Getting back in after a long absence


I used to play Alliance a lot, the last time I played was around 2018 or so, and I'm interested in getting back into it. I think I'm interested in being an NPC my first event so I can get a better understanding of how you run things. I have a few questions for now:

- About how many players show up at each event?
- About how many events do you run a year?
- I used to play at Alliance San Francisco, but I don't think that chapter exists anymore. Is there any way to bring my character that I used to have there over to Alliance Gettysburg, or do I have to start a new character?
- I live in New York City and don't drive. What is the best way to get to your site? Is there anyone that comes from NYC that can give me a ride there?
- I don't really like swinging swords but I do like throwing packets. If I am an NPC is there any way I can be assigned monsters that have ranged attacks and spells?
- Is there anything that I should read before I come into game?
- Is there anyone from the game staff I can contact if I have further questions?


I'm Lexi, Alliance Gettysburg's New Player Liaison. NPCing is always a great way to refamiliarize yourself with the rules after such a long absence from the game.
-The number of players can vary since much of our player base have families, not to mention the pandemic was a right kick in the teeth to many LARPs.
-The next event we have on September 23 - 25 will be our final full-weekend event of the 2022 season. We will be holding a faire day in October as well.
-I believe there was a statement put out by the National Committee regarding players transferring characters from recently shuttered chapters. I'll have to search the forums to link it here.
-The best suggestion I can provide is to sign up for AGB's Discord site. That would be the quickest and most direct means of finding a carpool.
-Our Monster Desk would be able to find roles suitable to your preferences.
-You can always contact me at if I don't have the answer, I can always direct you to the people that would. Also, one again, our Discord server is another great resource.

Hope to see you soon.