found in npc camp


just a note to let everyone know that there was a phone found in NPC camp after everyone left.
so if your phone is missing let me know and we will have it for you when we next see you.
what kind is yours ? the charge is dead on it so I can't turn it on. Not sure how far away you are but you could stop by and check it out if you want .....also no one else has responded yet to this except you so......its a good chance its yours. let me know the make and I will check it out,
the phone is a samsung from Verizon if that helps anyone
Deb I am about 99% positive that is Brian's phone. That is the make and provider that we use. Unfortunately we live about 5 hours away. Is there any way you could potentially FedEx it to us? I could paypal you the $$ for the FedEx shipment. If you are cool with doing that then I will send you our address.

not a problem ...just send me the info and I will get in in the mail Monday....