Getting to know you


Hello all,

First off let me start by saying to the first worrywart that wants to say 'Wait the bad guys we'll no doubt encounter will listen don't say anything' is don't worry about it, anything here should be easy to find out and won't open anyone up to danger, that said feel free to be cryptic just don't worry people to keep em from talking please!

My name is Kallith, I'd love to get to know people I'll be meeting a bit more so I thought I'd start with a few basic facts. I'm hoping folks will feel free to share a bit about themselves! Please note I'm planning to get into bottling as a hobby so one of the questions is very interesting to me.

My Name - It's Kallith of cousre! I hope you already knew this

What do I do? - Not much, a Magic bunnykyn taught me celestial magic and I can stick the right side of a blade into things, but I mostly hang out and share information I've gleaned from folks more skilled than I am.

Am I a dirty command user like Roff? - Nope I'm clean! I understand Command effects against sentient creatures is akin to Necromany on the creepy scale. I'm kidding, kind of! I love Roff and hope someday to see him turn from his poor life choices.

Interesting, but not dangerous fact to know, about me - I'm young as adventurers and Sylvanborn go, so most of my knowledge comes from people far more experienced than I am, I just like to pass things along!

My favorite beverage in a bottle - I prefer Dark ales made without any sugars I once met a man named Koke and his best brew was titled Zero, name for the amount of imperfections in his brews.



My Name -Buisey Foemangler High Orc

What do I do? - I like to smash things with my handy 2 handed blunt I named Smash stick

Am I a dirty command user like Roff? - Nope. I may give you orders if Sara Fiona tells me to.

Interesting, but not dangerous fact to know, about me -I was just made a Squire in Ravensong right before this call to Erabella. We will see if Sara Fiona travels and if the title comes with.

My favorite beverage in a bottle - Choclate Milk.

--Bruisey Foemangler

Gandian Ravenscroft

Chicago Staff
My Brother and I have decided to venture to Erabella to join the adventuring folk once again, and since there are certainly to be many new faces since the fall of the Corrupt, I figure the least I can do is introduce myself as well.

My Name - I am Gandian Ravenscroft, the Magus of Tempered Rage!

What do I do? - I dabble in Celestial magic, but mostly I just talk a lot.

Am I a dirty command user like Roff? - Certainly not! Roff's Commands have almost certainly all been Earthen in nature, so mine are obviously nothing like his.

Interesting, but not dangerous fact to know about me - I am in the process of writing a grand tome of knowledge! It's time to put my memory's lore on paper for future generations.

My favorite beverage in a bottle - My drinking tendencies lean towards sweet fruit drinks, though I will always pass on anything bubbly.

If anyone has any need of me specifically for anything, don't hesitate to ask.

May your Words have Power and your Memories be Knowledge,
~ Gandian Ravenscroft
Magus of Tempered Rage


Chicago Staff
Name's Cassandra, but Cass for short is preferred. No titles, no ranks, just Cass.

As for the profession, I worked 10 years with the Iron Crow Mercenaries in Terna as an Apprentice then Master Blacksmith. I can make near anything. I do enjoy a good fight and prefer to stay on the front lines often.

I can't administer first aid, I can check if you're dead vs. out cold and certainly can't read those magical scrolls. So won't have to worry about spells from me.

In terms of brew, I like the mixed drinks, the blends the best. Back in The Wildlands I ran the Iron Cassk and maybe will get it going again here. Nothing is as is, so it'll be a changing menu based on the weather. Everything will be around 3 silver, as it's important everyone can enjoy the sweet things in life.



I'm Gertrude Clayheart, most just call me Gertie.

What do I do? - I'm a Crafter and Have knowledge in all crafting. I'm a beginner at making scrolls I can Throw Gas Globes and Traps, and I am a Master at Blacksmithing and Potion Making. I can swing big long sticks of any kind, though I haven't made one for myself yet. I can Adjust armor really quickly. I can also apply potions and poisons if you'd like.

