Flyers in the Tavern

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Cyra walks into the tavern after a few days of work, hands dyed with ink. The bag at her side looks full, and her hands are holding piles of papers. She walks up to the tavern wall and puts up at flyer before walking away. It reads

The Lux Monthly
A new monthly publication!
This news paper will contain information about the previous month, survival tips, anonymous advice, classifieds, among other columns. This will allow people to remain up to date with current events in and around The Lux. First Publication will be June 15th!
Looking to join our team? Contact Cyra Lavelle for further information or to preorder you copy for 1sp!
After posting the flyer, she takes a seat at an empty table. Reaching into her bag she brings out a few empty pages and a notebook, before beginning to write.

a letter arrives at Cyra's residence addressed to Cyra. It reads as follows
I would like to place an advertisement in your monthly new letter about a class i am starting
for those wishing to get a bit of practice disarming traps in a controlled environment.
please find attached a copy of the flyer i put up in the tavern. if you have any questions please
feel free to contact me. (OOG: a facebook message will be fine).
Thanks and have a nice day



Celeste walks up to the flyers board. She pulls out a flyer from her satchel. It reads:

Magnus' Last Stand-
Looking for memories of Magnus' heroic deeds to put into an epic memorial tale. Please contact Celeste (Mobeus' Apprentice) with information that you think should be included in the story.

Thank you.
- Celeste
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