Galanthia Declares War Upon Icenia

To All Citizens of All Sovereign Nations of Tar Navaria,

For years I have treated the Icenians with honor and respect. I have not taken a step into their lands except when absolutely necessary for the good of my people and my nation. I have offered non-aggression pacts, treaties and aid, most of which have been rebuffed. Yet I did not take insult.

When Icenia was the main focus of the Dominion, I took my own troops…my beloved brothers and sisters in arms…into the Plains of Rage to take the war to the Dominion. I did not have to do this, as the Dominion was not directly threatening my country. My people died in honorable combat and spared the land of Icenia thousands of deaths.

And when the Icenians have attacked me and mine in the past with little to no provocation, I have done my best not to bring death upon them. I have made every effort to combat and defeat them with honor and with as many of their misguided “heroes” left alive as possible.

And I was repaid with deceit and murder. They have taken from me my family. The “Heroes of Icenia” are naught but foul murderers.

More importantly, they have taken from my nation its Shining Radiance. They have left thousands of deserving citizens without their beloved leader. A leader who had abolished slavery, a leader who made sure even the most common citizen had food and shelter, education and healing, a leader who brought order to chaos and light to the darkness.

I may have been able to forgive the personal nature of murdering my only family, but I cannot ignore an outright act of war against a sovereign nation.

Let it be known that on the 22nd day of the eight month, the Sovereign Nation of Galanthia has declared open war upon the nation of Icenia for the crime of regicide. May the fates have mercy upon your spirits, for I will not.

Lord General Matros Lochaber
Regent of Galanthia


Wow. Was it just me, or was that the wimpiest declaration of war ever?

Hey Lochaber, maybe if your "regi" wasn't such a psychotic, blood-sucking, pig-faced *****, we wouldn't have "cided" her.

-Kremhild of Snake Tribe


Public Relations Committee

The declaration of war between Icenia and Galanthia is NEVER "wimpy." These are powerful nations and war between them will bring much bloodshed. You would do well by yourself and your kin to respect that. Lives will be lost. Pay those lives the respect they deserve.

As an aside, I can speak from personal experience that taunting a man of such power Lord General Lochaber is less than wise. Regardless of your reasons.

These will be difficult days ahead. I will pledge whatever support that the Phalanx can muster to help our allies and friends in Icenia. Please. Do not hesistate to ask.

One Shield; Meaningless Without All Others,
Riddick Dale