Am I a dirty command user like Roff? - No and I add a surcharge for any command based items

Interesting, but not dangerous fact to know about me - I have been given and adopted the title of Gruntled

My favorite beverage in a bottle - Ginger beer or hot black tea

-Gertrude the Gruntled


Minnesota Staff
Hello everyone,
My name is Roff.
What do I do?
Currently I serve in the army of Erabella currently as a sergeant but hopefully a lieutenant soon. I work as an adept to transition earth magic into dangerous blows beyond the backlines and work as a medic to save those who get pulled into the depths of the enemy lines.

Am I a dirty command user like Roff?
Well I guess so because that is I but to crush rumors I believe that using LEGAL commands like sleeps and shuns are a insightful and just way to save my allies who are under attack and if I can sleep someone and walk away instead of ending life I believe that is more Nobel then slaying everyone I come across that wants us dead. (I have also never ever enslaved anyone)

Interesting, but not dangerous fact to know about me. I enjoy learning about merchanting and marketing but am unfamiliar with pricing if you are well versed in this profession I would love to talk more with you and I enjoy talking to all those who wish to learn more or just enjoy company.

My favorite beverage in a bottle. Has to be any beverage with a high lemon content or that supplies a large burst of energy.

- Roff aloutte rallentine starshine ze rycha voda


My name is Keladry.

What do I do? - I'm an archer, mostly. While I am quite capable of wounding in an enemy with any weapon you put in my hand, I'm most skilled with my bow from an efficiency and tactics stand point.

Am I a dirty command user like Roff? - I used to have a magic item that had about 6 commands a day on it. So, yes, I have used commands and potentially would in the future, given the right circumstances. I wouldn't, however, use them if it meant risking the relationships and trust of those I fight along side.

Interesting, but not dangerous fact to know about me. - I was, and still am, a member of the Gryphon Guard. Though there are only two of us that adventure in these lands so far, I will never forget how they helped me become the adventurer I am today. I'm sure I would be dead many times over without their wisdom and support.

My favorite beverage in a bottle - I like a good lemonade with some strawberry or raspberry in it.



My brother is the verbose one, I will mostly likely doom a few things and sit in the tavern and drink. The mists are a fickle mistress and you never truly know where you will end up or when. To those we have lost I drink, To those who are lost I drink, and I drink just because it is better than thinking about the mess that we leave in our wake as adventurers. This land, this good land, I hope they are ready for the death that will soon come in our wake.

Ofcourse I am sure there is some great evil that we will face and perhaps our good will out weigh our foot falls, but I digress.



My Name - Azeban

What do I do? - I stalk battlefields regally with my pollaxe Dominion or puissant silver blade Starfall, I See and collect memories, and I provide communion between my adventuring companions through my exceptional mental powers. I have pretty eyebrows, possibly the greatest of all powers an adventurer can have.

Am I a dirty command user like Roff? - I do not use commands. I ignore them.

Interesting, but not dangerous fact to know, about me - I was a Guard in the lands of Ravensong, and may offer my fealty to maintain peace and order among those not strong enough to do so themselves in these new lands.

My favorite beverage in a bottle - I do not like to play favorites, but prefer my beverages unbottled and straight from the source.

--Guard Azeban


My name- Lorelei Hemlocke Miria Amethyst Rudari-Targotian Gallentine ze Rycha Voda II. I prefer Locke for short

What do I do? I hit things. Hard. I also lead the selunari caravan, Ze Rycha Voda.

Commands? Yup, they have saved my caravan more than once, and I have no problem with them when used well.

Interesting but not dangerous fact to know... hhmmm... I'm a Baker and have been known to make a lovely cookie dough pie.

My favourite drink doesn't come in a bottle. I like hot (but it never is when I finally get to drink it) tea.



My Name - Auryn Fairhorn

What do I do? - I mostly stick to the mid and back lines, providing support with blades or a bow. I like tea, helping people, talking to people, making things, and doing stuff with my hands. I help Lady Joanna in the tavern with cooking.

