From the Ordo Aurum


What have you done? You are not a thief on the streets of Brittingcrest anymore. You are not the bard of Widowcroft who hid his name and heritage anymore. You are a noble. You have a chain of command to follow. You have disobeyed. You have disrespected the the very kingdom that the Ordo Aurum stewards.


We are coming for you.

Grand Paladin Rose Brewer

You were my last lie. When you and I died in that basement fighting the Brotherhood, Sir Bryce forbid us from talking about the Dragoons to anyone. Even my uncle. I had to tell him that we died in a bar fight, dishonorably. As far as I am aware, he died believing that.

I sacrificed my very integrity for you once upon a time. Now, you have let your anger consume you.

Come and get me.

Sir Nevin Kendrick
Duke of Ashbury


HQ Staff
Rose Brewer,

"Thou shalt everywhere and always be the champion of the good and the right against injustice and evil"
Whom are you championing when solidarity and the safety of our people give way to ego? You can fix this. You know as well as any how important it is we stand united. When you threaten my Duke I simply have this to say..

He does not stand alone. You made a big friggin mistake lady.

Vigilance and Valor,
Lord Squire
Marcusagrim Anvilstrike


if you coming for the Duke you going to have to go through the Gilded Claw first. He doesnt stand alone , my family will protect him till our end.

Be warned i am no hero. hero's die , i kill
Normally when the affairs of Ashbury do not affect Galanthia, I am content to ignore the details. But I grow curious.

What exactly is a paladin? What authority does a paladin have? Which has greater power: a duke or a paladin? The paladin claims the duke has broken the rule of law. Is there a law that limits a duke? Can a duke be called to heel by any other than a king or queen?

Your structures are not my own and I believe that understanding might be important in the near future.

Esten Pathfinder


Gettysburg Staff
So much as sneeze in my leige's direction and I swear you'll know steel so intimately the only word for you will be "screwed". Yours is not the order I wanna' join - not when you wouldn't know the code if it punched you in the face.

Squire Jovunn Rannveig
((Deep Growling is heard)) Grim has already spoken and if you do not think he has the means to back up his words. You are sadly mistaken.


I am unsure if these paladins are of the same quality of the one at the Festival Of Blades, but if so I would caution them from aggitating the same group that I met. As the biata proved handily, there is a discrepency of prowess that is seemingly quite inherent.

Kind regards,
Tvard Sendall


Goodman Esten,

In answer to your question traditionally a Paladin has no greater authority than a regular knight. Their task is to stand in judgment when charges are brought against another noble. Then, and only then, can they exert power over those above their rank. Additionally, Paladins are not traditionally allowed to hold a rank above that of a knight.

The Ordo Aurum are the collected Royal Knights who have claimed stewardship over Icenia given the absence of a current monarch. To the best of my knowledge, this is a historically unprecedented move, and regardless of what the future holds, these events will be noted in history tomes due to the unique circumstances.

To the rest of those speaking out here, noble and common alike, I beg of thee to breathe deep and allow wisdom to prevail. Regardless of the loyalty and protectiveness that may be felt to His Grace or any feelings towards the Ordo Aurum’s edicts, please be aware that we drift perilously close to a civil war. In such a scenario, there is no victor and it is the commoner, the very people we strive to protect, that will suffer.

To the Ordo Aurum I send the same words. Duke Nevin and his vassals care for the people of the land, as I believe, do you. Please consider the commoners who will suffer before you determine a course of action in light of recent events.

-Cedric Fruvous


HQ Staff
Thou shalt protect the weak and constitute thyself the defender of them. Thou shalt love the land to which thou hast sworn fealty.

Cedric’s words are, as is usually the case, thoughtful and wise. Icenia stands poised to heal and regain its former glory, thanks to the man you now threaten. Our people can begin to rebuild their lives, thanks to him. How can you possibly assert that your current actions are within the code you claim to hold so dear?

Duke Nevin was left to lead a kingdom that was literally falling apart at the seams. While he was in the trenches bleeding with and for his people, where were you?

