From the Desk of King Jonas Dawnkeeper IV


Wisconsin Staff
From the Desk of King Jonas Dawnkeeper IV –

First let me express my heartfelt thanks to all those who have come to offer their aid in the months’ since we reconnected with the rest of Fortanis. Bastion is ever grateful for the continued efforts of our new friends from through the mists in our hour of greatest need.
High Arcanist assures me that for magical reasons to complicated to go into, the 30th of this month will be the ideal time for crafting a key component in the communication device that will be vital to the success of the coming expedition. As such, Bastion requests aid from those adventurers able to make the journey, and any of our own citizen’s willing to and able to do their part for their kingdom. A representative of the Gloom Guard will meet with all those willing to help in the morning of the 30th for some final training exercises before an apprentice of the High Arcanist will arrive to be escorted to the necessary location for the required ritual casting.
Bastion thanks all those who are willing to offer their assistance with this critical mission.
May The Nimbus light your way.

-King Jonas Dawnkeeper IV