Fortanis Astronomers, a Study of N.F.O.

Shen [he/him]

Greeting Astronomers and their friends,

As many prepare to settle in for the winter, I would like to entice those with one eye to the stars, to be mindful in their gazing. As well as those who study such celestial magics or those track such things in their yearly almanacs.

I am beginning work with astromers in my own shard of Fortanis in which we are going to begin studying such things as our mist sphere observes and interprets the Celestial constants that unify each of our shards yet interact with them differently. While no secret that there thousands upon thousands of Near Fortan Objects and even more captured in Near Solar Orbit. Only through seemingly happenstance do one of these objects fully intent to impact our planetary surface, but what is happenstance for some is calculated expectation by the careful dedicated observer.

This begins my question, how many of these phenomenon have we equally and universally shared - or does our interpretation and observation change as such a Potentially Hazardous Object enters the Mists wrapped around our planet? Are there yet still PHOs wrapped within the mist, as they are to dangerous to as of yet make landfall? Separately do these objects, once their trajectory change for impact - does that object remain unique to the shard which observes that change or is it evident as the Sun and Moon for all?

These questions and more begin to curiously stir the mind and blur lines between magic, science and philosophy. My focus for this research however is not an attempt to tackle these nebula spanning debates. Instead I am focused on the magical implication and the intent to test, observe, and utilize the event of Impact of a "Falling Star"

In an ideal senerio, I wish to follow objects that have the potential of impact, particularly within my own shard. An object of small but not without consequence even after ablation. To that end a theory that such objects we witness with a tail, holds not only the science we know - but our witness of the event is due to the object flying through the Mist allowing all to observe it until it impacts a tail of Mists tracking in its wake.

Here is where the magic comes into play...Such a meteor, contains an excellent source of raw material that can be used in the formation of a Construct. An object touched by all four foundation planes, and many others depending on the planes one observes within their shards. Holding a significant amount of ore which could be molded and shaped with magic - and that magic in turn carrying with it the touch of every shards Mists as it brushed against, tearing through the sky. Such an object theoretically holds great potential and is magically touched by not only the planes - but the Mists of Fortanis themself.

It is a hope that with interested parties, we can combine efforts through each of our observations and find such an objects and determine which may make landfall and meet the desired specifications. I imagine there may be a degree of questions, remember that this is theoretical - but could easily become a joint effort to discover 1 truth, even if it isn't yet able to be proven as distinguished facts. Philosophy and magic have many questions and it is unlikely such an event will answer them, simply create more. But those question could be faced, while I equally organize my efforts for such a unique event and object for the projects I am involved.

Please feel free to respond or communicate with me directly, so that reconciliation of notes and study can begin. Determining the possibility of such a meteor & its viability.

Saturnian Journeyman of the Solar Guild within the Kingdom of Wayside of the Shard, Prademar.