When he and his vassals, aided by stalwart companions from other lands destroyed the threat that was pushing the kingdom apart, the Paladins sat in high towers, insulting those very same people who aid us.

When Falkirk and Evorra and Ashbury again came to stand together, to protect our people, the order sat sequestered behind the walls of Cil Cilurion protecting an idea.

You have forgotten, Dame Brewer.

The Code guides us, but we do not serve a code. We are the servants of our PEOPLE. Words without action are useless. A Code without a Kingdom is just a thought.

I will not threaten you with violence, for as we have seen, threats only beget more of the same. But our kingdom, our PEOPLE deserve better. You would not be where you are without intelligence and common sense. I beg you to exercise those both now, and think about who and what it is you truly serve.

Baroness Ezri Silverthorn
Amani Council
Ash Forest

Tom H

Goodman Fruvous and Her Excellency Baroness Ezri turned in far earlier than I, I see. Never the less, my words are similar to theirs.

Ours enemies must be those outside of our number- for if we must fight inside and out, we will all loose.

Grand paladin Brewer you are correct,a light kept under a basket to protect it from the storm still glows, and does not risk being extinguished. However, it also does not perform it's ONE PURPOSE- to drive back the darkness.

I understand the threats we face are grave. I understand you feel you must lock yourself away to survive them. If you must, lock yourselves away until the threat passes- but if you must do so, do not speak ill of those of us who defend those outside your walls.

I know some of your past, Grand Paladin. I know you to be a Hero. I urge you, stand tall once again, in boots caked with mud born of the blood of enemies, and help us show our enemies why Icenia is not to be trifled with.

"The strength of evil is Power, the strength of good is Friends."

Reflect on these words, Grand Paladin. Reflect and remember the past. Tranquis is no more. He was not ended by a wall, or a gate, or an ivory tower. He was ended by brave men and women, working together, aided by allies from two other planes. That is the strength of Icenia.

In Honor and Truth,
Count Ulthoc
Dame Rose,

I will speak of the same points, but from a different direction. You know nothing of me. I am just "one of the common adventurers" to you and most others who hold a title. But you underestimate the love we "common people" have for our Duke. I will not threaten you, as it is below me, but I will inform you of this: As I watch out tattered lands fight to exist, I see the loyalty Duke Nevin has displayed WHOLE HEARTEDLY to his people. Yes, if it comes to civil war, we all lose; but also see this point: We need to SAVE our lands, other wise there will be nothing left to fight FOR! If you insist on pursuing my Dukes "punishment" and "coming after him", can you not set it aside until the larger threat is handled, and then take up this task, perhaps more gracefully, when we know our very EXISTENCE is safe? For if you do not exist, you can not enact your judgment, can you. If we do not concur this threat that knocks on ALL of our doors, Common, Noble and Paladin alike, there is no point to your anger and threat.

I will also warn you. You will catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. You already harbor the bad image of ""hiding" while the rest of us spill our blood and life-essence fighting to hold the lands YOU TOO are a part of. Do you REALLY intend on making that worse by threatening a Duke as beloved as ours? His Grace is a man of his people, and has stepped into a position not only as a Duke to his lands, but as a sort of "light in the Dark". I would be very wary of how one speaks to such a man with such power, love and friendship behind him.

Nikole Deloncre M
Gard of the Healers Guild


HQ Staff
This is really none of my business and I mean no disrespect to anyone here, but I was in Cil Cilurion while doing some charity work a few months ago and I can tell you that the Paladins haven't been hiding. Everyone I talked to there said that there is only ever one Paladin in the city at a time and the rest were out of the city doing hero things. They may be rude but they're not lazy and rude.

I don't understand how Icenians conduct their affairs, so I won't comment on how silly I think everyone involved is being with the fighting while ogres happily murder people (and trees and grass when they can't find people, say what you will about how silly their plan is, you have to admire that work ethic) next door, but a lot of people seem to think the Paladins are just hiding when this is not true. We have two groups of stubborn people here who are also not bad people.

I leave you with one thought, drinking contest for the throne.

Dorgun, the fact checking Osprey