Gathering the Hope of Fortannis


To all Those who stand in the Defense of Fortannis:

The defenders of the land known as Maelstrom seek your help.

Our world was once lost, destroyed by the forces of elementals and undead, of mortal ambition and cruelty, and of the greatest enemy of Fortannis, the Outsiders themselves.

Over the past few years, we have clawed our world back from the brink. We have won many victories, slain many foes, have grown from a small group of refugees and mistwalkers huddled in caves to a budding civilization and a unified army.

We stand ready to make our final push, to drive our last and greatest enemies from the Maelstrom and destroy them once and for all.

But this task is bigger than the forces of the Maelstrom. We cannot do this alone.

We beseech all of you, across Fortannis, to lend us your aid! We intend to ritually harness all that is good and right in Fortannis to grant us protection and power in this coming battle.

What we ask of you is simple, but is perhaps the difference between victory and defeat. When we begin the ritual, you will feel a presence reach out to you, seeking to borrow your strength, your hope, your light. Please, send what you can.

Send messages of hope to those who will be fighting on the front lines in defense not only of Maelstrom but of all of Fortannis. Send your memories and love, your connections to this realm and to those people and places you hold dear, and let us borrow for a moment the power of your heart’s endurance. Send us your hopes for a better Fortannis, your sense of justice, your desire to help the weak and right the World’s wrongs, your wish to build something enduring and great. Send us your will, your strength, your magic, your resolve, and above all your hope.

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(OOG note: This ritual is designed to empower us in the climactic final battle of our Maelstrom Campaign Closer! We are hoping to get participation from all of our friends (new, old, and yet to be met) across the Alliance, and we’d love you and your character to take part if you are interested. Please fill out the form below if you’d like to participate, and include the details of what you have to offer. This is pretty open ended and can take whatever form works for you – it can be as simple as “my character sends their hope” or as complex as leveraging NPC factions you know or creating some kind of ritual offering or something else entirely. Whatever is fun for you! The results of this form will be sent to our plot team (as well as your local plot team) and will help determine the flavor and results of our ritual. Thank you so much for participating, and please reach out if you have any questions!)