Gaming For a Cure

We recently heard about this great organization that wants to unite gamers of all genres to benefit finding a cure for cancer. This is a great opportunity to do something about a horrible disease and to also give gamers a chance to show their stuff and try new things.

On June 28th Alliance Traverse City is participating in the Traverse City Area's "Gaming For a Cure". What is going on is a bunch of gamers (table top, On-line, LARP etc) are getting together and playing games. They are holding an auction and several functions to raise money for cancer research. One of the things Alliance Traverse is doing to help this noble effort is to help gather things for the auction. I am putting a call to my LARP'n community for help, send me things for the auction. These can be anything from old D&D books you don't want anymore, LARP gear, costumeing, fantasy artwork, etc. I will also be offering Goblin Stamps for your donation (as well as Gobbies for the shipping costs). So everyone gets something; Cancer research gets a cash donation, a gamer gets a cool item, you get Goblin Stamps and my chapter gets some publicity to the community.

Here is a link:

They will be having an event this year on June 28th at the Traverse City NMC campus. We have a great opportunity here to introduce ourselves to the community and to really make a difference. If you can help in any way Please, please, please contribute!!!

Matthew and Beverly Byers
Thanks to the few who have told me that they will send something. I had hoped for more, but every little bit helps. There is still time if you wish to help out. The items can be sent to the following address:

Matthew Byers
13283 Homestead Rd
Beulah MI 49617

They need to be sent so that they will arrive before the 28th of June.

Many Thanks to all who can help.

June 28

Traverse City: "Ribbon's Den " (Gaming for a Cure Faire Day):

In conjunction "Gaming for a Cure", we will holding a day event. In helping with the goal of generating money for cancer research, all profits for this event will be given to the 'cause'. The theme being gamers getting together, we have formulated an event around this . We have limited space available to us at the site they are using, so we have done our best to create a situation that will allow the general public a chance to check us out, while holding true to our LARPing style. With that in mind, here is the teaser:

Come join the Captain as 'e shows off his talent for gambling in the grand opening of his gaming establishment 'The Scarlet Treasure'. Try yer hand at the Pessic dice game 'Where's the coin?', the pirate's "Liar's Dice" or a local favorite "Horn's End Holdem". Or are there a few of you brave enough to challenge Ribbon's Gauntlet? The Gauntlet is a dangerous pit filled with foul monsters, mind boggling riddles and ancient magic. Come on in, but enter at ye own risk.

Beverly Byers

Traverse City Staff
Just wanted to bump this up and remind people that it is this coming Saturday.

We have had a few people show interest in sending us something for the auction but I would also like to suggest that anyone can make a cash doantion via Paypal or check. We will give gobbies for these donations and make sure that Gaming for a Cure gets them. You can also Pay no Play this event getting you experience for it and Gaming for a Cure the money for it, as we are donating all proceeds for this event to them. A win, win for all.

If you can't make it to the event please try to donate in some way. This is a very good cause!!

Thank you to everyone who participates or donates!!!



The Gaming for a Cure event is now over and it was a big success! Thanks to everyone who helped with this event.

Beverly Byers
Alliance Traverse