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    When a shipment of food arrived, the Captain claimed he could no longer transport food north, and offered a paper. "These are appearing in all the marketplaces, handed out and pinned up." he said. "At the coin exchanges they are watching for coin from this region, and taxing or fining those who have manifests from this area."

    --Let it be known that the Commerce Guild of Sonnenspire is making merchants of the guild and those dealing with the guild, Allied Nations and Principalities, is making known the quality of Dwarven gold from the region calling itself “Malidor’s Outpost”.

    On independent tests by the Counting House Richmond and Associates on the coin coming from this region has proven to be less then pure. It is in fact only one half the value of Imperial Standards set out by the Treaties Of Gildarean and if you are dealing with these traitors to the noble house of Herod in the Barony of Litimore, you should be advised to double the amount of coin you take for goods and services rendered to the rebellious traitors of that region.

    This will be of course added to the 15% tariff the Empire will be raising to pay for the damages inflicted by the rebellion of Litimore and to support the families and soldiers who fought and perished in the insurgent attack and hostile occupation of Imperial land.

    The Holders of the Coin want all to know that we have not forgotten the brave Marines and Soldiers who perished to rescue and free so many from the attacks. That dealing with the rebels of the Stolen North will only support the evil they propagate and diminish the sacrifice those soldiers gave to secure the freedom and security we all share. If you know of a merchant or person who does business who has dealing with these traitors to the rightful Baron, report them to the Holders of the Coin for proper accounting and taxation.

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    So should I go talk to the Dryads about maybe growing some food come spring? Its cold right now and I am pretty sleepy, but I could go check in.....whoops sorry dozed.


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