Ace Brown

Las Vegas Staff
Good afternoon, beautiful players!

Richard and I are oh, so excited to announce our fundraiser! Your donations will go directly to helping us fund NPC camp as well as campsite costs. You'll be getting 10 goblin stamps for every dollar that you donate! The fundraiser will be running now through the end of March, which is also when goblin stamps will go back to their usual 5:1 cost.

We are so happy that you've enjoyed the content we've put out so far and we hope to create a magical game for you that will make all the waiting worth it.

Here's a list of some of the things we're offering at different donation tiers:
$5: Dragon pin and a decorative potion bottle
$10: A makeup design consultation with Ace
$25: Raffle ticket for the chance to win an Epic Armory sword
$50: An ALV T-shirt
$100: A character portrait drawn by Justin
$200: Custom small costume piece from Ace
$350: A photo shoot for your character! (Obviously once covid is no longer an issue)

Venmo: @ALLVegas
Amazon Wishlist:


Chicago Staff

If donations were made, when would goblin stamps hit the CMA?

Ace Brown

Las Vegas Staff
I have all but a few people's goblin stamps put in. If you haven't received yours email with proof of your donation and I will get them to you ASAP, which will be by the end of today at the latest.