Funeral Services for John Finnegan


Please Note: Saturday's prayer service has been changed to 11:00 AM. Additional time has been added to allow anyone who wishes to speak, sing, etc. to do so.

The service will be on Friday March 21st at 1pm - 4pm and then 6pm-9pm The next day,Saturday,there will be a prayer service at 11:00 am.

Joseph J Pula Funeral Home
23 North Ninth Street
Stroudsburg,Pa 18360
Phone: 570 421 7760

Colleen would prefer for donations to be made to a specific hospital located in MA instead of flowers .
Children's Hospital Trust
1 Autumn Street # 731
Boston,MA 02215-5301
Pleast attach memo or note citing care of Robert Finnegan Jr. (John's departed Brother)

If anyone needs more information or would like a message passed on to Colleen you can call myself or Patrick
1 631 681 0034 - Patrick
1 646 247 6508 - Renee

To all attending:

I have booked a hotel room for Friday night at the Hampton Inn in Stroudsburg, PA. They have pretty good rates if anyone is interested. It ranges from 136-155/night.

Here is the contact information:

Hampton Inn Stroudsburg/Poconos
114 South 8th Street, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, USA 18360
Tel: +1-570-424-0400 Fax: +1-570-424-4950
Sticky this please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am honored to have had John as my son these past 37 years. I have never known such a compassionate, loving person during my lfetime. I will always be his Mom. You friends have meant more than anything to him. Remember always how much he loved you and to strive for that excellence he so aspired to.. My prayers are with you all too, as we grieve for a loss that is beyond comprehension. Today, remember your own families and do not let a week go by that you do not tell them how much you love them. Life is precious and sweet. Colleen, sweetheart, Patrick, Pat and Laura, you will ALWAYS be my family.
You can also get rooms for $99/night (bed and breakfast) at the Brookview Country Cottage (5 rooms still available) in Moutainhome, PA - about 15 minutes away - and there are also 4 rooms still available at the Brookview Manor Inn in Canadensis just a few minutes more down the road for $130 or $140/night (bed and breakfast) - if anyone is interested. If you call and talk to Gaile or Marty, please mention my name. I can highly recommend the comfort of these two places. They are award winning, the breakfast will certainly fill you up, they can meet most dietary requirements when you call ahead. The rooms at the Inn have private baths, as do some of the rooms at the Country Cottage. Phone: 570-595-2451, 570-595-9540, 570-595-7050, or 800-585-7974. To see the rooms and availablility:

Unfortunately, I have prior obligations which will prevent me from attending. Please extend my condolences.

Condolence cards can be sent to Colleen, Patrick and the rest of John's family at this address:

305 Woodwind Ct.
Stroudsburg PA 18360
Thanks for the info. I just wanted to pass on condolences from me and the Once Minod. Unfortunately we have a family engagement and will not be able to attend the services. Please know that you are all in our thoughts and prayers.


Mrs. M.
Please Note: Saturday's prayer service has been changed to 11:00 AM. Additional time has been added to allow anyone who wishes to speak, sing, etc. to do so.
Dear Alliance members and friends of my nephew John,
I can't express how touched I have been by your support to our family and the love shown through your words of affection and praise for beloved John. I know he is trying already to write a new script for life's game for each of us on earth and spiritually encouraging each one of us with gentle nudges and inspirational revelations...remember that there is no time in eternity, all is joy and more learning, just in another dimension, a parallel universe... he is still close to us and is multi-tasking and time-travelling as we speak to one another. John's mission on this earth for this lifetime has been fulfilled and his life review will be a beautiful one as your testimonies of his friendship have affirmed. I thank you for bringing earthly joy to his life. I thank you for the kindnesses shown to the family in this confusing and shocking space in time. JOHN WILL ALWAYS BE WITH US in the lessons he gave to each of you, in the expressions of your vitality, in the continuation of this community. LIVE,LAUGH,LOVE in his memory! Aunt Gloria, Columbus, GA.
Rooms are available at rates of under $100 per night at
700 Main Street, STROUDSBURG, PA, US 18360
Phone: 570-421-2260
which is less than a quarter mile from the funeral home.


I want nothing more then to pay my respects to a incredible man.
Today the transmission on my car went and I am seeking to hitch a ride with someone on Friday.
I have money for gas and tolls.
I live in Cattasaqua Pa (near Allentown). If anyone can help me please call me @ 610-653-1413

John was not a great leader of Alliance, but he was a great person as well. He had so much vitae, and made the 2 years I've played at Jersey wonderful. The man saw potential in everyone, and never rejected anyone's willingness to help. I'm saddened by my inability to pay John his last due respects, as I couldn't get the time off of work. However, let it be known that the game will be missing something without his presence.