From the Desk of Baron Heartwood

From the Desk of Barron Logan Heartwood of Bastion:

Preparations of the Bastion Expeditionary Force are well underway and the next phase requires the assistance of all those willing to undertake a dangerous mission for the sake of the kingdom. As the old saying goes, an army moves on its stomach and we expect that to be equally as true for our Expeditionary Force if not even more so. To help stockpile as much food as possible for the expedition, we will be sending a group into the Wild Woods in order to procure as many Bountiful Harvest catalysts as possible in order to increase the amount we are able to grow in the next few months. There will also be several additional objectives that will be provided on the day that will help increase the resources of the expedition but are not essential. We thank both our citizens who have answered the call, as well as those travelers who have come to aid us in our time of need.

-Barron Logan Heartwood


Chicago Staff
Salutations, your effervescent, and most prestigious majesty,

I am deeply honored, and humbly accept your invitation on behalf of House Aviary. We hail and arrive from New Zenith, to show good will and provide aid to all, as we are all clutch-mates in this nest we call Bastion. Though some of our number are preoccupied with other ventures at the moment so we may not be in full force. Rest assured we hope this to be the beginning of a most beneficial accord between our houses. In pursuit of a productive and uplifting relationship, we request an audience with your emissary and offer our assistance to them in their currents tasks.

May your wings always find wind,

Viceroy Columbidae Dawn Henry Woodrow of New Zenith the 2nd
His alis sumus liberi