For Acarthia


The lions share of Tiatar and the Ducal Estate had already been evacuated prior to the final fights with Dreadrot and the Outsider, so with Elavir’s temporary elevation of station for three days, she hastily made the journey to the capitol to begin the final evacuations. Magic mirrors fortunately made that journey relatively expedient.

Elavir swiftly began getting the remaining Acarthian people to the appropriate portals to be relocated off-shard and began sending messages to every corner of the kingdom and shard - urging people to depart. This was what they had always planned for, so she knew the general populous was well prepared, given the months of preparation.

She disseminated the following:

“Acarthians and Tar’ne’kesians,

The forces of the Outsider and Dreadrot have been soundly defeated by the Heroes of Acarthia and our Allies of Fortannis, but unfortunately this war came at a great cost to our homeland. The damage sustained has caused our shard to become unstable, and we must rely on the spinners of fate to repair the fabric of our world so that we might one day come home again.

We know not when that day will come. It may be months, it may be centuries - unfortunately this means it is time to give our last heartfelt goodbyes to Tar’na’kesia and the Kingdom of Acarthia. Do not lose heart though, you may travel with the knowledge that Acarthia will live on - not only in our hearts, but in a fresh start one day.

You have only three days to gather what is left of your things, then please make haste to one of the pre-established refugee camps accessible through the portals. You will be among fellow Acarthians when you arrive. Fortannis has generously opened her arms to our people. We will forever be grateful to those who helped give Acarthia a second chance.

Let us raise a glass and honor those who gave us that opportunity.

Please Travel Safely,
In Service to All People of Acarthia,
Acting Queen Regent, Duchess Katheryn Westing Elavir

Elven Tiatarin and Acarthian”

Elavir had made sure that the majority of the shard had been aware for over a month now that they would likely need to evacuate, so none of this should have come as a surprise to anyone save for the stick in the mud “Old Human Noble Families” some of whom had been hiding in their Estates.

Elavir made sure to pen them a special message delivered by the fastest riders in Acarthia. It was accompanied by a small number of pressed Tiatarin flowers that anyone familiar with the code would simply interpret it as “Completion of a Journey.”

“By order of the Acting Queen Regent of the Kingdom of Acarthia, you are hereby commanded to evacuate Tar’na’kesia for your own safety.

Dreadrot and the Outsider’s forces have been defeated by the Heroes of Acarthia, our Allies of Fortannis, the Order of the Eclipse, Baron General Egil Nordheim, and those with the courage and wherewithal to stand against the undead horrors that took far too many good people’s lives. Their bravery and honor will be remembered for generations to come.

Regrettably, the damage from the series of conflicts was too great to sustain our shard and we will need to relocate to other locations across Fortannis. We will be able to return home eventually (we do not know when, I suspect decades at best) after the Spinners have completed their work repairing our shard. The history of our people and our Kingdom will carry on through our survival and prosperity.

You have just three days, a final gift from the Gold Dragon Tar’na’kesis. Please depart with your household through one of the portals. You will be received in one of the many refugee camps designated for Acarthians. I have ensured a warm welcome for our people, I pray that your family embodies the legacy of our people with humility and honor.

Acarthia and the Code of Chivalry must live on in each of us.

In Service to All People of Acarthia,
Acting Queen Regent, Duchess Katheryn Westing Elavir

Elven Tiatarin and Acarthian”

Not all of the Old Families were worthless, but in the last 7 years Elavir had largely seen the majority of them be prideful and complacent at best. She knew that pouring out the old families across Fortannis would likely result in problems, so the least she could do is remind them that the Code wouldn’t simply remain in Acarthia, but was intended to go with them in their hearts.

She didn’t hold out much hope though.


In those last three days, Elavir looked after the remaining civilians, reassuring them and ushering as many as possible through the portals. She also did some minor housekeeping, placing a journal in the Royal Vaults in a rendered box. for safekeeping [Link to be added later]. There was no way to tell how long it would take the spinners to repair the shard, so this was her way of telling the next Monarch the story of the Acarthian Age in case she was unable to tell them herself.

The benefit of being a long lived race meant that she might yet get to return home, but she wanted an insurance policy. There were too many things that the next generation needed to know for her to leave it to chance.

On the last day Elavir was joined in the capital by her husband, Baron Morningtide, after ensuring the last of Tiatar had been evacuated.

Standing at the portal to the capitol, they looked out over the new landbond stone which now contained the sleeping Golden Dragon known as Tar’na’kesis - better known to some as the guiding hand who helped shape the nobility of Acathia the Royal Paladin, Jared Bloodworth.

“We just have to live long enough to get back home Eldred.”

Taking his hand, the pair took their last look at the Kingdom of Acarthia, and stepped through the portal to reunite with their people in the Maelstrom.