Anyone who knows me well knows I don't like commands. I can understand the use of things like Awaken and Shun and stuff in battle against people trying to kill you, but they bother me deeply. I don't do magic of any school and I outright refuse to use command spells items for the most part. I had an awaken item at one point (which is the only one I was even vaguely okay with coming in a ten foot radius of), and I swear that thing gave me hives. It was gross. It kept people alive, but it was gross. *shudders*

Interesting, but not dangerous fact to know, about me -
I'm 70! This is pretty young for my people.
The people who raised me for the first few years of my life... weren't very good people. I had a family that found me back in Gaden, the Fairhorns, who I traveled a lot with. Unfortunately, I was orphaned again a few years ago, then Lily Winters encouraged my friend Munlel and I to go adventuring. I've mostly been a wanderer since then.

I want to rebuild my old guild into something newer and better, and own a teahouse where people can hang out and resolve conflicts. I enjoy puzzles, though I'm not the best at them.

My favorite beverage in a bottle - I really like ginger ale. Cream soda and root beer are a close second. Bottled tea is nice, but it's not the same.



My name is Liam. I know at least a few of you - hi Gertie! - but I think I'm a stranger to most. I came around the first time with Fiona when we were still dating but it's been quite some time since I've seen her. Sounds like we have that last part in common, Bruisey.

What do I do? I'm mostly a traveling musician, but I have a hard time focusing on that for too long so I tend to dabble in other things. I'm not much of a warrior - not really much of an adventurer for that matter - but I know which end of a sword to hold, and I'm getting pretty good at Alchemy. I'll try to stay out of the way for the most part.

Am I a dirty Command user like Roff? Not in the slightest! I used to make the occasional Dominate gas to put people right when they were under some sort of compulsion but it always felt weird and it seems like they don't work as well for that as they used to. For what it's worth, as far as I'm concerned, Awaken is the best spell there is.

Something interesting about me - I'm younger than Auryn! I had a great family back in Roskaria, lots of friends, business prospects, but that all kinda started falling apart shortly after you guys wrapped things up with the Corrupt so I guess I'm back on the road again.

Favorite bottled drink - I enjoy a good raspberry lemonade! Cold teas are good as well.



My name is Baeleon Somerled.

What do I do? Mostly make questionable decisions. I've been known to do a little bit of most everything.

Am I a dirty Command user like Roff? Not so much, I prefer persuasion and reasonable discourse.

Something interesting about me? A very long time ago I held the title of Prince of the River, which (to be fair) was more of a Stewardship than a mark of any sort of nobility.

Favorite bottled drink? I mostly stick to water, perhaps the occasional root beer.



Since I find myself drawn through the mist, which has been a while for me, many of you may not know me.

My name is Ser Baron Foss Fairfax, Lieutenant of the First Joint Calvary of Wayside.

What do I do? Too much to list at times.

Am I a dirty Command user like Roff? If I only could.

Something interesting about me? According to people, I have the ability to have two conversations at once and recall all the information from both, which apparently is a talent.

Favorite bottled drink? A nice iced Cherry Wine

Baron Foss Fairfax

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Chicago Staff
Favorite bottled drink? A nice iced Cherry Wine
How dare you Baron Foss! You're a Kraken's Ink man to the day you die, and you know it!




I can't expect everywhere I travel to have the rare delicacies the Flaming Skull has.

Baron Foss Fairfax.

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I'm certain should you be a regular visitor me and Guild Master Gemclipper could work out a supply line.



Minnesota Staff
- My name is Elros Heleanwe

- What do I do?
I can make potions, I know how to use a sword pretty effectively, and I know how to use a bow. Though that's more of a secondary thing for me. And of course, as you'll see below, I hunt Undead.

- Am I a dirty command user like Roff?
I have nothing against them personally. If someone is trying to put their sword through me, I have no problems telling them to take a little nap, or to back off.

- Something interesting about me?
I really enjoy hunting undead. A lot. Especially Vampires. I think it's a calling.

- My favorite drink in a bottle?
I love a good apple cider. Or a sparkling red grape juice, depending on the occasion.