Gathering the components to seal the well [safe]


San Francisco Staff

My understanding is that we may attempt to seal the Tenebrous within the well as soon as this coming weekend. I shall defer to our Wayfarer friends on the matter generally, but I would like to make sure that all of the pieces are in place for them to do their work.

The components, and their status to the best of my knowledge, are as follows. If you have one of the pieces and will not be present at the coming gather, please contact me as soon as possible.

  1. One for sorrow, Pinna from why the wolf runs
    A steel feather from within a statue of the Night Wolf's lover
    Zav will be getting this item to me before the gather
  2. Two for joy, flame from the lion's mane
    A flame from the mane of a Candle Lion
    Gregory has this item
  3. Three for a girl, all encompassing sun
    An item from the Day Queen
    Morganna has this item
  4. Four for a boy who spins night into skein
    An item from the Night King
    Morganna has this item
  5. Five for silver, flying high above
    A feather from the Stymphalian
    Plue has this item
  6. Six for gold, a talon from the first beast
    Part of the Mother of Monsters
    Krieger has this item -- I understand he has been working on some preparations but I have not heard if they are complete
  7. Seven for a secret from mother's lost love, never to be told, Jeroboam for the final feast
    Shin believes this is two items -- a secret from Mother Crone, and a cask of wine from the Final Feast at the end of time
    These items will need to be retrieved
  8. Eight for a wish stolen from a Djinn
    A wish from the undead Djinn in the Wilds
    I have been told that either Kjeld or Aziraphel has this item. Can one or both of you please confirm?
  9. Nine for a kiss gifted from the First Prince
    The sword and technique from the Imperoku of Tian
    William has the blade and can deliver the required blow
  10. Ten for a bird from the nest of the Bryn
    An alchemical process from the birdkyn isles -- the Stymphalian feather has been dipped in this and a change has occurred
    Plue has this item