Fortunes from the Box of Mysteries


Helo evryone. For thos of you who didnt heer I compiled a list of fortunes from the box of mysteries in the theater of the dead. If you hav any I misd plees add them. I hav no idea what any of these meen but I did write down both halfs of eech and separate those by content.

~ A wylderkin with green eyes will bring you luck. / Old Town will receive its masters.
~ Under the sea in Aldridge you will find the next piece of the puzzle. / Blackwells are rising.
~ Seek inspiration in the laughter of children. / Blackwell remembers.
~ When the snows come, more dreams will find you. / Find out what Blackwell means.
~ A healer who has passed beyond is trying to contact you. / Wealth cannot disguise Old Town's history.
~ A pearl of wisdom is more than a metaphor for you. / Don't leave any of them behind this time.
~ Carry a moonstone for luck. / The Battle of Gresham is not over.
~ Blue flowers will open unexpected doors. / History cannot be erased so easily.
~ Serpents hold your destiny amidst their coils. / Beware the Blackwells.
~ Seek the wisdom of the ancient standing stones. / Old Town's founders will return.
~ Happiness awaits you in the eyes you have not gazed into yet. / Bloodworth, Coldstone and Rainsford will be called to face retribution.
~ Prosperity awaits you behind the color green. / Blackwell will return.
~ The Vigilant will not be able to save you. / The House of Lies is active.
~ From Aelenterre your destiny approaches on swift wings. / Blackwells still live.
~ Port Tyrock holds a key for you. / The anniversary approaches. Blackwells recall.
~ Your sorrow sleeps at Dockside. / Blackwell strives to reclaim their glory.
~ Forget your old home. Embrace the new one. / Remember who the Blackwells are.
~ Honey mead will start a conversation you will enjoy. / The Order of the Secret Word knows the truth.
~ A friend has lied to you. / Not all Blackwells died at Gresham.
~ You have been blind to important signs. / Old Town has not forgotten.
~ Beware the unlucky number 4. / The Battle of Gresham never ended.
~ Fires burn in Ambervale with the visions you desire. / Bloodworth, Coldstone and Rainsford names are on a Blackwell list.
~ You doubt yourself when you should not. / Lord Bloodworth will be called to answer.

If anyone knows what thees meen feel free to contribut too.
-- Aikoll of Rivervale


I brought honey mead to the kin party. Anyone have any good conversations?

Anyone know what or who Aelenterre is? That one is more straightforward than the others.

Forget your old home...half the town is from somewhere else, but I'm looking at you, Scions.

-- Lagarde


Aelenterre is our homeland. It is the mistrealm that the Kingdom of Valarion belongs to.



Kendrick dreams out a image of a map of Aelenterre.

Not all of the lands in the mistrealms belonged to our kingdom. Ulflands is where the stone elves are from. Illyrian is the land of the Mystic Wood Elves. Galdur and Bores are other kingdoms.



You can dream MAPS? That makes my head hurt. Stop it.

-- Lagarde


I wanted to make sure that the fortunes that were gathered from the bag of snakes at this past gather. In the interest of keeping information together, and at the suggestion of others, I felt it would be best to list these in the same place as other fortunes. Each fortune had two sides, and I will keep those two sides divided with a "|"

* Leave no one behind next year. They may need your help more than you realize. | Umbra'Sil will be summoned at the 11th hour.
* You will help the dryad defeat the corruption. | Even Umbra'Sil must battle the forces of Entropy.
* Stay away from the Blackwells. It isn't safe around them. | The ziggurat will fall to Clockwork.
* Cut out his Heart and feast your Spear. | The threat beneath the Forest Watch lingers.
* The archer-mage will command the field. | Those who died were too weak to receive the blessings of Umbra'Sil.
* The chain of united mages cannot be broken. | The caretakers of the dead will know the hour of summoning is on high.
* Be wary of your past, for it may bring you great sorrow in the coming year. | A the Chosen reaches the pinnacle of form, mere mortal weapons glance away from the scales of Umbra'Sil.
* The scorpion's sting will be frequent and venomous. | The Drowned Baron's essence will strike the final blow.
* Avoid further deals with dragons if you can. | Umbra'Sil will be summoned on the 13th.
* Praise her consistently and lay gifts at her feet, and you will prosper. | Four doors lead within.
* The axe will fall in November. | To die in Umbra'Sil's name brings them closer to the Slithering Mountain.
* Great change will benefit you in two years. | The Cult of Umbra'Sil has reached farther than you think.
* The most clever among you will delight in the chaos. | The slithering Mountain is not everlasting ... yet.
* Beware invisible spies. | Rashnira knows no sympathy.
* A friend in the far west will perish in the coming year. | Umbra'Sil can never die, but may be laid to rest.
* Only the righteous shall prevail in the coming year. There is no safety in shadows. | The children of Umbra'Sil are swayed by the words of the Chosen, for they know their place.
* A peaceful dawn awaits the Jackal. | A castle will rise east of you, providing safe hearth and home to many.
* Their power behind the throne will become apparent. | Your imagination is a powerful weapon against the Umbra'Sil. Listen to its intuition.
* There is safety among a common voice. Join with your allies. | The great coils will embrace all unless the fearless dare strike.
* The fine print matters: Some changes may apply. | The river lady comes for Rashnira.
* Your home is safe. | If she falls, another may take up the Spear in her name.