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Greetings ladies and gentlemen!

I was trying to decide on what I would make for the upcoming gather and I was wondering if you all felt it was warning up up enough to go passed soups? And if so what style what be like to see?

Five Crowns Market
Soup?? Is it cold or wet in Stradyn? Why are you pushing soup on us Brayden??

Personally I love chicken noodle, and potato cheddar.

By my hand,

Squire Kendrick Eisenhal
It is not cold or wet in Stradyn, Squire Kendrick. It is cold and wet.

Lady Vellis Valeriana Tsalarioth
Squire to Baron Sir Marcus Husarri Saephis of House Phoenix
See, this is why they really do make all squires literate in Acarthia and I just failed that test. Goodmen Brayden, any of your food is wonderful and delicious.
I like bacon in soups like this...

I would be willing to pay extra for bacon...

Anything that I can eat without a utensil.


Anything can be eaten without a utensil! You just need commitment and a washtub.

-Kevar Byrne
True. I should have said something I can eat while walking.
Anything Panda Safe?
Pandas are unable to digest wheat and gluten.
So, this last gather, instead of more of a meal I served cheese and bacon stuffed bread. Was wondering if that was me peoples speed or you all like me to go back to an actual meal?
How do you feel about burgers, potato salad and a drink?

Five Crowns Market
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One thing I am going to ask is that if you order food, please do no leave. This causes confusion and wastes my time on trying to find you.
I have traded burgers for a dusty (or muddy) road.

I am not sure I have made the right decision.

I am sad.