more calls of "slow down" or pausing until PC's get used to combat and there is a good senior pool.

Just remember, if you do NOT call a slow down or a pause or a hold, the guy swinging at you is going to assume you are not getting overwhelmed or are acting, or a million other things because you have not spoken up. By the time you take an ***-dive, the guy swinging feels terrible but there's nothing to be done except call a hold.It is your responsibility to YOURSELF and your own safety and enjoyment to realize that you need the combat to slow down or pause.

Always remember on a final note, that combat will activate your SNS "fight or flight" response. Everyone experiences this in different ways, and in LARP it -will- activate and effect your ability to call things. Try and be a responsible player and worry less about heroics by swinging a lot and more on theatrics by putting on a good show.

Favourite Moments:

* Goose coming down, the lone barbarian, against 4 flame elementals.
* Playing the Jade Undead, and scaring Lorne's PC when he realized what i was the seonc time, and having him drop his loot in his fear.
* Taking Lorne's lantern as the Jade undead and nobody realizing it until i was close enough to strike.
* playing as the Wolves, being the wolf cub
* being the second wave orcs and the rp we had with each other: "pretty orc! pretty orc!" "IM NOT PRETTY!" "wear the dress, pretty orc!" "NO!"
* being the tree-goblins: "we're trees, dammit!"
* hitting for arcane fear and chasing goose.
* the sheep module- "what the heck is a 4 baa?!"
I think this first weekend event went amazingly well, even though I was only participating for the one day I had an absolute blast! Thank you to everyone that made it so much fun for me. You are all amazing!

We learned a lot, about everything, and I can see that each event will only get better as everyone involved gets used to their roles, rules and each other.

In thinking about the IG/OOG areas, I was wondering if some areas can be "shared" like the seperate table in the tavern area idea...apply the similar mentality to a couple other common areas in camp as well. The Fire Pit could have a bench for OOG people and the tables under cover beside the kitchen, half can be IG and the other half (close to the BBQ) can be OOG tables where people can cook/eat. That way no one is being "punished" for being OOG and feel like they have to sit in their cabin all the time, and they can enjoy the events and the gorgeous venue. Then the only rule that needs to apply would be the OOG people are not to talk to IG people.

Perhaps not everyone wants to spend the entire weekend IG, but we should all be respectful of those players that do and not ruin the illusion for them by talking to them about OOG real-world stuff. I'm guilty of it too, for which I sincerly apologise and will make an effort to correct at the next event. On the flip side, everyone needs to respect those people that want some OOG time as well, if they feel they need OOG time then they should feel comfortable being able to take some. Providing small specific areas for OOG might help the "cross-over" as long as everyone respects everyone else enough to not speak to each other if they are in different playing "modes" and are in a common area like the fire pit or tavern. Bottom line, all of us are there to have fun, so lets see if we can figure that out so there is a mix available to suit everyones needs. :)

But overall, great event everyone! Thank you again!
mythic said:
Breten said:
I do know that a couple people thought the firepit was an OOG area. You should maybe put those rules on a PDF that can be printed and handed out to people so they know what's what. I know "read the book" is every gamer's favourite answer, but the easier you make it for people the more you'll get out of them.

You mean the opening speach that we gave where we said the Pit was an IG non-combat area wasn't enough? I doubt handing out a piece of paper would help any more than that. ;)

Don't forget that not everyone was out there for the opening speech.
Well I have to say this was a very good start to the game.

-Having players make choices both good and bad and how they reacted to each other. Also the Barbarian running into combat and getting killed because he didn't wait.
-The Level of costuming, everyone put effort into their costuming it is very nice to see at the first weekend event.
-The "Invisible vampire sheep" I was laughing so hard in character as someone tried to explain them to me. And the great protective formation we took up in the middle of the camp. Which I broke because I was laughing so hard.
-Being driven onto my back and warding off blows with my shield as I tried to kill the monster which I did, then to be shot from behind as I was looting.
-Great character and the relationship between players and different groups.

-The OOC chatter at meals and other place already talked about, It is the first time most people have larped this long so this will pass eventually.
-The fights at night that were pretty dark. I think we all forgot about liquid light. I hope to buy some for the group I choice to join.
This should be my marketing slogan....
*Facepalm* should have bought a Liquid Light!