Former Newbie Coming Back After Several Years Away--What Should I Do?

Long story short, my first Alliance event was back in 2016 at a local chapter. Due to personal situations, I had to cut my time there short, and haven't been back since. I'm in a better situation now, and would love to hop back in, but I don't have any tags, money, or the player number that you receive at your first session. What is the approved way for me to get back into the swing of things?


Gettysburg Staff
Reach out to your local chapter’s logistics team.

They’ll be able to provide you with your player number and the status of your character, though you may be out of luck on the tags and coin.

Also, bear in mind it is the off-season for some chapters, so it may not be a quick response.

You could also try posting on that chapter’s boards here.


Oregon Staff
If you use social media, check to see if that chapter has a Facebook presence, too. A lot of chapters have an active FB community even if they aren't playing a game for a bit.

If the chapter you're referring to happens to be Oregon, I can tell you that we also have a very active Discord community and the links to get into the Oregon Discord are on our Facebook page and our forums here. :)