Gavaria Winter 2024 IBGA - Due Nov 26th


Chicago Staff
Thanks to all that came out for season 2 of Gavaria. Season 3 will continue the revelations and journeys your characters encounted about the mysteries of Gavaria.

While that knowledge is still fresh, please feel free to submit an IBGA for the Winter Season. IBGAs will be due by 11:59pm Sunday November 26th. Responses will go out sometime in the New Year leading up to the Gavaria Opener (Date TBD)

Please note each response has a character limit to help brevity.


Primary Action: This is the 'meat and potatoes' big thing you are attempting to accomplish. IBGAs should either provide a hook to a mod at the following event of that setting, or reveal plot and/or useful information about the Game World. We recommend IBGAs with a single clearly defined goal, as this best fits into our chapter philosophy of what IBGAs should accomplish.

Upkeep Actions:
The 3 Upkeep actions will not generate a response from Plot but can be used to notify plot of anything Renown related or other notifications. Anyone with at least 1 Rank of Renown will need to allocate an upkeep to maintaining your status. Example: "Upkeep 1- I do Squire things". It's as simple as that.

Chicago Gavaria Plot Team
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Thank you to Gavaria Staff for being generous with your extension!
Putting, “Shen does Magic” would not be the shortest primary IBGA action we’ve recorded.