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    Short answer? Because ARC made that call, and that’s what they do.

    Long answer? Because the Rift/SR continue until the conscious being opts to “turn it off” by activating another ability. It seems as though these effects essentially continue until you consciously do something that cancels it. Becoming dead or unconscious means that you’re not in any capacity to stop the effect from taking place.

    Edit: It seems like Rift/Recall are effects that “pull” you somewhere else. You can stop that from happening in the case of Recall (but maybe not if you aren’t the controller of the Rift), but only if you can consciously do something about it.
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    Numerous times, through the history of the game, in several chapters, when the person whom was rifting was struck with an eviscerate, slay, prision (instant take out) they would drop/stop in their place.
    Next time I npc rift or even spirit recall I'll just stop at the one count because it doesn't matter if I finish it as it won't be my conseious effort to stop it.

    Edit: Wait reread that. It states that DEATH is a no to the rift.
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    I think of it this way:

    Activating Rift/Spirit Recall is an in-game thing that the character has to do, and they have to be able to be able to move their "head neck" in-game, but being able to speak i-g doesn't matter.

    Per the scroll:
    "To activate a Spirit Recall, the player recites, "I recall one. I recall two. I recall three."

    The way I read it?
    To activate it, you have to complete that entire sequence. Then, a second counted action is used to describe what is happening to the character with no way to stop the effect since it's completed and doing what it does.

    But once that entire sequence is complete, the player then becomes like a Game Master and is announcing/describing to others what is happening "I rift out 1, I rift out 2, I rift out 3" or "I spirit recall 1, I spirit recall 2, I spirit recall 3" to describe to others what their characters are seeing in-game.

    While counting, if the character takes any conscious in-game actions to defend themselves during the activation sequence (I recall one, I recall two, I recall three) like calling a Bane or Dodge, then the activation is interrupted.

    If the character is able to complete the Activation Sequence above, then the 3-counted action afterward describing what is happening in-game by the player to the character cannot be interrupted, and the effect completes regardless of the state of the character. This also means that once the Activation Sequence is completed, the character cannot defend themselves with Smart Defenses as Rift and Spirit Recall incur no Immunity; the character must take whatever is thrown at them because the Effect has essentially completed and the player is simply describing to those around them what's happening to the character. Those status effect counts - if any exist - then pause during the OOG Spirit Walk, and start back up again once the Rift/Spirit Recall completes at the other side.

    Personally, I think the whole mechanic is silly, confusing, and more complicated than it is worth and should be removed. But them's the breaks.
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    Once again. No reason then to have a 3 count if it's end effect is instant. What's the point?
    ANY 3 count is interruptible. Engulf, I death the npc, the pc is not engulfed. Ripping out, I beat you to the ground, your still in your binding. Killing blow, yep. You interrupt it, I'm not dead. A rifting ability is totally interruptible and if the card has charges, one is used up if it is interrupted. I can't see how an action IG (which is represented by all 3 counts in our game) must go through even if the person is hit with an instant take out effect. ARC did say that they are rediscussing it so what we are saying is moot anyway.
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    Yeah, it’s in ARC’s hands now.
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    The problem is, someone somewhere decided it would be a good idea to have IG things happen/allowed through OOG means. But I'm absolutely SURE that 2.0 will fix it. Or maybe 2.1. If we're really unlucky? 2.2 will get it done. I'm sure of it.
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    Adam, cmon. At least pretend to be civil.

    If you want to participate, you’re not doing yourself, the process, or anyone else any favors by being flagrantly offensive.
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    I found it funny.

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