Friendly reminders for the April event


HQ Staff
Hello, players! While the weather may be a little confused on the matter, spring is just about upon us and our opener is in two weeks! Here are some handy things to know from your ever-hyped staff team.

Opening Ceremonies will be at 9 PM Friday night. During opening ceremonies we will be covering a lot of important information, so please do try to make it! If you can’t, feel free to just ask logistics what’s up when you sign in and we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop.

Starting this season combat is allowed in the tavern once more! However, there are certain restrictions: Fighting may NOT take place near the back stairs, in the kitchen, or behind the bar. Further, furniture may NOT be thrown nor used as barricades. Please use common sense in regards to fighting safely in enclosed spaces.

Regarding logistics: Friday night logistics will be considered to take place in Fairedale for the purposes of labs and the like. Saturday night logistics will not. Plan accordingly!

Also on the note of logistics: PRETTY PLEASE PRELOGIST! It will help everyone get into game at a reasonable hour. Also, I’m not saying there might be stickers or anything but no seriously guys you know you want a gold star for prelogisting. You can use this handy dandy link to prelogist:

Please note that staff members will be wearing specific belt favors that will be handily displayed in logistics so y’all know what to look for. Feel free to approach any of us if you’ve got any questions or concerns and we’ll be sure to get you what ya need!

If you have any questions about the event feel free to post them here and we’ll make sure you get a quick answer! We’re looking forward to a super nifty opening event!

Please leave the area by the door for staff parking. We often have to leave during an event to get needed stuff and need to be able to come back and park there to unload, and especially for people with the Food Committee that may show up later in the day on Friday -- don't make them have to park far away with all the food they have to carry (for you). Thanks!