Gobbies for goats


I love this idea (not from your chapter) but I was very sad not to see goats on the list (as per title). :(
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Oh man! I was thinking the same thing! Are goats on page 33 in the rule book?
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Are goats for this purpose considered to be a sheep varietal? And do my sheep (type:goat) expire?
No goats in the rule book. Goats are surely more sought after and thus more expensive than Sheep.
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If I want to breed my goats, will I need to buy new ones or this is a perk of my Craftsman: Goatherder skill?
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Are these strictly OOG roleplay items, or can I bring my own physreps to site, provided I keep them leashed?
You leash your goats? But they just want freedom too. Oppressor!
Ashbury, I apologies regarding our goat-obsessed Denver players........ they have issues. It's partially our fault. We sold goats at 1am IG. Don't make our mistake. <_<
Heya Folks!

Im glad you guys dig the initiative.

@Cedric , You can contact plot with how you would intend to gain said goats and they can assign a gobby amount to get you those goats!
@Gillian , Almost any darn in game item we have a formula for. If you wnat to breed goats who knows! but that skill could help and get you silver to buy feed. There may be upkeep costs.. dont want to starve the poor goats.
@Dia , at our ashbury location we have 48 acres which used to be a dairy farm. We have turned it into a small medieval village with the cattle and milking areas turned into a massive mod area with moveable walls. plus a ton of acreage for play. You can totally bring the goat however you will be responsible for it's upkeep and cleaning up after it. the goat must also wear an orange "Paige" headband.
@Cedric , we at alliance HQ are very big fans of free range goats. Some of us so much that they are part of the GLF ( goat liberation front) however such activities are frowned upon by local authorities. there shall be no goat oppression allowed on site. only Goat guidance and healthy living. ( seriously though clean up their poop)
@Dia, necromancy is illegal in the Kingdom of Icenia. Zombie goats will be put down and those responsible put to death.
@Meira , Those are the best kind of moments. Im glad you guys are having a blast in Denver. Tell Jesse Grim says Hi.
@Eadar , If your character had the merchant skill you would find in fact immortal goats lower the value. They ensure a steady supply and make it difficult to run up prices. while the immortal goats could become a mainstay of the economy with reliable fur and milk they would also make the price lower as new goat sales would plummet year after year.

Thank you all for being interested in our new Gobbies for goats initiative. If ever you guys can come out and play we'd love to have you! any further questions feel free to reach out.