From Cassiopeia to the Adventurers


IG: Cassiopeia sends the following message to all the adventurer's posted in the tavern, also hanging on the door to her observatory and posted outside Cygnus' home.

Reward: Information for Information. Any adventurer who sends Cassiopeia an account in writing of the events on the day of Cygnus' death will receive a return account of equal length and detail of information Cassi has acquired so far on questions of the adventurer's choosing regarding outsiders, the veil, the Esperbrand, the Celestarian, Elementals, the planes, Lifeblood, Anarchy, astrology and astronomy. Cassi will not accept anonymous accounts nor return them. She will be staying with various adventurers until Cygnus' funeral on March 7th, to which each adventurer is honorably called to attend.

OOG: this offer does NOT take the place of your BGA opportunities and must be done before February 23rd to get a response. All letters and accounts sent to Cassiopeia should be emailed to