Gathering thoughts....

"If I am able to find myslef a decent suit of armor I might be able to tag along with you, but our entire household is pretty magic focused, so I am unsure of how much help we can actually be. But we are here if you need anything!"
“You’d think that after all this time, Stern would be able to speak common.” Rohnan said as she coppied out the phrase into her notebook though she had a fairly good idea to the understanding of what it meant.

“I’ll leave you to choose your team who you bring with you on this mission. If you are going to choose our strongest fighters that’s fine, but realize that you should be leading this mission and be doing so as potentially the sole representative of the Arcane Sanctum. Evo and I will both need a full report after so I can decide which path is best. Either way though, I want to Sedrith’s tower first and would like you to be on that team with me. Hopefully we can learn enough from that trip and save ourselves a giant headache.” She grumbled.
Mar nods "agreed but to convince sedrith to help us again we'll first need more information at the very least we need to get out of stern and the others exactly why/what this observatory is for"
Rohnan sighed, “I am actually somewhat concerned that the Gaurdians and Opiathas seem to be unwilling to really share with us what the Observatory is for. Personally I hope that it’s something that we are going to be able to use in this... trident war we’re fighting. But then it also means that if it falls into the wrong hands then it can be extremely detrimental. Either way I’ll get researchers on it. Maybe they can dig up something about it that Stern and the others have forgotten.”
Jinn snickers. "It wouldn't be the first time someone thought themselves above us, and figured us lowly beings didn't deserve the information, or that we are just to stupid to understand it. That's part of the over all problem, those in charge seem to think they are better than everyone else because of their title, station, or some other reason they've convinced themselves of."

Jinn pauses to drink, and then continues his mini rant.

"The disconnect between the generals and the armys is what has us in this position... I could go on all day but I won't. Rohnan and Mar, let me know if I can be over any assistance with all you have going on. Not a fan of the magic dead zones, but will go if desperately needed."
"least when you can't use your magic you know what end of the sword goes in the other guy jinn" Mar jokes drinking "I too am sick of this give them only as much information as we think they need"
Jinn chuckles and pats the swords dangling on his hip. "Sir, you are correct. The pointy end goes into the bad guys! To that effect I will have you covered all day. As for dealing with those who are apparently in charge of us, I have no idea what end goes where, and i will not... publicly at least, make any inferences to anything... But I'm sure being more forceful when asking for information or help could be a good start."
Approaching from the Commons, Evo sees the gathering, waves affably, and comes over in time to hear Jinn's last few words. "What information are you missing?"
"Me... a while bunch, Mar and Rohnan, probably less than me, as I am less learned on whatever it is they are doing."
Evo cocks his head. "Mar and Rohnan are working together to restore the Observatory. Is that what we're talking about here?"
Jinn shrugs. "Something about dragon glass, I honestly wasn't paying attention."
Rohnan looked at Evo, “Aren’t we always missing some sort of information?” She asked. “Really we are trying to figure out what the Observatory is for and what we need to do for this.” Rohnan said as she handed over the schematic that Mar gave her before.
"Were none of you present with Stern after the funeral? Mar, you were there." Evo shrugs. "It sounds like some of the details may have been lost with Phaesos, but Stern did say, in his heavily accented way, that the observatory was intended to remotely view the Dark Reaches, that the 'veil of the Reaches could be lifted and peeked at'. Sounds like it's not limited to line of sight. A powerful scrying device could be critical in our efforts, even if it has limits."
"It's great to see you Evo. We're trying to figure out the best way to get things solved and fight a war on three fronts...."
Evo peers at the schematic. "A half-sphere would need magic to be fully used. Note that the flat side faces away from the viewer, and you would be looking at the sphere side, the same as a crystal ball."

He nods to Cato, and chuckles. "I don't know if we'll ever get things solved, but you and I were there when Her Majesty handed us the cold dung sandwich that is a three-pronged war." He scoffs, catches himself, and puts on a bit more formality. "The plan, direct from Queen Ava, is to dedicate the guilds separately to these efforts: the Homeguard and Hammer Outfitters will face Culdranth, the Earth Weavers will seek the destruction of the vampire, and the Sanctum will close the Dark Reaches and ultimately fight Al Zoon. And of course we will all work together on these missions."

He sighs. "It's a tall order, but I'm going to be optimistic. Going on the offensive could reduce our enemies' ability to attack us, and none of these entities will work together. That alone may be enough, if we can stay unified."
“Oh damn!” Rohnan said excitedly. “Well that’s definitely going to be useful. Oh and I coined the term for this war, ‘The Trident War’. Os there anything else at that meeting that was discussed that will help me with these tasks that I talked my way into?”
Evo laughs. "I need to save some of the information gathering for you! That's all that Stern shared-- Lady Brighthammer did talk about what she needed for the Memory Sphere. You already have that information, I believe. Lady Brighthammer seems to think she can greatly improve on the original design, and needs a specific ritual, a special kind of gold, and an Orb of Wisdom. I personally wonder how we can turn an artifical Biata stone to our advantage. And of course, the idea of my words or thoughts being preserved for all time is both fascinating and a bit unnerving."
Phalaenopsis came out of the forest, covered in dirt and carrying a red-stained cloth sack, but with a relatively peaceful look on his face. He stopped momentarily when he saw the crowd gathered, paused to debate whether to simply pass by and return later or not, then shrugged and wandered over to at least say hello. He caught only the last bit of Evo's statement about being preserved for all time, but thought nothing of it.

"Afternoon, everyone." he greeted them, nodding to everyone in turn, "What's this about preserving ourselves for all time and that being unnerving?"
“Memory stone for us lesser beings who don’t have feathers.” Rohnan said to Phal, deciding not to question his appearance.

To Evo she smiled said, “And here you told me that I had all of the sanctum resources at my disposal to complete these three tasks including you.” she said slyly.

more seriously she said, “I did know about the orb, ritual, and gold, though this is the first about the gold needing to be special in some regard.” She sighed making the note in her notebook. “Is there any way that I could have a meeting with the Gaurdians so I can ask them further about these things? Or was the one meeting that I missed that I didn’t know that was super important that I attend the only chance to learn more about the tasks that they’ve asked of us?” She asked
"Hello Phal, how goes the gardening?"
"I think a meeting with the guardians would be a good idea. "