Food this coming gather


Greetings ladies and gentlemen!

It has been a fair bit since we all gathered in mass, I hope you are all well and in high spirits!

Our normal drink sevices will be available as always.

This coming gather, the Five Crowns will again be serving lunch! This time around will be burgers, fries, a drink and a brownie. This will be for both meals, and I should be bringing a decent amount, hopefully enough to do meals both days.

Cost is as always 1 gold. However, if you are new adventurer and can not afford the gold, please come speak to me.

My disclaimers. I will be buying a certain amount of food, once its gone its gone. I do not take pre order or payment in advance, first come first serve.

I do apologize if this does not fit into certain diets, I sadly do not have the resourceses to plan for them all.

Also, please look into the other merchants in the market for other treats, drinks, production, and what not.

I believe Squire Abel is offering a morning coffee service to your bunks.

Master Brayden.
The Five Crowns Market
The Ashen Collective